5 Reasons Why I Quit Smoking and Started Vaping

We’ve checked the stats and here’s the deal: vaping is safer than smoking when it comes to taking in cannabinoids. Who knew?! Research on vaping continues to grow, and so far it suggests that vaping cannabis products is lower risk than smoking them. Vaping might just be the Ave Maria smokers need to kick a bad habit in the butt and improve their lungs in the process. It certainly worked for me!

So far, it is looking more and more like vaping is an alternative we should all be keeping our eyes on. I know that my life has been significantly improved since smoking less and vaping more… Here’s why:


1. I eased up on the toxins and eased into healthier habits

Many researchers have come to a consensus on the benefits of vaping over smoking. This is largely due to the fact that vaping contains less harmful toxins than smoking. To get mildly scientific, smoking releases carcinogens which are the nasty chemicals that cause cancer and lung infections. Who needs that drama? When cannabis is vaporized, 95% of what you are putting in your body is straight up, irritant-free cannabinoid. Compare this to the 88% of lung-irritating toxins ingested when smoking and I think it’s a TKO for vaping.

4 Reasons Why I Quit Smoking and Started Vaping


2. I inhaled less product (like, A LOT less product)

This may sound like you are getting less of what you paid for, but that is not the case at all. In fact, your lungs are so powerful that they absorb vapour much faster than smoke (we’re talking seconds) so you do not have to take that long end-of-the-day-my-kids-are-tearing-the-house-a-part-and-I-just-ran-out-of-rosé drag that you may find yourself taking when you smoke. That 95% irritant-free vapour that you are taking in is filtered through water so you aren’t dealing with harsh smoke and therefore can consume less product with even greater results and better taste.


3. Cleanup on aisle lungs

We have already covered that vaping cannabis has less irritating effects on your lungs, but did you know that vaping might also undo symptomatic damage caused by smoking? Studies suggest that vaping can allow the lungs to heal themselves as best they can from damage caused by years of puffing away on joints. If there is a way to get your oral fixation in a less harmful way than taking in the 88% of toxins released from smoking, then it might be a worthwhile venture to try that out! Your lungs will thank you and so will your wallet.

Speaking of…


4. I have so much extra coin safely tucked away

Keeping in mind that you do not have to take in as much vapour as smoke to get the benefits you seek, vaping is ultimately much cheaper than smoking. I know, I know “that vaporizer I saw online is $200 so what in the world are you talking about?” and I hear you but think of it like this: Purchasing a vape pen or other machine is a one time purchase and after that expense, you might not ever have to make the purchase again (or, at least not for a long time). Of course there are add-ons like buying the flower and/or concentrates to refill your devices, but vaping those products rather than smoking them makes them last much longer.

5. My clothes don’t smell like s#!*

If you’ve been a cannabis or tobacco smoker for while then you probably no longer notice the odour that follows you into every room. Unfortunately, everyone else does. While a light tobacco scent is nice every now and then (*usually when in the form of a $40 candle), it can sometimes be inconsiderate to stink up a small room or office with the aroma of your vices. 

One great thing about vaping cannabis and/or tobacco concentrates is that the odour dissipates into the air without clinging to your hair and clothing fibres. On top of that, vape concentrates come in a variety of pleasant aromas that are enticing to even the most conservative passersby. Ever taken a stroll down the street and passed a pocket of air that smelled like maple syrup or skittles? Well, that was likely emitted by a very cool person with a very cool pen. 

Because vaping is a relatively new experience in the mainstream, research is still being conducted. As cannabis grows in popularity through its recent legalization in Canada (yay!), more and more scientists will boldly go where few have gone before and release new information on the medicinal and financial benefits of vaping. Users of vape products suggest that vaping provides instant relief of pain from headaches to muscle aches to PMS to nausea and so on. For many people, vaping is the quickest way to relieve tension and move toward better days.

As with everything, use good judgment when consuming cannabis products and exercise moderation. If you are unsure about the benefits/drawbacks of cannabis, then consult a doctor.

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