7 Cannabis-Infused Dishes to Elevate Your Holiday Dining

7 Cannabis-Infused Dishes to Elevate Your Holiday Dining

The holidays are fast approaching… It’s time to start planning your festive menu and everything is better with cannabis. Cooking with cannabis can be a rewarding treat for yourself and for your dinner guests– all you need is cannabis-infused butter, oil, or some flower to make your own. Holiday meals are a great opportunity for you to show off your sophisticated palate and elevated hosting skills. This 7 course menu provides delicious cannabis-infused meal options to satisfy your tastebuds and impress your friends at your upcoming holiday soirée.


1. Amuse-Bouche

Ganja-Glazed Nuts
7 Cannabis-Infused Dishes to Elevate Your Holiday Dining

Start small and ease into a night of delicious infusions. This salty-sweet treat will have your guests going nuts for what’s to come. 

Our B+F Driftwood comes in large “grower’s stash” quantities so it is perfect for making cannabutter


2. Hot Appetizer

Medicated Butternut Squash Soup

7 Cannabis-Infused Dishes to Elevate Your Holiday Dining


I didn’t know there was a way to make butternut squash soup even more delicious, but here we are! Warm up your bellies with this delicious twist on a cozy classic.


3. Cold Appetizer

Medicated Caprese Salad

7 Cannabis-Infused Dishes to Elevate Your Holiday Dining

This is one of my favourite anytime salads, and a perfect dish to jazz-up for the holidays with a little help from some cannabis infused oil.

B+F offers a variety of oils and tinctures that make for great edible infusions.


4. Palate Cleanser

Homemade Medicated Sorbet
7 Cannabis-Infused Dishes to Elevate Your Holiday Dining

Nothing says “totally put together adult” like having an icy palate cleanser in between meals. This cannabis infused sorbet is sure to get the taste buds back on track for all the goodness that has yet to come.

This recipe works great with infused olive oil or infused coconut oil


5. Main Course

THC Turkey

7 Cannabis-Infused Dishes to Elevate Your Holiday Dining

La pièce de résistance! A holiday meal would be nothing without a delicious roasted turkey taking centre stage on the dinner table. This festive classic uses a cannabutter, lemon zest and thyme glaze that is so good you might just want to covet the whole bird. Pair it with some infused mashed potatoes and your guests may never leave.


6. Dessert

Cannabis Pumpkin Pie

7 Cannabis-Infused Dishes to Elevate Your Holiday Dining

Is a holiday meal truly a holiday meal without pie on the table? I think not! This infused treat is a blessing in a sugary disguise. Toss on some infused whipped cream and wait for Gordon Ramsay to hand you the prize for Master Chef: Cannabis edition.

If you’re feeling extra generous, this delicious pie pairs well with a side of rich dark chocolate like this Chai bar from Those Happy Chocolates.


7. Café Holiday

Cannabis Hot Chocolate

7 Cannabis-Infused Dishes to Elevate Your Holiday Dining

You made it through the night and your belt is officially unbuckled. It is always classy to cap off your evening with a hot coffee, cocoa or cider. Enjoy this final dish with friends as you reflect on the success of your quality meal.

Try this recipe out with some infused coconut oil for a real treat!












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