Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Oh my! What's the Diff?

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Oh My! What’s the Diff?

By now you have probably dabbled a bit in nature’s most magical herb, whether you dipped your toe in at a college party or continue to enjoy the occasional space brownie with friends. Cannabis is used to help a growing number of people with an even faster growing list of ailments, from managing serious chronic illnesses to easing the weight of everyday stress. De-stigmatizing the herb is an ongoing process, and part of that process is educating people on how to choose the right strain for their unique needs.


Medicating with natural remedies can be a safe way to manage a variety of conditions from constant anxiety to temporary discomfort; with the long list of strains available on the market, diving straight in without the right information can be totally overwhelming. What are the differences? How can they help? Let’s set the record straight.



If you are like me then you have probably suffered from the occasional panic attack brought on by intense periods of stress. Maybe you experience frequent headaches from staring at a glowing screen all day, or feel temporary to chronic pain in your muscles and joints following a workout or bad night’s sleep. And speaking of sleep, have you had any lately? If late nights are becoming a hindrance to your much needed slumber and insomnia is constantly knocking at your door then Indicas may be the right path for you.


An Indica strain is the cannabis type that is most likely to cause full-body and mental relaxation. This is due in part to its often high CBD content. When you are looking to turn down the noise and float into the mellow, this is a go-to. We’re talking Afghani, we’re talking Northern Lights and we are most definitely talking Kush.


The Body-Buzzer

A common misconception about cannabis is that every strain has the same sleep-inducing, couch dwelling effect. This is so far from the truth that it is my raison dêtre to tell you otherwise! Anyone who has experienced the tingly jolt of excitement that comes from a powerful Sativa strain knows firsthand that cannabis is for more than just stress management and beauty sleep.


A Sativa strain is the variety of cannabis that is most likely to keep your mind busy, your mood in check and your appetite regulated. If you experience fatigue more often than you would like, or your blues keep getting the best of you then Sativas might be the ticket to happier days. Among the most popular are the Sour Diesels, the Hazes and the Jacks.


A Marriage of Equals

Sometimes you are feeling the annoyances of both worlds, with symptoms that flip-flop between Indica and Sativa uses. Maybe you are feeling stressed and down in the dumps, or maybe you are experiencing chronic pain and chronic fatigue. If this is the case, then the choice between Sativa or Indica doesn’t have to be a choice at all. Hybrids bring together the best of both worlds, and they come in 3 separate sub-divisions:


50/50 Hybrids


These are the strains that give you a perfect balance between Indica and Sativa. When your headaches hurt your body just as much as your irregular moods, then you want something that straddles both worlds and caters equally to all of your needs. (Check out Gorilla Glue)


Indica-Dominant Hybrids


These are the strains that have a higher % of Indica in them than Sativa. These strains are just right for when you want to feel the relaxation of an Indica without experiencing significant couch-lock. In my experience, these are the best strains for listening to music with friends and/or binge watching the X-Files.


Sativa-Dominant Hybrids


These are, of course, the strains that have more Sativa properties than Indica. For me, these are easier to swallow than straight up Sativas. This is because Sativa dominants allow for a sense of alertness without causing my anxious heart to beat out of my chest from too much excitement. (Check out Trainwreck or Jellybean)

Indica Sativa Hybrid

Now for the best part…

We’ve solved some of the mystery behind the 3 types of cannabis strains, so now you can get out there and peruse the online market. Whether you’re looking to chill, elevate your mood or get a little bit of everything, there is a flower ready to suit your needs.At Birch + Fog, we work hard to make shopping simple and effective by categorizing our products into 6 unique experience profiles.



Enjoy a jolt of smile-inducing energy for life’s most exciting adventures



Give your day the chill overtone it deserves and get some much needed beauty sleep



Hunker down and maintain your undivided attention so you can meet those deadlines and forget about the drama



Spice up your most intimate moments and make every night an unforgettable exploration of sensuality



Follow your senses toward deeper inspiration and take control of your inner artist



Wash away the stress of the day and feel all the fresh vibes tingle against your skin

How you consume is up to you, so use your excellent judgement and let the good times roll!

The way our bodies respond to cannabinoids is unique so the effects of individual strains are different across the board. Research on what contributes to the effects of each strain is still being conducted, so we will do our best to bring the latest scientific updates and advancements right to your fingertips. As with everything, please use good judgement when consuming cannabis products and exercise moderation. If you are unsure of whether or not cannabis is right for you, we recommend consulting a licensed medical doctor with experience in cannabis. Always obtain products from a vendor licensed to sell medical grade cannabis.


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