I Gave Myself a Home Spa Day With These Products and Omg...photo by @hiiighvibes


I Gave Myself a Plant-Powered Spa Day With These Products and Omg…

Last week was rough. As per usual, I was out there trying to make my mark on the world as a strong, savvy and independent woman when suddenly, I was presented with several roadblocks that were determined to kill my vibe. After a weekend of sipping hot tea and binging That 70s Show, I found myself battling flu symptoms, muscle aches, one asshole zit taunting my reflection, a week-long case of the Mondays and those dreadful feelings of being good but not good enough.


You can imagine my excitement when Friday finally rolled along and I was presented with a solution to literally all of my woes.

photo by @hiiighvibes

I had never heard of Delush before, but boy, am I ever glad to be acquainted with them now. If it weren’t for Chinese takeout, Ariana Grande’s new album and these luxury bath products, I might not have made it through the weekend.


1. Friday Night with the Delush CBD Sweetheart Bath Bomb + CBD Whipped Body Butter

I Gave Myself a Home Spa Day With These Products and Omg...

photo by @hiiighvibes

Do you remember the first time you heard Whitney Houston sing Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” and you never realized that something could be so beautiful? Well, this bath bomb was like that, only it has the added benefit of smelling amazing and nourishing my body. I’m not one to sit in a tub for too long but I kid you not, I couldn’t bring myself to get out until the water was uncomfortably room temperature. Why? Because this bath bomb is the bomb.

After drying myself off, I noticed an immediate change in my skin. Not only did my body smell fresh and amazing, but my skin was noticeably softer and, dare I say, glowing? I topped it all off with the whipped body butter and swooned at how silky I felt and how delicious I smelled. I knew that I had met my skincare match, and could not wait for what Saturday had in store.

2. Saturday Night with the Delush CBD Whipped Soap Scrub + Hemp Body Lotion

I’d like to think that I exercise a great deal of self-control in my everyday life (I don’t mean to brag, but I haven’t had bread in 1 month so…). I literally couldn’t stop applying this hemp lotion. Not because I needed to keep re-applying (because one pump was definitely enough to moisturize my skin and leave me feeling SO nourished) but because it smells so damn good and made me feel like someone should be fanning me and feeding me grapes.

Seriously, you’ll have to show some major self-control when applying this all-natural creme to your skin.

I felt a lot better on Saturday night so I went for a run, took a shower with the Whipped Soap Scrub and then binge-watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as one does). This scrub is the real deal, the cat’s meow, the dog’s pajamas. It is soft and fluffy like your favourite frosting and just as appetizing (Don’t eat it. I mean, you probably could because of the natural ingredients but that definitely isn’t the purpose of this product). You can feel the soap scrub getting into all of your pores and washing away the day’s dirt, leaving you refreshed and ready for whatever life throws at you.

photo by @mariahmilliephotography

3. Sunday Morning with the Delush CBD Magic Stick

If anyone has ever had the flu, felt better for a single day and then decided that it was a good idea to go on a run, then you know where this is going. I woke up on Sunday feeling like a semi-truck ran over my leg muscles (*side note: I still smelled amazing).

Due to the severity of my aches, I figured I would turn to my tried and true Tiger Balm solution to ease my discomfort, but then I thought to myself “No! You are on a mission to heal yourself with CBD and Hemp products this weekend, so grab that Magic Stick and do it for science, damnit!”. And I did. And it was great.

In terms of instant relief, the CBD Magic Stick is like that first sip of coffee in the morning, or watching Elle Woods win her first trial using a vast knowledge of hair-care dos and don’ts. Like its OG companion, the Magic Stick has that same, comforting menthol scent that both heats and ices your muscles all at once. Not to mention it conveniently adjusts, like a stick of deodorant, so you don’t have to dip your fingers into a tiny jar of fire and then accidentally rub your eyes 2 minutes later.


If you are planning a homemade spa day, or are just looking for the next big thing in skincare essentials, these products are some of the best I have ever tried (and let me tell you, I have tried A LOT). Take it from me, you will not be disappointed.

From the shop.

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