7 Plant-Powered Pick-Me-Ups to Elevate Your Canadian Road Trip

Hailey Patterson
June 5, 2020

Canadian Road Trip

photo_source: Women Fitness Magazine

The usually summer travel plans are off most calendars this summer. This means a lot of us are turning to local travel. Whether your first post-Covid steps have led you to road trip through Ontario or cruise through BC, travelling through the Great White North is a beautiful experience. Let’s be honest though, it can get boring and uncomfortable sitting in a car for hours on end (90s Pop playlist aside). These 7 plant-powered essentials have got every step of your trip in mind–for the driver, and all co-pilots involved. 

1. Safety first


These days, any and all plans to stop and grab a bite, refuel, or pick up a souvenir should be accompanied by some trusty hand sanitizer. Sensitiva Hand Sanitizer contains CBD, meaning it not only defends against germs but also alleviates a variety of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, irritation, inflammation, dry or cracked skin, and even localized pain.  

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2. For your furry co-pilot

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One of the best parts of having a trusty canine travel buddy is taking in the views together, and of course, embarking on a hike or two. Unfortunately, some of our furry friends just aren’t as relaxed on road trips as we are. These CBD Goodies Medicated treats are derived from hemp oil and other high-quality human grade food ingredients so little (or big) buddy can be at their most comfortable by your side. Puppy travel anxiety, be gone! 


3. For that troubled travel skinSerum 15

Between oily SPF build-up and that stale effect long car rides have on our skin, it’s essential to freshen up along the way, on the road. For this reason, we love to indulge in some Rosé Organic Clarifying Serum. This silky serum gives you the comfort of your at-home self-care routine on the road; infused with activated charcoal, tea tree oil and Salicylic Acid. The effect? Hydrating your skin while cleansing your pores, so that you look (probably fresher) than you feel on the road. 


4. Mid-Trip headache reliefcalm2 e1626383168588

Even the best of us get a little car sick, especially on those bumpy AF Nova Scotian roads. Travelling is a notorious migraine trigger– When the going gets tough and you’re powering through an all-night cruise, relieve the mental pangs with long-lasting, pain-relieving CBD Capsules. Advil, who?


5. Extreme weather – Dry lips

Screen Shot 2021 08 18 at 11.38.01 AM

Some of the best road trips consist of straight driving and site seeing, with no Air BnB required! Without those coveted bathroom stops, it can be easy to miss your bi-daily lip care ritual. Next thing you know? Chapped lips. Try this simple and natural lip balm, it will be your best dashboard buddy, we promise. Shop MOTA Peppermint Lip Balm


6. We drove all night… and now I can’t walk


Screen Shot 2020 06 22 at 10.57.05 AM e1626383235518

Whether you’re crammed in a small car or sprawled out in a big SUV, you’re likely to cramp up after extended periods of sitting. When those leg muscles start to tighten up and your neck feels like it’s being held hostage, look no further than Me First CBD Pain Stick to ease your achy break-y body. It’s like Tiger Balm, only better!


7. You’ve arrived! Time to sit back and relax  wc product img gold digger 2 0 1024x1024 2


Whether you’re chilling on some Kamloops camp grounds for a few nights or hitting up an Air BnB in Toronto, take that off-road time to lean into some well-deserved relaxation meditation. Is there any better way to bond with your road tripping pals than indulging in some haze zen in as you gaze at the stars? The answer is: No. There really isn’t.

If it’s not your boat then you are probably not the captain. Case and point, my father-in-law once drove 8 hours straight without a food or bathroom break, much to my dismay (and fragile bladder). It can get dog eat dog on the windy highways of the North; arm yourself with these road trip essentials and make the most of your journey! Because everyone deserves to cruise in comfort. 

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