10 Sexy Gifts for Your Cannabis Loving Valentine… or Yourself 😉

The biggest day for love is just around the corner– it’s time to start booking those dinner reservations (seriously, start now) and buying all the romantic gifts that your special someone deserves. We here at Birch + Fog wish you all the love in the world, and while we can’t help you out with the dinner reservations (I can’t stress this enough… BOOK👏🏻THEM👏🏽NOW👏🏿), we can direct you to some sweet and sexy plant-based products to give to your #1 Valentine this year– whether it’s your hubby, wifey, bf, gf, bff, or your own damn self!


1. A bath bomb for your bath bae

There’s no better way to get up close and personal than a sensual soak with your boo. Scratch that, it is definitely more sensual when you include a VIDA Bath Bomb. This sensual refreshment is infused with 10mg of CBD and 50mg of THC, leaving you and your bae feeling 100% closer and 200% steamier.


2. A big “O” for your one and only

OMNI Release Orgasm Oil needs no introduction. Whether you are enjoying some one-on-one with a hot date or exploring your own body, take that sensual bliss to the next level with a lubricant that increases your blood flow and heightens your sensitivity.


3. Something sweet for your sweetheart

Is there anything sexier than going bite for bite on a deliciously smooth chocolate confection? Let the crumbs fall where they may as you feed this E/P Red Marble Bar to your boo in bed (or eat it all to yourself while you watch The Notebook for the thousandth time).


4. Something silky for your skin

This nourishing crème from Deew is the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for yourself or your hunnie. Each 8oz jar is infused with natural ingredients, including Sativa seed oil, murumuru butter and Argan oil. Give the gift of healthy, silky, glowing skin because self-care and self-love go hand in hand. (Oh, and it’s vegan-friendly and tested on humans!)


5. A lift for your libido

I can say from experience that this is one of the best disposable CBD pens out there. The cinnamon and rose notes are right, the vapor is right, and the sensual calm that washes over your entire body is RIGHT. Feelcbd broke the mold with this one, and you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the long lasting effects.


6. Something lush for your lips

There’s a pretty good chance that your Valentine’s Day will end in some smooches, so you should definitely make those kisses memorable with lips that are soft, luscious and delicious. These MOTA CBD Lip Balm won’t get you high in the literal sense, but the rush of excitement that comes from locking minty lips with your Valentine might do the trick all by itself.


7. Something holistic for your health

We spend so much time on Valentine’s Day thinking of others, that sometimes we forget to take care of the one person who is always there for us: Ourself. Women on hormonal birth control often experience a loss of essential vitamins and nutrients that, if not replenished, can cause a slew of adverse effects. This V-Day, make sure you love yourself by giving your body the top-up it needs to thrive and shine.


8. An alternative to alcohol

It’s easy to run up that bar tab on V-Day, especially when you’re trying to loosen up on a pressure-filled first date. Why ball-out on alcohol when you can enjoy this one and done piña colada THC treat? The SeC Happy Hour gummy delivers on all fronts: Appearance, taste and effect. It goes down smooth, provides a sense of relief and is definitely worth splitting with your bae.


9. A sensual soak for your self-love

There is nothing more sensual, more satisfying or more relaxing than a hot bath infused with Epsom and Himalayan salts. Add 200mg of THC to that mix and you’ve got yourself a body party for the history books. Thank you, OMNI Melt 🙏🏼


10. A pièce de resistance for your irresistible partner

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but Birch + Fog’s Stone Pipe is a girl’s best friend (or anyone’s, really!). Treat yourself to this elegant device or give your Valentine the gift that keeps on giving– literally! Not only is the stone beautiful, but the B+F emblem is customizable. Choose between a silver or gold engraving and puff with panache with that special someone.

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