A Birch + Fog Guide to Travel across the Border

A Birch + Fog Guide to Travel Across the U.S. Border

The legalization of Cannabis in Canada is a monumental leap for medical and recreational users of the wonderful plant. On October 17th, legally purchasing marijuana in Canada will be in full swing with the majority of purchases made with the use of credit cards.

Unfortunately, using your credit card to purchase cannabis from even legal licensed vendors may put you at risk with border patrol officers when attempting to travel to the U.S. Don’t fret though, BIRCH + FOG has taken steps to ensure that purchases from B+F will show as benign and not related to Cannabis. We intentionally decided against using monikers related to cannabis in our branding to ensure your purchases are discrete. Alternatively, you can also pay for your purchases from B+F using email money transfer (EMT) which will not show on your credit card statement.

Some of our peer brands and dispensaries are also now making the move to ensure you are protected in similar fashion. The best method to check is to review your credit card statement for the transaction related to the vendor you’ve purchased from, to ensure the name doesn’t include monikers such as; Cannabis, Canna, THC, CBD, Weed, Marijuana, Dope, Mary, Jane, Sticky Icky, Broccoli, Grass, Endo, Chronic, Bud, Pot, Ganja, Herb, etc. We could go on, but you know the rest.

As always, use good judgement when communicating with border professionals and use discretion when discussing your personal information.

Happy Travelling!

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