Ashton Kutcher – 42 Learnings From 42 Years Of Life

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1. Kindness is more important than you think

2. There is no substitute for hard work

3. The only substitute for working smart is working smarter

4. The sexiest thing in the world is being really smart

5. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s ok

6. You are always better off striving to be the best you rather that striving to be like someone else

7. Find friends that are loyal and generous

8. Be a loyal and generous friend

9. The path to receiving has a big arrow that says ‘Give this Way”

10. Breaking up hurts every time

11. Hire slow and fire fast

12. Invest in people and hire people that you want to work for

13. Your authentic self is a perfect reflection of your experience

14. Have fun with children but never make fun

15. Eat home cooked meals whenever possible

16. Work out regularly and make the most of the time spend doing so

17. Laugh at yourself

18. Find even more opportunities to laugh with others

19. Dance whenever given the floor and the right song

20. You can’t buy health and time slowly takes it from you to savor it like it’s the only thing you got

21. Re-invent your relationship with your parents once you become an adult

22. Life is who you travel with

23. People do change it just a slow process

24. Think in decades not years

25. Forgive people, it’s easier than holding grudges

26. Brush your teeth

27. Do things that scare you and translate the fear into excitement

28. Work toward levelling the playing field for others

29. Ideas are cheap execution is valuable

30. Drink more water than you want

31. There’s only one earth treat it right

32. Giving becomes generous when it is uncomfortable

33. Read good books

34. Avoid comparing your life to others

35. If your doctor isn’t coaching you when you are healthy find a new doctor

36. Find hobbies and practice them

37. Getting married isn’t a goal but being married is

38. Being vulnerable opens relationships to possibility

39. If you don’t measure it you can’t improve it

40. Make data based decisions

41. Maybes are usually procrastinated no’s

42. Don’t neglect the value of sleep







Raw Beauty Talks

If you live in Vancouver, Erin Treloar is probably your voice of reason in most things health and wellness. Now she’s kiind of everybody’s health coach, thanks to her podcast Raw Beauty Talks. This series is not only a curation of thoughtful chats with wellness industry experts, it’s also a collection of her own health hacks you can implement in your life, like, today. Think ‘10 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels’, or ‘Tools to Calm Coronavirus Anxiety’. K, we need that. 

Erin’s brand truly works its magic from the inside out, learning from guests like Mark Groves on healing and health in relationships and love, or fitness queen Katrina Scott, on health and wellness.

This series seriously empowers its listeners with the tools to amplify the wellness in their lives. You’ll actually feel good listening to this one. It’s thoughtful, it’s comfy, and you’ll come out of each episode a little wiser than before (we have!).



I Love Wellness with Lo Bosworth

This #BossBabe host has traveled far from her beginnings on MTV’s Laguna Beach. Lo Bosworth’s podcast series I Love Wellness seeks to empower womens’ bodies and minds through a more open and honest self-care culture, starting with open and honest conversation. Her podcast does exactly that–accompanied by her awesome personal care products under complimentary brand Love Wellness

Expect to learn from leaders in the female health and wellness industry as Lo thoughtfully explores with them how to prioritize wellness and self-care in this busy life, fine tuning your digital habits for the better, and finding body positivity in this series. 



The Kismet Collection, By Riley Webster

Seeking to reach a new level of zen in your life? Lastly but certainly not at all least comes a collection of conversations and spiritual practices to bring you full-circle, all of the way home with host Riley Webster.

Nestled in magical Vancouver Island, we trust that The Kismet Collection will take you where you need to go, exploring questions like “what is your body telling you?” and “what does ‘doing the work’ truly mean?” Riley has a way of calming us right down with her soothing tone, and expert guided meditations that are scattered throughout this series. The Kismet Collection truly is a place that connects creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs through spiritually and wellness, and it’s the perfect tone to wind us down before bed, leaving us in the most positive (zen) headspace, ever. 


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