Like TLC, we don’t want no scrubs – but we’ll make an exception for this one.

Meet Kim Legler – Our Birch and Fog Maven of the Week!


Kim Legler is a Canadian/British Fashion Designer + Artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. Originally from Yellowknife, NT, Kim studied Fashion Design at La Salle College and has now been designing for nearly a decade. When it comes to her artwork she is mostly self-taught, but has had formal training in Fashion Illustration. Kim is best known for her evening and cocktail dresses, as well as daywear such as includes day-dresses, knitwear, and tailored garments. Her design aesthetic is understated and minimalistic, yet feminine. Coming from a fine arts background, Kim brings an artistic approach to each collection through her use of colours, prints and textures. Kim is as equally passionate about art as she is fashion. She aims to combine both aesthetics to create truly authentic, one-of-a-kind pieces. As of recently, she has shifted her art style from fashion illustration to acrylic pouring. As one of our Birch and Fog Mavens, Kim tells us a bit about her own CBD usage for a healthy lifestyle, how it supports her artistic endeavors, and the ways in which they have benefitted both her body and mind.




How did you first hear about B+F and how long have you been using our products?


I heard about it through Instagram and have been using your products for just over a year now!



What is your favourite product of ours?


My favourite product so far is the DeLush Whipped Soap Scrub, it smells so yummy I could eat it.

(Thanks to Kim it is on sale this week!)


Why do you love it and in what ways do you use it in your daily routine?


I love it because it’s the perfect texture for a scrub, and it leaves my skin feeling squeeky clean and smelling delicious. I keep the DeLush Soap Scrub in my shower as a reminder to make it part of my routine. I use the soap scrub every second day to help keep my skin clean and clear – I notice it especially works great on my back which is a problem area for me right now. It doesn’t over exfoliate or dry it out, it just simply helps clear up blemishes. I definitely notice my skin is much smoother after using it too! 



Tell me one way that CBD has benefited your everyday life?


A daily CBD dosage has definitely helped reduce my stress levels and deal with my anxiety.  During the day I work as an Office Manager of an Architecture firm, and in the evenings I work on my side hustle. I am a fashion designer, artist, and I also have my own hair accessory line called Bow Babes where I hand-make all of the scrunchies. As you can imagine, my schedule is quite hectic and can be really stressful and anxiety inducing at times. I often smoke CBD vape pens, and my anxiety instantly fades away. I’m able to focus on the task at hand much better afterwards. Sometimes when I have too much on my plate, I don’t know where to start, so having that 2 min break with a couple puffs from my pen, really allows me to stop for a second, and get my priorities in order.


Did you have any previous pre-conceived notions or hesitations about CBD products?


I just wasn’t really sure what to expect from CBD usage until I tried it. It doesn’t actually get you high, it just helps alleviate anxiety, stress, and can even cure skin conditions with regular use.  


What is one beauty/lifestyle hack you think others need to know?


I love the Nectar CBD Oil. I swear by it! It’s a beauty hack because it has cured areas of my skin where I had Psoriasis, and completely cleared up a major flare up I had on my eyelids from swimming in a chlorinated pool. 



What product are you dying to try?


The next product that I am dying to try from B+F is the Rose Organic Face oil since I’m obsessed with all things roses! 




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