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Do Jade Rollers Really Work? 

Jade rollers hit the wellness market hard, late 2018. They’re beautiful. They’re decorative. And they’re a seriously hip addition to our wellness hauls. The question we’ve all been wondering is of course, do they actually work?

This question has collectively crossed all of the minds on our team; rest assured. So let’s get to the bottom of this once and for all, shall we?

Remember the cold spoon in the freezer trick? How about the cool cucumber slices, balanced carefully over your eyes after a long day? Let’s first begin by confirming that jade rollers are definitely a step up from those solutions for our mothers’ puffy eyes.

A delicate paint-roller-like apparatus with a smooth jade stone at one end, jade rollers are actually nothing new. Used by Chinese elites beginning in the 17th century, they range vastly in price, based on design and brand. There are a lot out there on the market, and they’re all pretty comparable, we will note. 

So what’s all the hype about, you ask? Using a jade roller on your face regularly has comparable results to facial massages. It’s known to decrease puffiness and promote all of the good stuff, like anti-aging, wrinkles, stimulating collagen, tightening pores and potentially even improving inflammatory skin conditions.

The coldness from the stone in itself can decrease inflammation by way of causing blood vessels to contract.



To ensure you’re getting the results we claim, here are a few tips to ensure you’re using your jade roller correctly: 


Start with a serum

After washing and patting your face dry with a soft towel, rub your favourite face oil or serum into your skin so that it’s ultra moisturized for the process. We love using Rose Organic Face Oil, Nectar CBD Infused Facial Serum, or LOA Hemp All Purpose Moisturizer.


The technique

Massaging your face can decrease puffiness by helping to move retained fluid out of areas where it has gotten stuck, when you do it right. Here’s a quick 5-step daily routine to practice: 


  1. Starting at the chin, roll horizontally up and out to the hairline in light, comfortable motions.
  2. Starting higher up from the nose, roll up and out towards the ears.
  3. Now, starting with the small end of the jade roller, roll from the inner corner of the eye out toward the temples.
  4. Starting at the eyebrows, roll downwards ending at the temples, and then move upwards to the hairline.
  5. Finally, finish by rolling the middle of the forehead horizontally out towards the temples.


Keep it cool

Our favourite place to store our jade roller while not in use? The fridge! Just remember to disinfect your roller before each use to avoid transmitting bacteria. Rinse and repeat, daily.  

And remember to be gentle on your skin. Rubbing vigorously can actually aggravate many skin conditions, like acne. Your rolling technique should feel enjoyable and relaxing, without too much pressure pushing down on your skin as you roll. 








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