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I win a lot of free stuff in sweepstakes… Now I’m ready to share my secrets

Not to brag, but I’m always winning sweepstakes (aka contests and giveaways). From tickets to festivals, software, dinners, and even a vacation. And the amount of gift cards? Don’t even get me started!

If you think I sound lucky, think again. My biggest asset has never been luck, I just know how sweepstakes work. As a digital strategist and content creator, I’ve not only created a lot of giveaways, but helped other folks design and launch their giveaways too.

Let’s start with the question: do you truly believe you can win? If you’ve been joining our contests and giveaways without luck, you might be starting to worry that you’re just not cut out to be a winner.

You might even start to think the giveaways are rigged, or too many people enter for you to have a realistic chance of winning. Or maybe sweepstakes just don’t work.

Spoiler alert! Sweepstakes do work, and there’s a secret to winning them: patience, persistence, and a positive attitude. But maybe, just maybe, you’re making some mistakes that are decreasing the odds that you’re going to win a prize.


Before you give up, ask yourself these two questions.

1. Do you believe you can win sweepstakes? A lot of folks don’t even join contests and giveaways because they feel that they’ll never win. After all, a lot of us feel like we’ve never really been lucky, especially if it seems like the odds are against us.

Honestly, luck is the smallest (and least important) part of winning a sweepstake. If you really want to win, consistently,  what you really need is to be patient, persevere, and stay positive.

2. Do you have an idea of the sweepstakes timeline?

    1. A lot of us figure that if we haven’t won any prizes in a couple of days or weeks after entering, then there’s no chance at winning at all.

This is wrong.

Think about how a contest or giveaway is set up:

First, the sweepstakes has to end before anybody is notified of their winnings.

Second, after the sweepstakes ends, entries are checked and any incomplete or unqualified entries will be removed. Once that’s done, the sponsor (us!) will choose winners based on the rules of the giveaway and notify them.

Sometimes this takes a while, especially if the contacted winners don’t respond on time. We normally give winners 24-48 hours to respond, and if we don’t reach them, then we have to pick a new winner and try again.


Tip: When you’re feeling frustrated, remind yourself that for all you know, you could already have made a winning entry and that your prize could be patiently waiting for the contest to end.

Are You Maximizing Your Odds?

Remember, luck is only part of the equation, and a small one at that. The rest is being a smarter “sweeper.” There are 3 things that can influence any sweepstake and tweak those odds to be in your favor.

    1. Taking advantage of bonus actions. We have lots of bonus actions that can give you more points (or entries) and increase your odds of winning, and we’re always adding more!
    2. Check back daily (or every other day) for new bonus actions. I know I just said this, but this is one of the best ways to make sure you’re ahead of the game. Normally, we remove older bonus actions and replace them with new ones, so coming back often and taking advantage of those will give you an edge that other, less engaged sweepers don’t have.
    3. And this is the most important one: share your unique giveaway link with everybody you know. This is the easiest and fastest way to make points, since it rewards you with the most amount of points for every person that joins using your code and you can refer as many people as you want.

Once you join the giveaway, you’ll see your unique code right away, underneath the number of points/entries you’ve accumulated. For quick and easy shares, tap one of the social media or email icons and share away!

Here’s the lowdown on how I’m always winning sweepstakes:

  1. I take all the bonus actions that are available and check back every day for more.
  2. I share my giveaway link with besties, friends, and family first for quick and easy points
  3. I’ll post my unique link to my Facebook profile and all the groups and pages that I’m a part of (as long as they allow it!). This works amazingly well.
  4. I’ll add the link to my Instagram bio, and post the giveaway on my profile with “link in bio” in the caption. (I remove it after 24-48 hours, which gives me enough time that my followers probably saw it and acted on it already.. That way, I also avoid cluttering my feed)
  5. I’ll post the giveaway in my stories. This can be more effective than posting about the sweepstakes in my feed since I can post it multiple times without cluttering my followers’ feeds as they scroll. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you should link the story to the page.
  6. I’ll come back and tweet it several times a day, and even ask my closest friends to retweet it for me (Hint: use the Twitter share button pictured above for quick n easy posting)
  7. I’ll also share it again several times on Facebook and Facebook Stories, sometimes adding a note or call to action (something like: the sooner you join, the less you’ll miss out on!). Use FOMO to your advantage! 

    Pro tip: use hashtags like #sweepstakes #giveaway #contest and #win when posting to social. There are a *lot* of people that set up alerts for these hashtags, so you can reach a much wider audience without having to do nearly as much work.

    Final thoughts

    The more sweepstakes you enter, the more chances you have to win. There are more sweepstakes out there than anyone has time to enter in a day, but by working smart and streamlining your approach, you can win at everything forever.

    Thanks for reading! If you have any tips for other entrants, or would like to see something specific in one of our giveaways, let us know. We’re always listening to our foggers. After all, we did this all for you.

    For more plant-powered CBD and hemp wellness essentials, check out our $5000 love + self-care giveaway! Ends February 28.

    Good luck, and happy fogging!

    And remember: we love you.

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