What’s with the expensive weed?

With the unveiling of the Black Label, Birch + Fog is proud to expand and build on our promise of quality, and our purpose to craft experiential products for all. The Black Label is our Statement, the most premium cannabis experience condensed to a suite line of premium accessories, inspired infusions, and rare, small-batch cannabis strains that go well beyond everyday satisfaction.

Organic cannabis cultivation has been refined and perfected to rise to the occasion of matching the modern connoisseur’s palette, that individual which embraces the philosophy of experimentation in the pursuit of the exceptional and rare. We all know the eager anticipation that comes before and while unpacking an incredibly fragrant strain, a rare favourite, and immersing yourself in the the gently pungent and sweet aroma as you break the bud down with your fingers. The quest for quality is an undeniable part of the human experience.

At Birch + Fog, we understand that, like us, people care about where their food comes from, how their vegetables and fruit are grown, and how their meals are prepared. If we are this conscious about our diets being organic and healthy, why wouldn’t this process apply to cannabis?

The popularization of cannabis in today’s age has enabled a climate valuing mass production above all else. And to support large-scale farming, pesticides, hydroponics, and damaging fertilizers are often introduced in the growing process.

Organic produce is not only better for the body, but is also much less environmentally hazardous. Local plant and animal life are also able to coexist and thrive on organic farms, rather than suffer the adverse effects resulting from the harmful chemicals. At the end of the organic growing process, natural composts are developed that can be left and nurtured routinely, and kept to respect the natural cycle of cultivation.

The Black Label is our response to these mass-produced, run of the mill weed strains. Of course, to understand the collection, you’ll want to know a few more details about the growing and cultivation process, and how exactly we’re able to promise only the most natural, masterfully cured flower on the market. And, it all starts where you’d think: the soil.

Every grower begins with soil selection, and our Black Label is no different. The cultivation process itself gives the organic strains their label, with the soil they are grown from referred to as “super-soil.” Simply put, this is a curated blend of natural (as opposed to synthetic) soil and organic additives that is self-sustaining and does not require any additional fertilizers, sprays or toxins.

And it’s not just the soil that makes this weed so opulent. It’s the careful balance of the water and nutrients it holds, the distinctive irrigation practices, and the optimal light exposure that contributes to a cannabis flower yield that can only be matched by years of sophisticated practice. Black Label strains are grown with natural sunlight and the cleanest irrigation systems.

The lush and nutrient-rich Vancouver fields are home to Pink Nuken. This earthy, diesel-driven hybrid thrives on our temperate air and coastal climate, and maintains a harmonious blend between its Pink Kush and Nuken parents.

Another rare Canadian classic, Lindsay OG, is sourced from the rich soils found in the beautiful rolling hills of BC’s Comox Valley. This unfertilized, natural indica-dominant strain is as decadent as it is powerful, known for its playful and pungent citrus and earth aromas, and its calming, sedative effects.

When Birch + Fog made the decision to develop and showcase our Black Label, it was rooted in our vision for superior grows that are as pure as they are toxin-free. Driven by a ceaseless pursuit for premium flower and a vigilant grow process, the farmers at work are masters of soil development and natural fertilization, and immaculate practitioners of flower curing.

Organically grown cannabis is not just better for you and the environment, it is also widely known to be better tasting and boast better aromas. This puts the cannabis consumer, you, at the forefront of supporting premium organic cannabis for a healthier lifestyle while also investing back into more responsible farming and cultivation. It’s easy to make a change to feel healthier and take care of the world around you. It’s as easy as buying Black.

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