It's Time to Concentrate on Concentrates


Purity at Its Finest: Why Concentrates Are All the Rage

If you haven’t got your head in the clouds, then you have probably noticed that cannabis concentrates are sweeping the nation and increasing in popularity with every passing hour. Okay, that sounds a bit over-the-top, but this elevated form of cannabis ingestion deserves the dramatic praise that it has been receiving in recent years.


There is a lot of intrigue surrounding concentrates– How do I smoke shatter? Isn’t “dabbing” a dance move? Who is Rick Simpson? At one point or another, we were all confused about the ins and outs of concentrate usage. Let’s clear some of that up– (Oh and before I get ahead of myself,  Rick Simpson is a Canadian cannabis hero whose unabashed faith in the healing powers of marijuana propelled him to create his own concentrate and distribute it freely to those in need).

Now, who’s ready to learn?

It's Time to Concentrate on Concentrates

What is a Concentrate?

Basically, concentrates are the best of the best. What this means is that these products are made by extracting the best qualities of the cannabis plant compound (i.e the terpenes and cannabinoids) to give you an intensely pleasurable high. In the simplest terms, this is extracting the plant’s fragrant aroma and flavour profile (terpenes) and the THC/CBD qualities (cannabinoids) that hold all of the medicinal value. There is some other scientific mumbo-jumbo involved if you are interested in creating concentrates yourself, but as a casual consumer this is basically all you need to know about the production process.

How Do I Use it?

Now that we’ve got the “what” out of the way, let’s focus on the “how”. Concentrates take many forms and offer many different kinds of experiences. One of the various amazing qualities of cannabis concentrates is their versatility– Because the methods of consuming concentrates are wide ranging, you can choose your own adventure! Have fun experimenting with different types until you find your trusty companion. To get you started, here are some popular ways of ingesting concentrates.



No, we are not referring to the popular dance move that swept the tween nation in 2015. This is probably the most popular form of consuming cannabis concentrates because the results take immediate effect on your body. The process involves vapourizing extracts on a hot (we’re talking 550-750 degrees Fahrenheit hot) “nail” made of titanium, quartz or ceramic, and inhaling through an “oil rig” which is essentially a special pipe made specifically for dabbing.


Things you need

  • A cannabis concentrate like shatter (which takes a brittle and transparent form) or wax. There is really no difference potency-wise between shatter and wax. While shatter may have a longer shelf life, wax is easier to use and to produce. The only significant difference is in their consistencies.
  • A Dab Rig, which is essentially a water-pipe whose regular flower bowl has been swapped for a dab nail. This is where you will place your shatter or wax before lighting up.
  • A dab nail that fits in your water pipe (or buy a new water pipe because who doesn’t want more than one toy?).
  • A dome, which covers the nail and localizes the vapour.
  • A torch lighter for burning that concentrate at the high high temperature it requires.
  • A dabber, which you use to apply the concentrate to the nail.


Different concentrates have different THC contents, so if you are unsure of the amount of THC in your shatter or wax then start small and work your way up. Unlike edibles, the effects of dabbing are instantaneous; you should know right away if it worked or not. Fair warning, your first time might be intense and you might start sweating profusely upon exhale. Don’t worry– You may be a little damp and lightheaded but you will be okay!


Edibles (infused food and beverages)Tinctures (oil made by dissolving cannabis in alcohol), and Vapourizing (the purest form of consuming cannabis through tools such as volcanoes or pens) are other popular methods of ingesting concentrates. For more information on these methods, check out their personalized articles.


If you are thinking about getting into concentrates, congrats! You have already taken the first step. Doing your research beforehand is the most helpful tool in ensuring a positive experience. When it comes to concentrates, you want to take your time to find your groove. When you do, you’ll finally experience the hype that everyone is raving about.


**Cannabis products are for the use of adults age 19 or older; please keep products out of reach of children. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana.

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