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6 Life-Changing Skin Care Products For That J-Lo Glow

Having a solid skincare routine is one of the most important daily rituals. Unfortunately, it often gets forgotten amidst the craziness of life. Sometimes you’re too tired at night to thoroughly moisturize before bed. Sometimes you wake up 10 minutes before work and barely have time to brush your teeth and grab a coffee. Maybe you just don’t know which products will work best for your needs. Whatever the case, let this list of awesome skincare essentials guide you toward a healthier, more regimented lifestyle. You definitely won’t regret that extra self-care time.


1. Deew Highly Nourishing Crème

deew highlighy nurishing creme


We love us some vegan skincare options! Cannabis Sativa oil, Murumuru butter and Argan Oil make this nourishing cream a go-to for soft, moisturized skin. With You don’t need to oversaturate your skin to get amazing effects, and at 8oz of creamy goodness per jar, you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck!


2. LOA Hemp All-Purpose Moisturizer


loa oil with review


When they say “All-Purpose” they aren’t joking. This oil from LOA is made from all natural ingredients and is a personal favourite of mine. It can work as a base layer for makeup, an everyday moisturizer and even deep conditioning treatment for your hair AND nails. There’s enough juice in this bottle to give your whole body the spa experience it deserves. 


3. OMNI Release Orgasm Oil


omni orgasm


This isn’t “skincare” in the typical sense but have you ever experienced the kind of amazing, passionate sex that actually makes your whole body glow like J-LO? Since orgasms help relieve stress, they are also linked to a decrease in inflammation of the skin. Isn’t great sex great? This orgasm oil is a top-seller, made from all natural ingredients so it is 100% safe to use on your nether regions.

4. Rosé Organic Clarifying Serum

  rose and review  

This organic oil is a go-to product for acne treatment. It cleanses your pores, hydrates your skin and works with all skin types (as so few products do). If you’re hesitant about using cannabis-based skincare then you have nothing to fear with this product– Inside you will find Evening Primrose Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Rosehips but you will not find CBD, THC or Hemp among the list of natural ingredients.   


5. Sea B Dee CBD Infused Bath Bombs

  sea b dee cbd bath bomb and review  

What’s better than a nice, warm bath at the end of a long day? How about a nice warm bath infused with natural CBD goodness? Yeah, that sounds better. These aromatic bath bombs are 100% handmade with love and create the perfect relaxing mood to help you unwind. Leave your work stress, parental stress and any other kind of stress at the bathroom door.   


6. Sweet Jane CBD Healing Lotion

  sweet jane cbd lotion  

Bye sore muscles! Bye inflammation! See you never. This CBD lotion goes on smooth and soothes the areas of your joints and muscles that need instant relief from pain. Not only that, it smells like a tropical vacation and moisturizes dry skin. Total power-house!

More for your bathroom shelfie.

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