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Sorry About the Weather, Toronto. Maybe This Will Help

Hey, Toronto. Your weather is going through a lot right now. Maybe it’s PMSing. Perhaps it’s going through a midlife crisis. Maybe Zeus, God of Weather, was a Warriors fan. Whatever the reason, the constant shift between sunshine, torrential rain, thunder, lightning, back to sunshine and followed by more rain is making it hard to lock down a beach day at Hanlan’s Point. 

It’s proving impossible to know what kind of day you’re gonna have tomorrow, so here are some plant-based luxury wellness products to go along with whatever storm is being thrown your way:



Yesterday may have been sunshine and rainbows, but today it’s just torrential downpours and puddles of mud. You probably want to stay high and dry, so why not relax at home with some infused Hot Cocoa. It’s just like mama used to make, if mama was a super progressive hippy tree-lover. 

Baked Edibles Hot Chocolate- $8.00



For a while you may have been questioning if you’d ever see the sun again. Then you felt like you never wanted to see the sun again. But now, you’re in that sweet spot where the sun is your best friend and you want to make the most of your fleeting time together. Enjoy this bright reprieve– hit that Aloha Pre-Roll and take a solo stroll through Ashbridge Bay. 

Aloha Pre-Rolls- $23.99



Okay so this weather isn’t the best, but it’s also not the worst. It is safe to go outside and roam Yonge Street, but it’s also ideal for patio chilling and indoor activities. Whether you leave the house or not, warm up or cool down with some infused Temple Tea (served hot or cold).

Temple Infused Tea- $14.95



Have you ever walked through a hail storm? The worst. Those tiny bullets of ice can really put a damper on your summer plans (also, who invited you anyway, hail?) Definitely keep to the indoors during this erratic weather behaviour and take some much needed you-time with a nice CBD infused bath


Delush CBD Sweetheart Bath Bomb- $12.71


Thunder + Lightning

If there’s one thing I love, it’s getting high and looking at pretty lights. Lightning is no exception to that rule. Now that you know an electricity storm is heading your way, prepare yourself with Buudabomb Vegan Gummies and enjoy that natural light show (from a safe distance, of course). 


Buudabomb Vegan Gummies- $9.99


Light Drizzy

No, we’re not talking about Drake. A little light drizzy happens when it’s slightly overcast and there are little bursts of sun peeping through around the city, but there’s still a light rainfall preventing you from committing to an outdoor day. Your best bet is to keep dry inside with Netflix and some medicated popcorn. And you’re in luck, the new season of Orange Is The New Black is Out!


Mary’s Medibles Triple Strength Caramel Popcorn- $11.95


Too Damn Hot. Just. Stop.

Despite the rain, lightning, hail storms and cloudy skies, this heatwave is making life incredibly difficult. When your makeup is melting and you’re fanning yourself with whatever free flyers you can find on the street then you know it’s time for a seriously chilled out cool down. Drop a CBD-EEZ packet into your ice cold water and refresh your senses, Nestea style. 


CBD-EEZ Effervescent Powder

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