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Remain Calm, Toronto: Jason Momoa is Heading Your Way

Obsessed with the wonderfully talented, powerful, majestic and otherworldly beauty that is Jason Momoa? Join the club. If you’re in the Toronto area from August 22-25 and you’ve got tickets to Fan Expo then you might be basking in the glory that is Khal Drogo, Aquaman, and husband of legendary icon Lisa Bonet.


Screaming yet? Us too. Let us all remember that celebrities are people too, even if they are 6’4, 234 pounds, drop dead gorgeous and can get you into the swankiest Hawaiian resorts. Here are some tips for remaining calm in the presence of shocking perfection:


1. Hit your favourite vape pen to calm your nerves. (Try FeelCBD Calm. It’s literally in the name).


2. Don’t forget to breathe. Breathing = being alive. Being alive = able to meet Jason Momoa.


3. Take some CBD oil the night before so you get your beauty sleep. Yes, he is happily taken, but maybe you can be backup Bonet?


4. Don’t sneak up on him… He is a martial arts student and huge.


5. Have your Baked Edibles Enchant Mints on hand. All the excitement might give you stale, dry mouth and wouldn’t that just be the worst?


6. Leave your plastic water bottle at home. Jason is an active environmentalist and YOU SHOULDN’T BE USING PLASTICS ANYWAY.


I hope these tips help you lucky ducks stay calm at the 2019 Fan Expo. I’ll just be here, staring at my Baywatch screensaver and watching re-runs of GoT. ?

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