Turn Your Summer Staycation Into The Trip of a Lifetime

Okay, so everyone is going away this summer except you. That means your feed is going to be flooded with beach pics, gourmet cuisine and oh so many airplane selfies. Don’t sweat it! With these 10 cannabis goodies, your relaxing staycation will trump all those stressful travel plans this summer.  


1. Aloha Pre-Rolls

This one needs no explanation, but here’s one nonetheless. Picture this: you, freshly squeezed juice poured into a hollowed out coconut and these vibey pre-rolls lulling you into sweet, calming island vibes. Mmmmm.


2. Baked Edibles CBD Sunshower Gummies

While your girlfriends are dealing with the hustle and bustle of high-speed shopping on Rodeo Drive, you can rest easy knowing that your staycation is complete with calming CBD gummies that give you the sunshine of the 90210 without the chaos of a sample sale. Trust and believe, it is they who will be envious of your cool and collected home spa day. 


3. Delush CBD Whipped Biscotti Body Crème

No need to break the bank to feel like Donatella Versace– Get yourself an artisanal cappuccino, some Ray-Ban shades and this biscotti scented body crème from Delush and you’ll feel like you’re cruising down the Italian Riviera (without the $1500 ticket). 


4. Faded Edibles Party Pack

Forget Daytona Beach (I hear there’s sharks out there anyway). The best party you’ll have this summer comes in a snack size black bag of sugary psychedelic goodness. This pack of edible gummies comes with 10 sweet treats and 200mg of THC (yup, that’s 20mg per piece). I know where I’ll be this summer. Have fun getting your boogie board chomped in half, Carol! 


5. High On Love Sensual Massage Oil

Ah, oui. La Ville de L’amour. Comme ci comme ça. Baguette, s’il vous plaît. That’s how you’ll be talking after taking in a Parisian night of romance with this Sensual Massage Oil from HIGHONLOVE. Don’t worry, there are tons of images of the Eiffel Tower online.

6. LOA Oil

Some people enjoy fishing for piranhas or swashbuckling through the jungle, but you made the totally excellent decision to stay home this summer and leave the adventuring to Indiana. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the wonders nature has to offer, and that’s why you also made the excellent decision to get some LOA All-Purpose Moisturizing Oil so that your skin can reap the benefits of tea tree oil, calendula, hemp and gotu kola  


7. Nanaimo Bar

You can celebrate the best that Canada has to offer by taking a (mental) trip to beautiful Vancouver Island to a little place called Nanaimo: Home of everyone’s favourite chocolatey coconut cake bar. Not only is the Mary’s Medibles Triple Strength Nanaimo Bar delicious (I mean look at that photo) but it’s also packed with 140mg of THC for your staycation relaxation.


8. SeC High Seas

Ahoy, mateys! This is your captain speaking telling you to chill out and just enjoy the cruise. Put your pains at bay and anchor yourself in mindful balance with SeC High Seas CBD Gummies. Get your float on without getting your boat on (many apologies for the terrible joke).


9. Westcoast Gold Digger Cartridge

As fun and dramatic as it is to risk it all on snake eyes, we all know that the House always wins. Instead of making it rain on the Vegas slot machine, stick to feeling like a million bucks with the sleek AF Westcoast Gold Digger Kit


10. FeelCBD Sleep Drops (If your own bed is as good a vaca as any)

I don’t know about you, but this really speaks to me. My greatest staycation wish this summer is to get a good night’s sleep for at least 3 nights in a row (can you even imagine?). The best way to do that is to leave the stresses of the day at the door and wind down with some CBD relief before beddy byes. These drops are THE ONES. You can thank me when you wake up from that 8 hour beauty sleep. 

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