THC, scientifically known as delta9-tetrahydracannabinol, puts the ‘dope’ in dopamine – literally!

THC is the primary chemical compound responsible for many of cannabis’ psychoactive effects. THC’s main purpose is to stimulate brain cells to create dopamine, your body’s natural ‘feel-good’ chemical, making the compound a big part of why it’s so easy to love this the cannabis plant.

THC starts out as an acid within the plant, and is activated by applying heat, which removes a carbon chain from the THC molecule and produces its famed psychoactive experiences. It has been touted to assist with chronic pain relief, depression, opiate reduction & more.

Any psychoactive/psychedelic substance should be approached cautiously and used moderately. Consuming THC in micro or macro doses can cause some consumers to experience hallucinogenic visions, as well as initiate or exacerbate feelings of paranoia and anxiety. If you suffer from paranoia or anxiety, be sure to choose strains of flower and products with a higher CBD and lower THC content, like the products in our RELAX experience

For more information on the chemical structure and properties of THC, check out this comprehensive article from Leafly. 

Happy fogging! 

– The B+F Team

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