Which Plant-Powered Set Do You NEED This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so what better time to start spoiling your BFFs or planning a grand romantic gesture? Shopping for that special someone can be difficult. Do they even like flowers? Do you need to buy a Barry White CD? Do they still make CDs? This year, forget about second guessing yourself at the checkout line because Birch + Fog has got your Valentine’s extravaganza covered!


The Loyal Companion Set

Is there anything better than taking your dog on a stroll through the park, or snuggling up with your pup and watching Air Bud? Didn’t think so. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your loyal companion with CBD and hemp infused treats designed to give your dog all the joy that they bring you.



The Healthy Hearts Set

Working out together can be a great way for couples to stay happy, healthy and motivated. Take a class, spot each other at the gym or show off your sexy Salsa moves. This curated collection has everything you need to find that workout energy, soothe the post-thrust muscles and replenish your strength for the day ahead.



The Furry Friend Set

Our pets are some of the greatest loves that we will ever have. They are always there, always happy and always ready for cuddles (which we are eager to provide). This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your furry friend with hemp infused pet treats that will give them as much relief as they give you!


*Despite the product images, these items are not just for dogs!

The Pleasure Set

Whether you’re feeling yourself or getting up close and personal with your partner, turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day with a collection of products curated to excite your sensuality.



The Mindful Meditation Set

Tune out the background noise, focus on your partner and enjoy the intimacy that comes from making a true connection.



The Bon Appe-tease Set

Whether you’re starting from scratch or throwing in a frozen pizza, cooking with your partner is always a great way to connect, laugh and *hopefully* not burn the house down!



The ‘Flix and Chill Set

There is no shame in making your Valentine’s date night all about chillin’ on the couch with the TV remote and some prime cannabis infused snacks.



The Mom + Dad Appreciation Set

From bringing us into this beautiful world to guiding us through life’s most important moments, our parents have done so much for us; it’s time to give a little something back. This set contains a selection of CBD products specially chosen to help your parents relax for the first time since you were born!



The Sensual Soak Set

Experience romantic bliss and give in to the heat of the moment. Whether you’re enjoying company or just enjoying yourself, explore intimacy like never before while you soak up this collection of steamy products.



The Rest + Relaxation Set

Repose is just a click away with this specially curated list of CBD products. These non-psychoactive treats are must-haves for relaxing together and bonding over a much deserved wind-down. Perfect for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, Auntie Anne or Uncle Steve!



The Girl’s Night Set

Forget about your romantic woes and kick it with the ones who are always there for you ❤️

 *This set will be back in stock soon!


The Read + Relax Set

Sometimes it’s enough to just sit with your partner and take in a good book while you enjoy each other’s company. This curated collection of products has everything you need to bask in the silence and focus on yourself, your love and the pages of inspiration.



The Ultimate BFF Set

Friends are the family you choose and, like family, true best friends are forever. Celebrate your #1s with this memory making collection of products.


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