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You Can Hike A 2.9-km Staircase Trail To A Stunning Canyon Lookout In Alberta

Originally published on Narcity.


We promise the climb is worth it. Instead of trekking to mountain tops on repeat, we found a hidden gem you need to discover. You can hike a stunning 2.9-kilometre staircase trail to a canyon lookout in Alberta.

If you are a huge fan of Jurassic Park and have seen all the movies, this is the adventure for you. You can visit Horseshoe Canyon in Alberta where dinosaurs used to roam 70 million years ago.

Without a doubt, one of the most iconic parts of Jurassic Park films is the Tyrannosaurus Rex. A slightly smaller version called the Albertosaurus used to live right here.

Only 90 minutes from Calgary, you can reach Horseshoe Canyon by car. It is one of the easiest Badlands to visit as it is much closer than spots like Dinosaur Provincial Park or Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.

Here you can explore the gorgeous u-shaped canyon that offers picture-perfect lookouts. While walking around the rugged landscape, you can almost picture the colossal dinosaurs that would have roamed around the canyon.

The nearly 3-kilometre loop trail will lead you down and to some incredible lookouts.

To help you reach the different levels there are wooden stairs you’ll need to climb, which will provide a good lower body workout, too.



Some sections are a bit steep, so it is best to go slowly and wear running shoes.

When you think of badlands, you might picture nothing but dirt, but there is a surprising amount of colour too. You’ll see maroon on the walls, plus spectacular blue and yellow flowers blooming.




The canyon is ideal for an afternoon activity with your friends. Just load up your car, and you can easily spend a few hours exploring.

One thing to note about this trail is there is no shade. So the best time to visit would be early in the morning or early in the evening when there is less sun.



Otherwise, you might find yourself feeling like you are melting. It is also a good idea to bring a hat, and a water bottle too.

If you need a dreamy day drip from the city, then this hike is an easy win.


Horseshoe Canyon

Price: Free

Address: Township Rd. 284, Kneehill County, AB

Why You Need To Go: The view from here is way better than the Calgary Tower so get out of the city ASAP. After the lockdown obviously.



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