The Ultimate 2021 Self-Care Gift Guide. Under $30.

Eliana Grace
December 11, 2020
March 12, 2021

2021 Self-Care Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for last minute panic gift shopping. Albeit there is no one-size-fits-all gift guide, we’d like to think we have a few core people on your list pretty well figured out. Below you’ll find some stocking stuffer gift ideas with CBD, some without, and you bet we have some that anti-stress, sanitize, and even compliment those dry January efforts.

Oh, and because we’re all trying to save where we can in this chaotic climate, they’re all under $30. Screenshot this list, plop yourself on the couch, and skip the trip to the mall. You don’t need any of that added stress in your life this year. We’ve got it covered, Santa


Rosé Organic Face Oil

As the weather gets drier this season, naturally so does your skin. Sooth it out with Rosé Organic Face Oil. Rosé works quickly to penetrate into the deep layers of your skin—forming a natural lipid barrier to lock in essential nourishment. In a travel size that’s perfect for throwing in your bag when you’re on the go, it’s a quick fix for a dry face, lips–and even those dry elbows in a pinch. This product is also organic and fragrance free, for your sensitive skin sweeties.


Temple Infused Tea

Depending on where you reside for winter, these darker days make it tough to warm up (and wind down). The comfort factor that makes this tea a natural remedy to chill is the measured-dose THC cannabis medication, carefully blended to ease stress, aches and pains. It’s like gifting a warm hug, but in Covid times! They’ll be delighted to pour themselves a cup, put their feet up, and seriously chill the f out, thanks to this gift.


Shift Elixir – Ginger Ale

Dry January doesn’t have to be drab for those embarking on a sober journey in the New Year. Brewed and canned in Beautiful British Columbia is a new bevy option, handcrafted and made with the highest quality water soluble Nano-Emulsion. This ginger ale is unlike any other you’ve had–we promise. Give the gift of that will elevate every holiday Zoom chat, or family celebration, sans alcohol.


CBD Goodies Medicated Dog Treats

Covid inspired an influx of new pet lovers owners out there. And every one of them could probably use a pooch calming hack. Especially at this time of year. These natural and tasty 100% Canadian beef tender sticks contain 5 mg CBD to help ease anxiety and digestive problems, as well as inflammation and joint pain caused by arthritis and old age. CBD Goodies contain no artificial colours, additives, or preservatives – just pure goodness for that deserving doggie (and a sure sense of calm for their owner).


Sea B Dee CBD Infused Bath Bomb

The only thing more relaxing than a good ol’ hot bath on a cold winter night? A CBD infused hot bath.

That person who’s been tasked with the holiday organization and planning could probably use a special kind of bath bomb this year. Wash away the stress of holiday shopping, bake sales, and pre-holiday deadlines (literally) with these delicately infused bath bombs created with the multi-tasker in mind. CBD B+F bath bombs are handcrafted from all-natural ingredients and are designed to help their bather find calmness, relaxation and overall balance.


Yummy Vegan Gummy – CBD Avocado Gummies

It’s like taking a chill pill that also tastes yummy. These these CBD Avocado Gummies have that perfectly mild yet sweet taste of a ripe and juicy avo – did we mention they are also Vegan, Gluten Free, and GMO Free? Don’t worry, they don’t contain any THC, so they’re even a safe for Grandma.


Calyx Boost CBD Tincture

It’s been a tough year on everyone’s body. Like a multivitamin that you can drop seamlessly in your morning tea, Boost 250 mg is a health supplement that provides a sense of balance and immunity boost to overall health. It’s also the perfect gift for anyone who might struggle with

Inflammation, nausea, stress/anxiety, depression, and/or  joint pain and tension.

After a few drops, they’ll be seriously thanking you by 2021!


Rosé Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer

At this point, we’ve all become hand sanitizer connoisseurs, of sorts. That being said, this light, Lavender infused sanitizer is far from its sticky or smelly competitors. Formulated with USDA approved ingredients and made without parabens, benzalkonium chloride, or synthetic fragrances. Make sure to grab one for everyone on your list…to be safe, of course!


Birch + Fog Limited Edition Tote

Designed in-house and printed in Vancouver, Canada, this canvas tote is as resilient as the modern day on-the-go babe we all know and love. It’s the bag that has room to stylishly stash workout clothes, your morning juice, and your weekend farmers market goodies. It’s a Birch babe favourite. (And in her, we trust.)


More boxes to tick off? Take a peek at our 12 Days of Self-Care for more plant-based holiday gift-spiration. But hey, we didn’t say all of these ideas absolutely had to be gifted.

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