3 Ways CBD Can Help You Get Into Swimsuit Shape

Kat Anderson
June 29, 2020

Summer brings a lot of joys like beach and pool days, outdoor grilling and swim lessons for the kids. But if you are hoping to drop a few pounds or tone up before showing up in swim trunks over the next few months, you might be wondering how your CBD use is going to factor in.

Can CBD help with losing weight and getting the bathing suit body you desire? Here’s everything you need to know.

CBD may help with weight loss

If the goal is to lose some weight before summer, CBD isn’t going to get in the way. In fact, it may be able to help. CBD may suppress appetite (or at least regulate it so that you don’t binge) and might give metabolism a boost.

Human research is limited to back this up, but a 2011 study of rats found that injecting the animals with daily doses of CBD led to significant reductions in body weight. Researchers believe it may have to do with CBD affecting CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain. These can help regulate appetite, which can help if one is tempted by the candy bowl and trying to keep to a healthy diet.


CBD can help reduce inflammation 

Exercise can help with feeling your best before summer. Of course, if not in the best of shape right now, exercise might actually hurt. A lot. That’s where CBD can come in.

Research shows that CBD can help reduce inflammation in the body. When you are sore and don’t think you can keep moving through another workout, try CBD oil or CBD topical cream. Your body will likely feel less swollen and muscles and joints may loosen up a bit. That means you can keep pushing toward your goals.

CBD can reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks

Even if you watch your diet and exercise, there may still be some cellulite hanging around. So annoying! The thought is that CBD may be able to help with that, too.

CBD naturally increases collagen production, which can make skin look healthier and reduce chances of developing additional cellulite as one ages. For existing cellulite, CBD is said to help reduce stretch marks, cellulite and improve skin’s elasticity and texture. Apply topical CBD daily for best results and watch skin (hopefully) look smoother and healthier by summer.

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