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30yr Old Canadian Millennial Shares Her Social Anxiety Journey With Her Doodles

Jane Francis
March 19, 2021

And I'm using this now to share what my social anxiety journey feels like to everyone. Including my family, friends and co-workers. That's ok right?

I have always assumed that most people had experienced some level of anxiety in their lives. What threw me off more than anything was that most people didn't understand that they were dealing with anxiety, since it manifested itself in so many ways - sleeplessness, pain, irritability, annoyance, indecision, dread, IBS, cold sweats and so on.

Ironically, these same folks have a hard time seeing the same in others and being empathetic to each other's anxieties. I've seen it in myself when getting frustrated by my husband's incessant need to keep reminding me about things, driven by his anxiety to keep everything in control and organized in his head.

It's so much easier to sympathize with others when you understand how anxiety feels and looks like but more importantly, it allows us to self-reflect and understand our own drivers for our anxiety. So when I saw this series of doodles by Sophie, it really hit home for me and allowed me to use this to share my experience with others so they could understand what was "wrong" with me.


social anxiety journey part 1


social anxiety journey part 2


social anxiety journey part 3


social anxiety journey part 4


social anxiety journey part 5


social anxiety journey part 6


social anxiety journey part 7


social anxiety journey part 8


social anxiety journey part 9

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