5 CBD Rituals That Will Help You Come Back To The World Stronger, Post Lockdown

Eliana Grace
July 17, 2020
UPDATED JAN 15, 2020



There are so many benefits of CBD. While it doesn’t get you high (as you are probably already aware), the powers of this all-purpose, all-natural compound include pain and anxiety relief, immunity, and overall well-being. We urge you to combine your daily doses with good-for-your-soul routines. The magic meeting of the two? A series of rituals that will be sure to move your busy day along smoother. 

The aim of this list of CBD rituals is to infuse balance and peace into your regular routine, if only just a little. You’ll notice a difference in the way you move throughout your day–we promise.

Do chat with your doctor about your CBD use, as it may have interactions with medications.


1. Morning Cuppa


As you rise in the morning and reach for that cup of caffeine, add a regular dose (10-15mg) of Premium Isolate CBD Tincture to your morning cup. You might notice that the oil sits on top of your coffee or tea. To avoid this, make sure you add a touch creamer, which will help absorb the CBD.

IMAGE 2020 06 15 121339

Birch + Fog Daytime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture


2. AM Energize


Now work up a sweat. Put that coffee-CBD combo to good use by getting in your daily sweat sesh. The key to energizing yourself and getting a good night’s rest isn’t caffeine–it’s exercise. So get in some strength training, or go for a good stroll first thing in the AM to start your day off right. There’s nothing quite like an AM workout with some good tunes to clear your head, amiright?! 


3. Afternoon Brain Break


To avoid blood sugar levels from that midday drop, indulge in a little snack like hummus, or peanut butter on veggies. Return to work with more gusto than you left with by taking 1-2 soft gel Energize CBD Capsules, post snack.


energy e1594883605987

Birch + Fog CBD Energize Capsules


4. Mid-Day Meditation


Finish off your break in the best way possible–by re-centering yourself with a mindful meditation (Checkout our latest Instagram IGTV for a free 30 min guided meditation done by @nectaryoga). Studies have shown that taking just a few minutes per day for meditation can make a huge difference in how present–and awake you feel in everything you do.

photo 2021 01 06 12 26 36

Nectar Yoga - Bowen Island Retreat


5. Evening Wind Down


Journal, instead of TV and tech time.

Set your alarm for the next day, and replace watching TV or social media scrolling with something offline, like journaling for the last few minutes before bed. Keep it light at night: studies have shown that focusing on the positive experiences of your day before bed can help you sleep better. 

Full spectrum CBD is known for improving sleep, without the next morning drowsiness. So go ahead and add a couple of drops of Nighttime Premium Full Spectrum CBD Tincture to your evening chamomile tea while you write, and wake up refreshed and recharged the next day. 

IMAGE 2020 06 15 121328

Birch + Fog Nighttime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Take the time for daily rituals. You owe it to yourself. Reserve space for moments of reflection; journaling, running, writing, or just a quiet walk around the block. That kind of stuff is simply good for the soul. Add a little CBD, and get those mood boosting, immunity rising effects, to boot! 

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