5 Resolutions That are Waaay Easier to Maintain with CBD

March 11, 2020

Every year, millions of us gather around to say a big ol' “sayonara” to yesteryear and declare all the ways that we will totally kick a** in the coming months. We make a thousand plans to better ourselves, from drinking less to hitting the gym more, and we cross our fingers that we can stick to our goals. 

Around the second week of January, something interesting happens. We get a little “too busy” for our bi-weekly spin class, or we celebrate a week of sobriety with a bottle of red. Before we know it, it’s June 1st and we’ve forgotten half of the resolutions we made months ago. Before you lose hope, don't! We here at Birch + Fog are your #1 cheerleaders-- We support your goals and want to help make 2019 your best year to date. "How?" you ask? By introducing CBD to your resolutions, of course!

1. You promised yourself you'd hit the gym more...

A lot of us are guilty of signing up for a gym membership only to go through the 50 step, awkward and shameful cancellation process weeks later. Whether you just get too busy or simply decide that cheese is life, the resolution to work out more in the New Year is always on thin ice come January 31st.

CBD can help with all of your workout woes. Because it is non-psychoactive, CBD is safe to consume prior to running, weight training, yoga, spin class + more! CBD's calming effects allow your workout anxiety to be subdued. It also has post-workout benefits that help de-stress your sore muscles by relieving pain and inflammation.

IMG 4966

Including CBD capsulesedibles and topicals into your new workout regime can help you stick to your guns and make it to 2020 with a healthier attitude and a fierce new bod.

2. Put that Kraft Dinner back on the shelf!

Healthier eating is something we strive for every day, and most of us can-- at the very least-- make it through January while sticking to the latest health food trend. There are so many different diets floating around that it can be hard to find one that A. works. B. makes you feel good and C. is worth giving up chocolate eclairs for.

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CBD oils and edibles are a great way to spice up an otherwise unexciting meal. Did you know that you can use CBD infused olive oil to dress up your quinoa salad, or that you can add a spoonful of CBD infused honey to sweeten your morning tea? Well, you can! Healthy eating might feel like a chore but, like any chore, introducing CBD is a great way to make the task more fun. Now that you actually look forward to your meals, sticking to your new diet should be a piece of cake (mmmmm...cake....)!

3. Make that "last cigarette" your last cigarette.

If you are a smoker, then you have had at least one person in your life tell you that "smoking is bad for you and you should quit". In response, you probably thought "thanks...tell me more things that are incredibly obvious." and continued to puff away. You might tell yourself that you can quit anytime but in reality you love the way it calms your nerves, makes social interactions less awkward and adds a James Dean air to your demeanour.

For many people, smoking is a way to relax and exhale all the negative vibes. Honey, you do not need tobacco for that! Vaping CBD is a great way to get your oral fixation without polluting your lungs with chemicals like Nicotine or Acetone (you know, that stuff you use to remove your nail polish...).

Quitting cold turkey is not always viable, so why not try replacing cigarettes with a shiny new vape pen and see what happens? Seriously...what's the worst that could happen? SERIOUSLY!

4. Quit drowning in bills!

Bills can be a huge weight on adults of every age and nowadays, payday isn't always a celebratory day. After rent, internet, cable, cell phone, electricity, student loans and IOU's are paid, there's hardly enough funds left to have any fun. If you're like me, then staring at a never ending, constantly increasing list of debts can cause debilitating anxiety and stress.

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CBD has antipsychotic, antiemetic, and antioxidant properties. These fancy terms essentially mean that CBD can help calm your nerves, balance your motor functions and decrease your nausea (all of which are present when faced with financial debt). As someone with a lot of experience in financial anxiety (student debt, millennial woes, etc), the resolution to stay on top of bills is particularly resonant.

Using a fast acting CBD tincture is an effective way to curb your anxiety and regain focus. Once you can hone in on balancing checks, staying ahead of bills and improving your overall quality of life, you'll be walking into 2020 having mastered this whole "adulting" thing.

5. Expand your mind and learn a new skill.

The anxiety that comes from engaging in new activities and meeting new people can be tough to overcome; with CBD, you can kick that anxiety in the butt and work on expanding your mind! Finding the motivation to break your routine and try something new can be difficult when you feel too stressed to take on more challenges, but the mental and physical balance that CBD provides can bring cohesion to every aspect of your life and allow you to branch out of your comfort zone.

Whether you are learning how to take the perfect Instagram selfie or elevating your culinary talents to Gordon Ramsay levels, CBD products (I find flowers are particularly useful when exercising creativity) help clear out the background noise so you can zoom in on the task at hand. With a clear head space, a relaxed body and a new lust for life, taking on new challenges is a resolution worth sticking with.

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