6 Perfect Reasons We're All Watching Sex/Life on Netflix

Kat Anderson
July 12, 2021

Are Sex & Life outside of Netflix better with a little CBD?

It seems as though everyone has been talking about this since Sex/life dropped on Netflix on June 25. The response on TikTok was inevitable, the memes, the tweets. And I decided to check out it like anybody with chronic FOMO. I'm a total sucker for social fodder.

I finished all eight episodes in under 48 hours.

(I have a full-time job and two under-five children with no daycare, which is really an achievement if I say so myself.)

If you're prone to staying up late, like me and every other parent, to relax and decompress, to watch anything but Cocomelon — well... Sex/Life is perfect to unwind to, and here are the 6 top reasons why:

Here's why everyone is talking about Sex/Life on Netflix. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

1. Escapism. There is almost nothing relatable to real life in this show. Sure, the main character Billie is a new mom and her engorged boobs are valid supporting characters, but 99.9% of this show is pure fantasy. That's not to say parents don't know how to get freaky-deeky (we are whole, fully-formed adults with fully-formed desires, and classifying entertainment like this as "mommy porn" is demeaning and misogynist). Sure, we all reminisce about our independence and freedoms prior to parenthood. But the soap opera-esque plot, the sex scenes that occur approximately every 2.5 minutes, the opulent lifestyle of everyone in the show, and most importantly, the 24/7, round-the-clock availability of Olga the nanny? Pure fiction.

2. Episode 3, 20-minute mark. There's no shame in watching this scene if for no other reason than to fully understand the amazing reactions to this particular moment/scene on TikTok. It's a totally vanilla shower scene that features both male leads and uh...another supporting character. And that's all I'll say.

3. Adam and Billie. Cooper (Mike Vogel), Billie's husband, is a great, handsome guy who is maybe the only fully sympathetic character on the show (though he's certainly not without his own faults, *cough* TRINA *cough*). But it's Adam and Billie who bring the "zsa zsa zsu" (as Carrie Bradshaw would say) to the table. Their chemistry is undeniable and literally increases the temperature of the room you're watching them in. Also? The actors who play them are together in real life! It's hard not to ship them, toxic as they are together on-screen.

4. There is no discernable plot, just sex, and bad decisions. And you know what? That's okay! We didn't read the 50 Shades franchise because it was comprised of brilliant, thought-provoking writing. You will ask yourself "Why am I watching this?" at least once per episode while also staying up until 1 a.m. to binge as many episodes as possible before tearing yourself away to get a measly five hours of sleep. (No? Just me?)

5. It will make you feel better about your own life. When you finally shut it off and go to bed, you'll be grateful that you don't have to deal with a fraction of the emotional trauma these characters inflict on themselves and everyone around them, day in and day out.

6. It may just require you to dip into your Birch + Fog goodies stash. Let's just say that there's enough heat to amp up the sexy times in your bedroom... solo, your Bumble/Tinder date, or for those of us with an S.O. where spice is just what you needed.

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