CBD Skin Care: Putting the Natural Back in Your Routine

Kat Anderson
October 16, 2019

You've probably seen a few cosmetics and skin care products while browsing our shop. "Cannabis and cosmetics?" you ask yourself quizzically, "I'm not sure I want my shaving cream or foaming cleanser to get me high..."

With the growing popularity of natural body care products, it is no surprise that there has been a burst in the market for new and exciting ways to take care of your skin. Did you know that you can refresh and rejuvenate your body with CBD oils through the use of everyday skin care products? You read that right. Your morning shower or nightly face wash routine has the potential to become even more therapeutic-- step into the world of CBD based skin products and elevate your self-care days with healthy and natural ingredients.

Herb Angel Topical Cream

Herb Angel Topical Cream

What are Cosmeceuticals?

Some cosmetics are infused with medicinal properties that cater to a wide range of skin challenges. These products are called cosmeceuticals (aptly named to combine “cosmetics” and pharmaceuticals”) and they are now at the tips of your fingers. Any soap, lotion, moisturizer or lip balm that is infused with cannabinoids is a cosmeceutical, but not all cosmeceuticals contain cannabinoids. Naturally, we will focus on the former and how CBD skin care products can literally change your life.

How do hemp and CBD Cosmeceuticals Work?

Natural body products infused with cannabinoid properties are applied topically and combine safe ingredients and essential oils to nourish and aromatize your skin. Many cosmetics include retinol (aka Vitamin A1) and rely on its skin cell rejuvenation to provide anti-aging effects. While retinol is a tried and true ingredient in many people’s skin regimens, it has powerful side effects that make your skin worse before making it better. Retinol dries out oil glands and can lead to inflammation, redness and flaking--once you peel away your dead skin cells you may start to see results over time. All natural, CBD infused cosmetics do not abuse your skin before making it better, and their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties actually improve skin damage caused by retinization.

Delush Skincare Line Up

Delush Skincare Line Up

What Now?

When used topically, natural skin care products infused with CBD have stronger antioxidant properties than Vitamins A, C and E. These antioxidants work wonders in nourishing and repairing damaged skin. Now that you know a bit more about natural skin care and how CBD infused products can help you, there are a number of serums, moisturizers and cleansers that you can use to upgrade your self care.

This CBD Facial Serum, does as advertised, when applied topically is clinically shown to have cell-regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. Loaded with nourishing, wild crafted rose hip oil and organic olive oil, this serum is fully loaded and best of all smells phenomenal. A concoction of chosen plant botanicals such as carrot seed, lavender and rose geranium further lavish the skin and uplift the senses.It also aids in the treatment of rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, acne, dermatitis and scarring. This serum can be used morning and night. If skin lotion is what you are looking for, this CBD Smooth Cream nourishes the skin with Shea, Sal butter, Coconut water, Jojoba Oil, CBD and a variety of other natural ingredients. This Lip Balm is formulated with natural oils and extracts and infused with CBD to soothe and condition lips. Shea butter and coconut oil provide lasting hydration and supple softness, creating a protective and emollient butter that helps the skin to prevent moisture loss while softening and lubricating the skin. These products and many more are just a click away. -- dive in and treat yo self. Your skin care regimen just got a whole lot better.

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If you are new to CBD and would love to learn more, heard over to our feature page on CBD and Hemp Oil.

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