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A Monthly Strategy For Reducing Period Pains

Eliana Grace
April 6, 2021

Blog 4 of 4 | The B+ F Period Program

Is CBD an effective natural remedy for period cramps?

For a long minute we have been dialoguing, exploring natural remedies to help ease the suffering many of us endure each month. Numerous accounts tell of promise in using cannabidiol as a cure-all for period pains. Some findings are masked as ambitious at best, and seem to put a lot of pressure on any one specific CBD elixir at a time. After focusing our attention to this topic and in the spirit of seeking answers, we have sampled the whole gamut of CBD delivery mechanisms and are excited to now share our findings.

If you have ever experienced unpredictable flow, severe pain, out-of-whack hormones or (insert other menstrual symptom here) then we know just how you feel. It is exhausting in and of itself - trying one mildly effective remedy after another, enduring decades of monthly suffering, so much so that calling quits on the search for relief, has ofttimes seemed like an acceptable solution. Wearied, we repeat to ourselves - just accept this as a part of life, it can not, will not get any better.

Awwww c’mon, say it ain’t so.

A light bulb moment. Fine. Maybe, just maybe there is no simple answer, no single cure. For if there was, wouldn’t we have already aimed for an endless supply of this miracle to share with women the world around. Maybe it is time to think more holistically, to embrace a new world of ideas, to consider a program, a collection, something bigger, something more comprehensive.

There is an effective natural treatment for period cramps. It is neither magic nor made up of something solo. Turns out that it is a sweet little family of remedies, some for daily use, others for periodic use (no pun intended) and a select few for our sacred, self-selected, self-care ritualistic use. The treatment then, is a whole approach, something a little more strategic -

a period program.


Can I use CBD edibles as a natural anti-inflammatory?

Without a doubt. Studies have shown that women who ingest CBD daily at sufficient doses to address their period related pains, report reduced severity of symptoms after only 90 days of consistent use. Seems like a drop in the bucket for a decades long re-occurrence. For edibles we vote for either the B+F Natural Capsules or the Natuur Full Spectrum Tinctures, both well formulated, and safe as long-term daily additions to your nutrition and/or pain management program.

Multiple studies have been conducted that show taking CBD regularly may be very helpful in boosting focus, aiding in sleep, and providing relief from pain and anxiety in a way that is all-natural. Edibles like the signature line of B+F CBD Capsules are as good as they come. We are true fans of these carefully crafted little ovals. Each variation is categorically designed to treat  specific ailments from anxiety to sleeplessness or lack of focus. For period pain distinctively, we recommend either the Natural or the Relief formulations. Follow the brand recommended guidelines and aim to take the capsules at regularly spaced intervals.

Full spectrum CBD capsules and tinctures are most effective when used daily and as a long-term, supplemental preventative. Meet Natuur Full Spectrum Tinctures, a certified organic line of premium CBD tinctures that focus on supporting a healthy lifestyle through plant-based medicine. Natuur flavoured CBD oils feature the best components of the hemp plant combined with essential oils and natural flavours like invigorating lemon ginger or soothing mint, allowing you to reap all the benefits from one bottle.



Deciding between tinctures or capsules comes down to personal preference. The capsules are easy to swallow soft gels presented in a convenient 1 a day, 30 day jar. This makes having your supply for the month a no brainer. Tinctures can be readily added into beverages or meals or can be taken sublingually using the handy dropper bottle. It may be nice to have both options on hand should there be a shift in your desired delivery mechanism but we suggest sticking with either capsules or tinctures for the first couple of months.

As with any supplement, it is important to monitor the results, then as you wish, explore the other form of edible ’til you decide on your favourite, or perhaps consider alternating between capsules and tinctures from month to month. More importantly, be mindful of your dosing schedule. Taking CBD daily supplements at or around the same time each day and in the same quantity should help you to stay on track and will support the remedy to be its most efficacious.


Why should I choose full-spectrum CBD oil for period pain management?

The extraction process for full spectrum CBD oil keeps the entire spectrum intact including cannabinoids, compounds and terpenes and researchers regularly promote this ‘entourage effect’. Unique anti-inflammatory assistance and oodles of other health benefits have been discovered, linked to the interaction of cannabinoids with the human endocannabinoid system.

These cannabinoids are powerful agents when it comes to combatting inflammation. Sounds a little tongue twisting, but physically the effects are surprisingly ‘detangling’. That is correct. Once the full-spectrum CBD is flowing through your system you may even get to a place where you consider stretching out on period days- a fully extended recline, leaving that cramp-fuelled foetal position forever behind.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs inhibit the production of prostaglandins, the chemicals that trigger uterus contraction and the release of the lining. While anti-inflammatories may not shorten the length of your period they certainly help to ease the related symptoms. There is a however a staggering amount of other known side effects from long term or regular use of NSAIDs. Fortunately, for those of us with lady parts, full spectrum CBD oil is here to stay. This wonderful NSAID alternative is now offered in a variety of vessels, and has made its way into the medicine cabinet, the cookie jar, the tea cupboard and everywhere in between.



As described in more detail in the first of this series, when ingesting CBD oil intended for use as a natural anti-inflammatory, the benefits are significantly increased once the CBD has had time to settle into your system, as a preventative used daily. One CBD capsule is certainly not a replacement for one Midol, but nature didn’t design it to be so. Eat your greens they say. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A CBD edible - something something - daily. This is where and how we will notice the indelible, slower release benefits


Do CBD topicals work for fast acting pain relief?

It can be tough to decide on a delivery mechanism with so many CBD products on the market today including everything from suppositories to local honey to craft chocolates. For fast acting pain relief our attention for today is on topicals. With the added reassurance of being non-intoxicating, CBD is absorbed directly through the skin, where it binds to cannabinoid receptors through the pores, helping to reduce swelling or inflammation.

Many women endure more than cramping, with period related symptoms such as headaches and migraines, swollen breasts, and neck, back or joint pain adding more to this already painful lunar mix. Hopefully, as of now, there is already enough CBD floating through your system from your daily use tinctures or capsules, that you are already noticing a significant reduction in pain this month. Reaching for a CBD capsule at 2am when you are screaming to the heavens for help certainly won’t provide you with the immediate relief you so deserve. For these inevitable moments, having a CBD topical on hand is a must.


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The Birch and Fog 1:1 pain sticks with 125mg of THC and 125mg of CBD, are true gems. Choose between heating or cooling effects, with either the spicy mint or the peppermint, respectively. Created with consideration these pain sticks combine ingredients such as arnica oil, menthol crystals and juniper, included to quickly target high pain areas such as the abdomen, chest or lower back.

For moderate pain, two strokes applied directly to the skin in the areas where the pain is heaviest, will activate the CBD to attenuate menstrual symptoms. For more severe pain apply four strokes, and re-apply in an hour should the pain persist. Try massaging or kneading the formula into the skin once applied, as this will expedite the process of penetration and will double as a calming endeavour to temporarily distract you from the pain you are otherwise succumbing to.

There are several key areas targeted through reflexology massage to directly assist with female discomforts. Applying CBD topicals to these areas may further their fast acting effects on period pains. The outer areas of the feet are known to link to the ovaries and to the pelvis; the inner areas, to the uterus and portions of the spinal column. Both the Birch and Fog 1:1 pain sticks and the Me Unclouded Headache Roller could be applied to these areas, provided you are somewhere sans-shoes and with a little privacy.

Me First crafted their CBD headache roll-on using a powerful blend of ingredients to deliver a highly effective product that melts away tension. The unique roller ball with 200mg CBD per 10ml roller applicator targets pressure points and swiftly dissolves pain. Apply it liberally to the wrists, temples, or as described above- to the inner and outer feet. The size of this roller makes it very portable - an essential for a clutch, carry-all or your mom-jean pockets.


Do CBD teas help to ease tension?

This brings us to the third component of the B+F period program - the fun part - the self care, the relaxation rituals. Taking the time for a little me space offers so many physical and mental health benefits simply by affording yourself the time to pause. Turning these moments into a ritualistic affair is true unicorns and rainbows. Find time on one of the evenings of your period days to slow the clock a little. Pour yourself a hot cup of CBD tea to aid in reducing anxiety and tension and to gradually ease your way into relaxation mode.

This is the time to put on soothing soundtracks, light a few scented candles or a diffuser laced with your favourite fragrant essential oil. Sip your CBD tea in as peaceful a setting as you can create. These teas take around 10-15 minutes to kick in, and the effects are subtle with the CBD-only blends being non-psychoactive. There are several cannabinoid friendly herbal teas on the market, and for our period program we’ve selected the Temple Infused Teas by MOTA, available in both CBD or 6:1 THC:CBD blends.

When you need a break from aches and stresses, these soothing teas have you covered. Find 120mg in the CBD infused tea with notes of peppermint and lemongrass to provide a fresh taste and fragrance while the infusion of ginger and carefully measured CBD tackle discomfort. For added pain relief opt for one of the 6:1 THC aromatic blends with flavours from around the world including Egyptian Chamomile, Moroccan Mint or Lemon Sencha.

While the 6:1 ratio of THC to CBD has a big impact on pain relief, it may leave you feeling a little bit of a buzz, so if the sensation of feeling high is not something you are after, stick with THC-free, CBD infused options. In either case, the goal is to unwind, so partake in another relaxing ritual, pair your tea with a good book or ease your way into a freshly drawn bath.


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Could a CBD bath be one of the best ways to relax?

Our favourite new bath treats are CBD infused bath salts. Designed to promote a calm sense of well-being, it should come as no surprise that we have included these in our official period program. Often CBD bath salts contain cannabidiol in combination with a selection of other essential oils and either Epsom or Himalayan salts. It has been revealed that CBD may have unique relaxation properties when inhaled. This finding supports what we experienced when test-driving the CBD bath salts, as we were likely to have inhaled CBD through hot bath vapour (steam), along with the other more fragrant and calming essential oils found in the products.

A nice soak in a bath blessed with CBD salts is such a gift- particularly on high stress, or heavy pain period days. Check out the Kootenay Labs Sacred Bath Salts available in two different blends - Sacred Salts CBD & Sacred Salts 1:1.  Each bag begins with a base of holistic, hand-picked ingredients which includes dried grasses, flowers, essential oils, and therapeutic salts.  The addition of CBD and THC adds an invaluable boost by helping your muscles and mind to completely de-stress from the outside, allowing you to truly focus inwards.

Our other top pick relaxes the body, restores balance, and soothes your soul. The salt base starts with magnesium rich Epsom salts, pure Himalayan pink salt, and salt from the Dead Sea meant to draw out toxins and calm the body. It is enriched with skin-nourishing Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, and Argan oil, while the arnica combined with a unique blend of terpenes, lavender and clary sage, promote deep body relaxation. Allow yourself 30 minutes for pure decompression in the Me First CBD Bath Soak, hand-crafted for detoxification and relaxation.

We’ve mapped out two to three days a month, mere suggestions on how and when to incorporate CBD baths into your relaxation rituals. Keep in mind - the more self-care time you can fit into your monthly cycle, the better. This is the time for devotion. gif maker 15 e1618248869743


Oooof. That was a lot to get through. Not only compiling all of this information, but also the process of putting together what we feel is the most comprehensive and healing period program around. Congratulate yourself too. If you are still reading this- you have already made your way to that indulge-in-a-novel part of the relaxation rituals, for this blog edition is truly long - novel long.

Thank you for staying with us. Take some time to soak this all in. A regular bath will do for tonight and until you get your hands on some CBD salts.

Slow and steady wins the race. The B+F Period Program has been thoughtfully curated, painstakingly driven by pain- period pain that is, and by the sheer determination to collectively put together a program that will lead us all to experience a month, or ideally, a month-after-month, of reduced swelling, better moods, better sleep, less anxiety, less inflammation, more me time and best of all, effective pain management. Time for a new cycle.

Stay tuned. The complete B+F Period Program is en route.

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