CBD May Be Your Answer To Those Much Needed Zzz’s

November 28, 2019

So by this time we’re sure you’ve heard - CBD may be your answer to those much needed Zzz’s. Web articles, an influx of research and
information, and so many products to choose from - quite frankly it’s a little overwhelming to know exactly where to start or what is right for
you. As we discussed in our previous article, poor sleep can be attributed to a number of things (or combinations of a few) such as:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Health conditions
  • Poor diet
  • Sleep environment

You’re already a busy bee with daily to-do’s, and odds are that some of the above could be hindering your sleep. But adding more to your routines seems daunting doesn’t it? No worries babe, we are here to assure you that getting your daily dose of CBD doesn’t have to be just another annoying task. There are several ways that CBD can seamlessly fit into almost any part of your day (at every budget) and make healthier choices that add up to a better sleep even easier.

Your Daily Sweat:


Maybe it’s a high energy spin class, maybe it’s a deep stretch at yoga, or maybe it’s just taking your furry friend for the daily power
walk (more like them taking you for your daily power walk). Whatever it may be, we all know that sweating even a lil’ bit everyday makes a huge difference in our mood, energy levels, and yes - the quality of our sleep.

We are all busy and occasionally fall back on an excuse or two, so a little push to get our asses into gear never hurt. Adding a CBD tincture with MCT oil (Try: Calyx Boost CBD Tincture, $49.95) in your pre-workout beverage (or on its own) as your answer to that much needed boost. Medical studies have confirmed that Medium Chain.

Triglycerides (MCT) enhances exercise endurance through the increased mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism. And combining CBD with MCT oil helps to improve CBD's bioavailability - giving you increased pain and stress relief for the days that you really push yourself. Target those extra sore spots or injuries post-workout with a CBD Painstick (Try: DeLush TheMagic Stick - Liger Balm, $35.95) and you’re on your way.

Stress + Anxiety


Your boss is grinding you. You’re deep in a passive aggressive text argument with your partner. F**K! Traffic is insane and now
you’re late - what gives!? While we all fight our own more serious battles and demons day to day, it is safe to say that the nonstop
world that we live in is taxing on our system and raises our cortisol to stressful new levels (namaste, ok).

Added stress makespre-existing medical conditions and anxiety worse, both which may be leaving you tossing and turning at night. CBD  oils and oral sprays and your answer to a quick relief, as well as to relieve these feelings before sleep. Sublingual oils are best dropped under the tongue, as mucous membranes are filled with tiny capillaries, so the CBD is absorbed quickly and directly into the bloodstream (Try our Bestseller: Birch+Fog Full Spectrum CBD Oil)

Poor Diet:

Caffeine, nicotine, sugar - oh my! And no, a muffin does not count as lunch. In a bustling world of convenience, making healthy and conscious choices sometimes has low priority when there are deadlines approaching and you’re on the move, not to mention cravings and hormonal mood swings.

Instead of popping in that 4th Nespresso pod, steep yourself an invigorating cup of CBD tea (Try: Temple Tea -  Lemongrass, $16.99) which has Organic peppermint, ginger, and lemongrass to wake your senses up without the coffee jitters. Replacing a Nicotine vape pen with one that contains CBD oil is an alternative that will leave you less irritated and angsty (Try: Mello CBD Pen), not to mention smelling fresh.


Sleep Environment:

I think we all know that instead of scrolling our Insta-feeds and blasting ourselves with blue-light from the green before we hit the pillow, we owe it to ourselves to practice a more calming and healthy bedtime routine. After such a long day, all we want to do is veg out to some mindless TV whilst mindlessly double-tapping. But turning off the screens and setting a few rituals that allow our minds to relax without so much stimulation is an important part of helping our body know when it is time to sleep.

After a few drops of a CBD tincture under the tongue, put on some calming music, do some meditation or journaling, and give yourself the wind-down you truly deserve. If you have the time to really chill out, draw a hot bath and let the combination of heat and Lavender scent from a CBD infused bath bomb (Try: Sea B Dee Lavender Bomb,$13.99) ease both your mind and your body.

Our personal favourite nighttime routine - adding a few drops of Nectar CBD Infused Facial Serum to our moisturizers or straight onto your dewy face post steam. Cause nothing gives you a good sleep like knowing you’re waking up with better skin than you hit the pillow with.

The Bottom Line:

Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash

With so many options, what is most is important is finding what works for you and your lifestyle. We recommended starting with a very low dose to make sure you don’t have any negative reactions, and work your way up from there if needed. How CBD works in your body is dependent on how you ingest it and how quickly your body eliminates it, so like any other supplement or medication, your ideal dose will be unique to you. Here’s to better days and deeper sleeps - good luck!


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