COVID-19 is Officially an International Pandemic. Is There a Silver Lining?

Kat Anderson
March 16, 2020

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COVID-19 is Officially an International Pandemic. Is There a Silver Lining?

Toilette Paper Crisis! Coachella Postponed! Travel Bans Implemented! Are we even shocked by these headlines anymore? Coronavirus has completely taken over every stream of media, conversation, and the way workplaces - let alone society - function. It almost seems like daily life as we know may as well be cancelled from here on out.

The emergence of the novel coronavirus and the respiratory disease it causes has alarmed the majority of people, but how it has changed the flow of our world is what feels most uncomfortable. It’s pretty much all that anyone is talking about, and opposing opinions have formed on the reality and severity of the virus, and the possibility of contracting it, is all its hyped up to be.

While some stocks plummet, others skyrocket, and which celebrities are sick is top news.

Yes, we know Tom Hanks has COVID-19, but does that mean that it’s likely we or someone we know will ever get it? Our culture thrives of off shock-value and click-bait, which makes it hard to know what to believe in and take seriously at times.

It is unfortunate that amidst all the already existing political turmoil and economic struggle, many of us don’t have faith in our governments and sources of information during a scary time in our world.

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We have instant access to more information than ever, which is an amazing thing right? Maybe not all the time. Although our phones give us the ability to accomplish almost anything with the tap of a finger, we as society seem to have a lack of control and awareness of our own habits and the way our lives are consumed by it all.

Even if you are the most zen’d out human being, I guarantee you have experienced some discomfort when reading or thinking about what’s happening or what’s to come - it is completely overwhelming.

This has been particularly triggering and difficult for those suffering from mental health or anxiety disorders. Kathryn Kinmond, a psychotherapist in Staffordshire and a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, states that uncertainty is a key driver of anxiety.

“Coronavirus gives rise to lots of uncertainty, and this has particular resonance with people who suffer from anxiety - separation from loved ones, the loss of freedom, uncertainty over disease status, and boredom can, on occasion, create dramatic effects.”

The simple fact of not being able to escape the virus’s coverage feeds those anxious feelings that affect other areas of life like stress levels, sleep patterns, balance of emotions, and physical pains.

Even though the majority of us are not actually affected by the virus itself, it is affecting the quality of our life and the way we have operated up to this point.

It is safe to say that we in North America have it better off than most of the other places in the world. Yet even with all of our privilege and freedom, it is difficult to relax and look at the bright side of things when we truly have no idea what is to come.



So how do we navigate these unchartered waters and get through every day with an optimistic point of view? When everything feels out of control, the best thing we can do is get back to the basics and focus on the things we can control. Amidst this hectic and seemingly negative time, there is in fact a silver lining. Maybe you haven’t thought about it in this way yet, but COVID-19 really has reminded us to slow down, and be conscious of our actions, our thoughts, and those around us.

John Sharp, Doctor of Medicine and Contributor to the Harvard Health Blog and School of medicine sums it up nicely:

“When anxiety rises because we’re facing a distressing threat like the new coronavirus, we need to focus on what tends to work for us to ease anxiety — that, plus doing a little bit more of some actions and a little bit less of others.”

Your health is #1, and we encourage you to prioritize a balanced routine supplemented with the wellness essentials you need so you’re prepared for what the day may throw at you. Get the whole foods and vitamins your body craves, along with lots of water and tea instead of zapping yourself with caffeine.

Sleep - like a real 8 hours of sleep - so your body has the energy it needs to fight off infection and mentally handle obstacles. Get off your phone and turn off the TV so you can spend time being present with your loved ones - you never know when that could change.

This all seems obvious right? But we’d put money on the fact that 99% of us don’t give ourselves what we truly need, pushing our minds and bodies past what we should be every day for others or for work.

During this “pandemic”, we are reminded that our physical and mental health are priority, and should be every day crisis or not.

We make it sound simple, but chances are that just like for us, it isn’t easy for you. Enter CBD - your best friends and support system when you are internally freaking the F out, Coronavirus on not.

Below are our top picks to ease your body and mind during the chaos - and remind you that life is sweet. We got you.

For Anxiety

CBD EEZ Effervescent Powders -  As mentioned, hydration is key. Pop one every morning into a glass of water to start the day calmly and clearheaded. A no-brainer with all the benefits of CBD.

DeLush CBD Tincture - Drop a good dosage of this solvent-free tincture under your tongue when anxiety hits or after a long day.

Cannalier Tranquil CBD Cartridge - The newest addition to our list of favourites, the Cannalier Tranquil CBD Cartridge is uses CBD distillate extracted from the Blueberry strain to calm nerves and aid with anxiety. The 510 cartridge is boxed up beautiful in plastic-free packaging, just one of many reasons we are completely obsessed with this product.

For Sleep

Mary’s Indica White Chocolate with Vanilla - One square before bed, and you’re guaranteed to get the zzz’s you need. Is there a better way to end a hectic day than with something sweet? We don’t think so.

For Pain

Kootenay Labs “The Balm” – An organic Juniper salve that smells as good as it works. There really has never been a more important time for long-lasting relief from aches pains. Massage it into neck, back, hands and any trouble spots that need some extra love.





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