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Do Vets Recommend CBD for Dogs?

Olivia St James
December 21, 2021

As with anything new, people might have various points of view, and when it comes to CBD oil for pets, the veterinary sector has a wide perspective on the topic.

CBD for pets has inspired some veterinarians to take CBD more seriously; they can't ignore the fact that anecdotal evidence and some research in dogs have shown that CBD oil can help improve the quality of life in many pets, providing relief to pet owners who love and care for the well-being of their furry friends.

CBD oil for Pets, what are the benefits?

Some examples of conditions that CBD oil for pets can help with are:

-Some pets, particularly large dogs, that can have excessive growth rate with improper weight can develop hip dysplasia, a painful condition that causes one or both hip joints to develop abnormally, CBD oil can help with the pain that hip dysplasia can cause.

-CBD oil relieves joint pain and inflammation due to arthritis in pets. An oral CBD oil product or a topical ointment can be used to treat them while also hydrating their skin.

-CBD oil is also an excellent treatment for atopic dermatitis, an inflammatory and chronic skin illness in pets that is connected to a range of allergies. It can help to alleviate the itching caused by this illness.

How safe is CBD for pets?

CBD oil is considered safe and recommended to be used in pets, but you should always consult with your veterinarian and speak about your pets health and any potential side effects.

Giving the right amount based on your pet's weight is very critical and should not be taken lightly; avoid comparing your pet's dosage to your own.

Some pet owners are hesitant to give a full spectrum CBD oil, due it contains THC, even though its concentration is low, 0.3%, and is considered safe for animals, but similar to humans not all animals are the same, and some pet owners have found their pets are sensitive to THC. It has been proven that THC can be more efficient when dealing with pain related issues, so we advised to proceed with caution when supplementing your pet with a full spectrum CBD oil.

As a responsible pet parent, keeping your pet safe is fundamental, and purchasing CBD oil from a reputable company whose product´s labels are clear, where you can read the ingredients, and cbd concentration, can help have better and safer health results. Also it is advised that you choose CBD products designed only for pets.

CBD and Your Pets Endocannabinoid System

It´s been discovered that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system. Some are less advanced than the human ECS; in your pet's ECS, CBD oil can interact much faster owing to their digestive system and abundant CB1 receptors present throughout their body.

Cannabinoids like CBD send messages to CB1 and CB2 receptors, which receive and process them. CB1 receptors can be located in the spinal cord and brain of your pet. CB1 receptors aid in the regulation of your pet's appetite, memory management, and even the reduction of physical discomfort. CB2 receptors are found primarily in your pet's immune system. They are also found in your pet's digestive tract, heart, spleen, liver, bones, blood vessels, endocrine glands, and reproductive organs. CB2 receptors, for the most part, aid in the reduction of swelling throughout your pet's body.

Tips on how to give CBD to your Pet

Not all pets take CBD dosage very easy, so here we list you some nice tips to help you with your pets daily dosage:

-CBD pastilles , can be mixed with a favorite food, to ensure your pet does get to eat it.

- A CBD tincture can be mixed in a broth (chicken or beef) so that your pet drinks it up when thirsty.

-You may also opt to administer topical CBD oil at night, so your pet does not lick the afflicted region and remove the topical CBD oil.

-You can alternate from one CBD oil infused treat to another product such as a tincture, so your pet can have some variety.

Be patient with your pet, especially at the beginning of their CBD journey; they may be fatigued from trying medications, and their overall health condition may tire them out so readily that trying a new supplement may not seem desirable.

Our Top Picks CBD Pet Treats Canada

1 Goodies | CBD Dog Treats

Goodies offers healthy and delicious snacks for dogs and cats. They are happy to provide high quality CBD and simple ingredients that your pet buddy will undoubtedly like. Goodies CBD Dog Treats are created with 100% Canadian beef, CBD isolate and  no artificial colors or additives. Offering all of the CBD advantages, for pain reduction, anxiety alleviation, and anti-inflammatory effects.


-CBD Isolate

-100% Canadian Beef

-No artificial colors

-No additives

-Free of THC

-Even dosage per piece


-It only offers 2 presentations: 100mg- 5 mg per piece and 200mg - 10mg

-Product not available for subscription benefits with Birch + Fog


- CBD Isolate treats are a more convenient way to help your dog get his daily dose.

-100% Canadian Beef, is a much healthier treat with CBD, with no artificial colors and flavors.

-A consistent dose allows you to keep track of what your dog needs and keep his health in optimal levels.

Goodies CBD Dog Treats are created with 100% Canadian Beef and are popular among canines. These snacks are a practical way to help your best friend with discomfort caused by age, anxiety produced by long car rides,  thunderstorms, or inflammation caused by arthritis.

2 Goodies | CBD Cat Treat

Goodies has designed a delicious treat for your cat at home. CBD cat snacks are healthy dried sardines that include no harmful ingredients or preservatives, no artificial colors, just "natural, gorgeous, shining sardines." They are beneficial for CBD therapy since they provide a consistent dose every piece.


- CBD Isolate

- Nutritious dried Sardine

- No artificial colors or additives

- THC Free

- Even dosage per piece


-Fish is not a part of a cat's natural diet. A little caution for stomach distress.


-Sardine is a nutrient-dense fish, high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease. It also contains important elements like iodine, selenium, zinc, copper, and calcium.

- Each dried sardine contains 5mg of CBD. CBD aids with your cat's  pain, inflammation and provides relaxation.

-This CBD treat has 20 dried Sardine pieces, making it easy to track your pet's intake.

Goodies, CBD Cat Treat, is a fantastic combination of benefits for your house kitty, who may benefit not only from the well-known nutritional value of dried Sardine, but also from an even dosage of CBD Isolate.

Your Veterinarian advice on CBD oil for pets

Numerous vets throughout Canada are already aware of the growing popularity of CBD pet products and know many dog owners who use CBD products on their pets.

When deciding if CBD oil is an option for your pet, you can approach your veterinarian first, he should be able to speak to you about CBD oil, the effects on your pets health and any possible side effects.

Consider your veterinarian's recommendations; they understand that in the end, you, as a responsible pet parent, will make the final choice about your pet's well-being.


Please do consider always purchasing a CBD oil product, that is specifically designed for pets, and even more specific for cats or dogs. This to avoid any digestive problem or any other symptoms that can be provoked by additional ingredients that are not suitable for your pet.

Your furry friend's well-being is in your hands, and as a responsible and caring owner, we invite you to do your research, until you feel satisfied to make an educated decision about CBD oil and your pets health.

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