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How Can I Get Rid of Anxiety Fast?

Olivia St James
December 20, 2021

Anxiety disorders are becoming increasingly widespread mental health concerns that may easily disrupt everyday activities of many individuals, hurting work and school performance, as well as relationships with loved ones or people they interact with on a regular basis.

Getting treatment for an anxiety disorder is a possibility. If you feel you might be suffering from anxiety, is important you get proper diagnosis from a physician, you can consult your concerns and ask if CBD oil is an option to approach a treatment in a more natural way.

CBD oil has proven to help ease symptoms of anxiety, but there are other factors that play an important role on how you can handle more effectively an anxiety disorder. Food for example is sometimes not taking into consideration when thinking about anxiety, but knowing that CBD oil can be absorbed better when having a proper meal, is a good point to know more about.

CBD oil and foods to eat to lower your anxiety

When it comes to managing anxiety and using CBD oil, balance, patience, and paying attention to your body's reactions are all important.

Anything you put on your body has an effect on how you feel; there are various meals and drinks that after eating, might make you feel heavy or increase your anxiety like coffee. That is why a balanced diet especially when suffering anxiety is good to have.

There are recommended foods that may help you alleviate your symptoms.  A diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, magnesium rich foods, and omega 3 fatty acids, along with supplementing with CBD oil, can help you reduce in a more healthier way your anxiety symptoms.

It is generally known that CBD oil is best absorbed along with meals, the best of which, are healthy in fatty acids, thatc can act as great binding agents for CBD and can be instantly transformed into energy by the liver. Your body is given the opportunity to burn fat and immediately utilize CBD oil (CBD will be less digested, allowing more amounts of CBD to reach the ECS).

Examples of food with healthy fatty acids:



-Olive oil


-Sesame oil

Taking CBD oil with this sort of meal can increase the supplement's bioavailability. The degree and pace at which CBD, in this case, is absorbed and transported into the circulation, where it can function on our body's natural cannabinoid system.

There are also foods and drinks that its recommended to avoid when suffering any anxiety disorder, for this might increase or trigger some symptoms:


-Refined foods, like pizza, bread, and sugar.




Changing your diet and supplementing along with CBD oil for anxiety can potentially reduce symptoms in a healthier way, this healping reach your goals.

Knowing how fast a CBD oil for anxiety takes effect and how long the effects last is also important when deciding what kind of CBD oil you would like to integrate in your anxiety treatment.

How fast are the effects of CBD oil?

The active ingredients of a supplement are absorbed by the digestive system when taken orally. CBD oil as an active ingredient, is first broken down in the stomach before being absorbed by the small intestine and then sent directly to your liver via the portal vein. CBD oil to have a higher bioavailability is recommended to be taken along with meals rich in fatty acids, so the liver will digest it much faster.

CBD oil for anxiety, is usually chosen to be taken by individuals sublingually, this due to the absorption rate being higher (bioavailability), in less than 30min you can feel the effects. But the flavor tends to be a bit earthy, so you might prefer to add it to their meals or drinks, this last one especially if it is a flavored CBD oil tincture, you can find it easier to swallow it, or let it sit for a few seconds under your tongue.

It is important to provide as much bioavailability as possible, when looking for a faster effect and with this more potential for reducing the symptoms of anxiety.  The lower the bioavailability it is, the more CBD oil is required to get the same effects in contrast to for example Nano CBD that offers greater bioavailability.

Nano CBD is another option when it comes to a CBD oil with higher bioavailability. Nanotechnology applied in CBD, utilizes nanoemulsion after CBD has been reduced in a nano size molecule ( 50 to 300 nm), and it gives CBD a “water soluble” property and even dispersion, along with higher bioavailability and bioactivity.

CBD for Anxiety, how does it work?

CBD oil, according to some research, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which aids in slowing the body's stress reaction. The parasympathetic system can be seen as the brakes that slow down the sympathetic system, and this second can be seen as the accelerator that is activated when our body reacts to a life threatening situation ( the body's fight or flight response). Anxiety then is when your body responds with a fight or flight reaction, even if your life is not really in danger. As a result, there is some preliminary evidence that CBD oil may aid in the management of symptoms of severe anxiety.

Some people suffering from anxiety can be extremely sensitive to THC and prefer CBD Isolate products. When ingesting CBD oil, you might want to benefit from the “entourage effect” that a full spectrum (contains THC in trace amounts) CBD oil can give, and provide relief with anxiety symptoms. THC has been found in tests to reduce anxiety in small doses while increasing it in bigger levels.

CBD and THC combined can potentially provide a stronger relief for anxiety.  It is critical to realize that no two people are alike, and what works for others may not work for you.

Our Top Picks for CBD/THC Infused Products 

1 Birch and Fog | Day Time CBD-THC Capsules 3:1 Ratio

These softgel capsules with CBD and THC, 3:1 Ratio by Birch and Fog, are ideal for individuals with tolerance to THC. Combining these two cannabinoids is essential when looking for relief in a more specific dosage. CBD can reduce THC prone effects of anxiety.  While still providing relief to anxiety symptoms like muscle tension.


-30mg CBD oil/ 10mg THC per capsules

-Minimal feeling of a buzz, 3 times the amount of CBD as THC

-MCT oil

-Precise and consistent dosage

-No flavor and easy to swallow capsules


-Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians due to gelatin content.


-Daytime CBD and THC capsules, , with 3 times the amount of CBD as THC are ideal during the day and relieve muscle tension, usually felt during anxiety , along with other related symptoms.

- Constant and precise dosage, makes it easy to keep track of your daily intake and body's reaction.

-No earthy flavor, this makes it easy to swallow, and keep going with your day.

2 Now + Then | 4:1 Ratio Tincture

This CBD and THC, 4:1 ratio tincture by Now + Then, is ideal when looking for a more versatile product, you can sublingually add some drops for a faster effect (less than 30minutes) or add to your favorite meal or drink, such as tea, smoothie or plain water.


-1000mg CBD/250mg THC in a 30ml bottle

-MCT oil

-Easy to store and carry with you.


-Not suitable for individuals highly sensitive to THC


-THC is highly useful for reducing inflammation; CBD, in higher concentrations than THC, helps lessen anxiety symptoms induced by THC. When it comes to anxiety symptoms, CBD and THC acting together can help lessen them.

3 Kandy Kandy | Strawberry Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

It is also a relief to take a dosage and receive the advantages of a full spectrum CBD in the form of a gummy. Kandy Kandy, offers this package of 5 gummies with strawberry flavor, and natural colors from turmeric and hibiscus. Organic sugar and flavors. Every gummy offers a 50mg of CBD (full spectrum).


-Full spectrum CBD

-Contains THC in lower dosage

- Organic flavor

-Organic sugar

-Natural colors

-Precise dosage


-Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians


-No earthy flavor, only sweet, great tasting natural strawberry flavor.

- Precise dosage, you get the same amount of CBD, in every gummy, making it easy to change the dosage if needed.

What are CBD oil side effects?

CBD oil is safe for consumption, but not all people react to it the same. Usually people who will have adverse effects are people who are usually very sensitive to any other supplements.

Is important before taking CBD oil, to consult your doctor to know any possible side effects, especially if you are under prescription.

Some of the side effects that anecdotal and studies have shown that CBD can cause are:



-Decreased appetite



If you are suffering from anxiety, it is vital to remember that if you are on a prescription, you should visit your doctor first. CBD oil has been shown to interact with certain medications.

Also with pregnancy and breastfeeding in women, it is recommended to avoid CBD oil, in any form.


Remember that eating well also contributes to a healthier life. And is also critical, particularly if you have been diagnosed with an anxiety condition, to avoid foods that might add to anxiety, and vice - versa, to eat foods that can help you lessen anxiety symptoms.

When taken as a supplement, CBD oil for anxiety works better with food, and when tracking your body's reaction, having a balanced diet makes it even easier to discover how well CBD oil is working for you; all of this, together with other healthy behaviors, may give you the ability to handle anxiety better.

When seeking for a faster relief from anxiety, bioavailability is also important. Many CBD oil varied products can be obtained, and you may alternate between them. But, like with anything in life, and especially when it comes to your body's reaction, it's crucial to remember that going slowly and starting with modest doses is the ideal strategy.

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