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How Long Does it Take CBD to Relieve Anxiety?

Olivia St James
December 20, 2021

Anxiety disorders have been more common in recent years, and many of these instances are thought to have been triggered by the pandemic crisis, the uncertainty, and the health issues that it brought us. Many individuals began to educate themselves on what anxiety is and how to alleviate its symptoms, and seeking out more natural ways to manage it.

CBD oil for anxiety has emerged as an option for those seeking to alleviate in a more natural way their symptoms. If you suffer from anxiety, you might be wondering what sort of products can assist you to relieve anxiety on a much faster way, or how long do they take, for this is important to note that type of CBD oil for anxiety, the dose, and even the technique of extraction may all influence how long a CBD oil can take to relieve you from anxiety symptoms.

We have gathered information that might help you identify what sort of CBD oil product may perform better for you. We recognize that no two bodies or goals are the same and we also present to you our top picks products for anxiety that can provide and assist you with your new approach for relief.

How do I know if I suffer from Anxiety ?

You might think of anxiety when people have panic attacks and worry too much over a topic, these are some of the symptoms but are not all what anxiety is.

An anxiety disorder has first to be diagnosed by a medical professional, and symptoms such as: feeling fatigued easily, having difficulty concentrating, being easily irritated, muscle tension, sleep problems either sleeping too much and feeling not well rested or not having a sleep at all (insomnia), along with excessive worry and fear, can indicate an anxiety disorder.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Panic attacks, OCD (Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia or also called Social Anxiety Disorder, are some of the anxiety disorder types. And to know what type of anxiety disorder you suffer from, a full diagnosis has to be performed:

A physical exam is performed by a specialist to diagnose an anxiety problem. Can suggest a blood test to assist the doctor establish whether another condition is causing the anxiety. The doctor may also inquire about any medical prescription you are currently taking, to see whether any medications may be causing the anxiety. The doctor may also inquire about any other medical disorders such as schizophrenia, systemic lupus erythematosus, and sleep apnea. These conditions can also be associated with anxiety. A psychological evaluation is also followed and a questionnaire that has to be completed, that includes questions such as how your symptoms influence your life? when they began?, how long they have lasted?, how severe they are?, if they have occurred previously?, and, if so, how they were handled?.

Anxiety symptoms can also be triggered by post-traumatic stress disorder and eating problems. You will be referred to a specialist on the field to assess you properly.

After the expert has evaluated your symptoms and family history, he or she will conduct a feedback session in which you and the doctor will discuss the diagnosis, at this point if you are considering supplementing with CBD oil do speak with your doctor about it, and get a good assessment that can help you have a more natural approach for your treatment.

What methods are used to extract CBD oil?

CBD is plentiful in hemp plants, and they contain very low THC, and all other components of the plant, except the seeds and root, are used in a prefered process known as CO2 extraction.

CO2 extraction is a method used by many credible CBD firms to obtain high-quality CBD oil. This process, also known as SFE (supercritical fluid extraction), employs carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is frozen and compressed in a specialized extraction machine until it reaches a supercritical cold liquid condition. This liquid is then passed through the plant material, extracting cannabinoids and terpenes.

There are other methods of extractions, to pull CBD from the hemp plant ; Solvent extraction, Dry Ice extraction, Olive oil extraction and Steam Distillation.

Using CBD oil to treat anxiety as a more natural supplement alternative for daily dosage, and knowing the method extraction of the CBD oil product you purchase also ensures you have a quality product that will be effective to reach your health goals.

Nano CBD Oil-Higher Bioavailability

NanoCBD is created using an ultrasonic processing method in which CBD is encapsulated in a nano structure. The method emulsifies the cannabis, allowing it to be spread evenly throughout a liquid.

NanoTechnology is up to 50x more accessible than CBD-rich hemp oil,  due to its water-like soluble (because humans are mostly made up of water) and it's nanoparticle size (range from 50 to 300 nano size), can easily pass through the cell membrane. This can make you now require less CBD to have the same therapeutic benefits.

Nano CBD benefits:

-Higher bioavailability

-Higher bioactivity

-Fast acting, less than 7 minutes

-Water like soluble property

-Even dispersion in products

Nano CBD is a great option for fast acting relief of anxiety and other health issues like chronic pain, skin conditions and more. While also having a faster absorption rate, nano CBD has a higher bioavailability and consequently higher bioactivity, meaning more CBD reaches the ECS and gets to perform wider benefits, with less dosage.

How does CBD oil dosage for anxiety work?

CBD, according to some research, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which aids in slowing the body's stress reaction. As a result, there is some preliminary evidence that it may aid in the management of symptoms of severe anxiety.

When taking CBD oil for health related issues like relieving anxiety, most people will prefer to let it absorb under the tongue. This is because CBD is more effective when absorbed into the bloodstream, it can reach the ECS and interact with your cannabinoid receptors in faster way, unless you prefer a Nano CBD product, which is more fast acting even if you take it in a capsule.

If you're looking for CBD to help with anxiety, full-spectrum CBD products are usually your best bet. But if you find that full-spectrum CBD increases your anxiety symptoms, lower the dosage or switch to a broad-spectrum CBD product, that is free from THC but contains the other cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. Also A CBD Isolate is recommended when you simply just want to have the pure benefits of CBD.

Remember that the long-term benefits of CBD oil may take some time to manifest. Start with a smaller dose for a few days before gradually increasing to a greater amount. Until you're familiar with how the products impact you, it's a good idea to keep note of how much CBD you're taking and whether or not your symptoms have improved. This allows you to get a specific CBD dosage for your anxiety.

Our Top picks For Anxiety Relief

1 Now + Then | Nano CBD Tropical Green Tea

A Nano CBD beverage formulated with CBD Isolate and real green tea. Now +Then line of Nano CBD beverages, offers a 355ml beverage with 25mg CBD concentration. This pleasant and easy-to-drink Nano CBD is rapid acting, with benefits felt in less than 7 minutes. Nano CBD begins absorbing as soon as it reaches the tongue.

Nano-encapsulated compounds are thought to be up to six times more potent. As a result, you may not require as large a dosage as you would with conventional products.


-CBD Isolate

-Free THC

-Higher bioavailability

-Even dispersion

-Fast acting in less than 7 minutes

-You can choose from a single can, 2 pack, 4 pack, 8 and 12 pack.


-Due to its content of sugar, it might not be an everyday option for some individuals.


- This Nano CBD Tropical Green Tea, is fast acting, feeling the effects in less than 7 minutes, and free of THC, suitable for people sensitive to THC.

-With even dispersion, all Nano CBD content is well distributed, meaning that in every sip you take you have the same amount of nano cbd.

2 Natuur | CBD Isolate Tincture

Natuur, CBD Isolate Tincture, is a THC free tincture, and 100 % Organic. Is hemp-derived and CO2-extracted CBD oil that comes in three strengths: 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg, this makes it easier for you to choose a more exact concentration to relieve symptoms of anxiety.

A CBD tincture effect may be felt in less then 30 minutes when applied sublingually, and when added to a beverage or meal, it will go through the same digestive process as any edible would do, which means it will take between 40 to 2 hours to have an effect.


- CBD Isolate

-THC Free

-CO2 extracted CBD oil

-100% Organic


-Cruelty Free

-Available in 3 strengths for specific needs: 500mg,1000mg and 1500mg on a 30ml bottle.


-May not be ideal for those seeking the "entourage effect" seen in a full spectrum or broad spectrum tincture.


-Lab tested and 100% organic makes it the ideal tincture when looking for a more healthier option.

- Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, it is cruelty free and gluten free.

- A CBD Isolate tincture makes it very convenient for people highly sensitive to THC.

3 Birch + Fog |  Natural CBD Full Spectrum Capsules

Birch + Fog line of CBD capsules, features this series of full spectrum gel capsules that are easy to take, and has accurate and constant dosing. They come in a very convenient spill proof bottle, child proof and lightweight. CBD capsules offer the benefit of accurate dosing, which avoids the need to measure each time you take them.


-Full Spectrum CBD oil

-Gel capsules, easy to swallow

-Accurate dosing

-Spill and child proof bottle

-Easy to carry with you

-30 capsules per bottle, 25mg of CBD per capsule


-Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians

-Not recommended for individuals highly sensitive to THC


- Natural CBD Full Spectrum Capsules are easy to swallow and have the advantage of precise dosage, making it easier to keep record of your daily intake.

-CBD capsules take 40 to 2 hours to have an effect since they pass through the digestive system before reaching the ECS; nevertheless, the fact that you have an exact and constant dosage allows you to organize your intake more precisely and have the desired benefits at a set time.


CBD oil dosage for anxiety offers a more natural approach for people looking for alternatives and supplements that can ease their symptoms and are tired of the side effects commonly known in prescribed medication for anxiety disorders.

We understand that anxiety disorders are prevalent mental health illnesses that can interfere with daily activities, impacting your work and school performance as well as your relationships. And, while there are numerous anecdotal confirmations that CBD oil works to treat anxiety, we still recommend that you contact your doctor if you feel you have an anxiety issue so that it may be properly diagnosed, and that you speak with your doctor about CBD as an alternate approach to anxiety.

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