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How Much CBD Oil Should I Take For My Anxiety?


taking cbd drops 

Are you a living human person taking up residency on planet earth? If yes then congratulations, you probably have some form of anxiety! 1 in 4 Canadians deal with symptoms of anxiety on a daily basis and for some of us, those symptoms can go on all day long and manifest in constant feelings of discomfort and/or stress. Total. Freaking. Bummer.

Fortunately, since the legalization of cannabis in October of 2018, it has become a lot easier (and less shady) to manage symptoms of anxiety-- from mild nerves to chronic panic. The biggest question most people have now is how to choose which cannabis product to use for stress management and, even greater, how to properly dose themselves with that product.

CBD Dosage for Anxiety
Calyx Heal CBD Tincture

In my experience, when the going gets tough, the most efficient way to push out the sunday scaries, pre-work morning madness or late-night jitters is by taking a few sublingual drops of CBD oil. You can find a variety of CBD oils here that come in different flavours (Natuur has a great new line of flavours) and potencies depending on your specific needs (my favourite are the Birch + Fog Full Spectrum Tinctures). 

CBD Dosage for Anxiety
photo cred @kimlegler

Birch + Fog Full Spectrum CBD Daytime Tincture


There is a lot of information floating around in the web-o-sphere about how to properly dose yourself with CBD oils, but the truth of the matter is that it’s different for everyone. The best way to find out which dosage works best for you is to take it one step at a time. Each of our carefully curated CBD oils comes with a dropper so that you can accurately dose yourself.


CBD Dosage for Anxiety


One of the many comforting qualities that pure CBD oil has is that it is incredibly low risk. When you eat a brownie infused with THC, you could very easily end up flying to the moon in a rocket ship made of octopus tentacles. With CBD, that kind of trippy psychedelic effect is not in the cards. CBD is generally non-psychoactive and designed to give you all of the benefits of cannabis without the trip into outer space. Start at a low dose (5-10mg) and if your anxious tendencies persist then slowly work your way up to a higher dose. 

Your wellness journey is yours alone-- what works for some may not jive with what works for you. Exercise good judgement when experimenting with cannabis oils and be sure to tell us your CBD oil stories in the comments below!


CBD Dosage for Anxiety
photo cred @lady_kelady

Birch + Fog CBD Nighttime Tincture


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