Intimacy Becoming Routine? We Just Might Have The Secret to Great Sex

Kat Anderson
November 9, 2019

The other night I unlocked something from deep within that up until now I didn't know existed. The night started out like any other-- my partner and I were binging the latest Netflix craze (your typical Stranger Things / Orange Is the New Black screen-sesh) and after exhausting the episode list, we gave each other that cheeky “what now” look. You know the one. What followed that cheeky nod was a passionate night of intimacy that totally rocked our worlds. To put it lightly, it got downright primal in the bedroom. My partner and I experienced a new height in our sexual relationship and I give full credit to our steamy new bedroom helpers. 

Being in a long-term relationship, it is easy for things to get stale in the bedroom. I’m sure by now even Ana and Christian Grey are sitting on some fictional porch drinking sugar-free lemonade and doing a joint crossword puzzle. Once the honeymoon period is over, sex can have a tendency to become routine-- The same R&B jam playing in the background, the same 3 positions you’ve danced with time and time again. Don’t get me wrong, the sex is still good, but how do you feel about making it great? Allow me to titillate you with the following sex hacks:

1. Don’t Skip The Foreplay

There seems to be a trend that the more time you’ve spent being intimate with your partner(s), the farther away you get from the true hero of sex: foreplay. Sometimes the anticipation is too much that you simply cannot wait to rip each other’s clothes off and get straight to the main act. Seeing as you’re already getting naked, how about drawing a nice, warm bath with HighonLove Sensual Bath Oil to really get your engines revving? 

couple of feet in bed

The first time I used this oil I had a long, romantic soak all by myself. When I got out I couldn’t believe how silky and supple my skin felt. I was like Kim Kardashian at the 2019 Met Gala. When I tried it with my partner for the first time it was as if the sensuality I experienced when I was *feelin’ myself* was kicked up to 100. Our whole bodies were tingling and ready for action.

2. Try a Little Tender Rubbin’ 

If you’re leaving natural cannabis oils out of your pre-sex game then you are really missing out on a whole world of bliss. If you’ve checked out our article My Sex Life Is Forever Changed Because of CBD, then you may recall how massaging CBD or other cannabis oils on your genitals can help increase blood flow for the male erection and help stimulate natural lubrication in the vagina for smoother, more comfortable sex. But before you even get to the main event, you should consider using cannabis massage oils (like the HighonLove Sensual Massage Oil) to get you and your partner’s bodies buzzing.

Sensual Massage

Massages are inherently sensual, there’s no doubt about it. You might be thinking “I’ve asked my partner to massage me a thousand times and it usually just feels like I'm being karate chopped by a sea lion” but trust me (because I’ve been there), it is damn near impossible to mess up a body massage when you have smooth and silky cannabis oils to guide your partner’s hands.  

3. It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

How many times have you finished doing the deed with your partner and they have rolled over and gone straight to sleep? There’s nothing more romantic than hearing loud snores just moments after sharing one of the most intimate experiences of your life, eh? Next time you and your partner finish your sexcapade, instead of rolling over, try rolling a joint. Or better yet, cap the night off by sharing ready-to-go West Coast Smoke Pre-Roll (Indica is the best for post-coital bliss, IMO). 

chill in bed

After you’ve passed some of our rolled relaxation back and forth, not only will you feel like Don Draper but I can almost guarantee you’ll have one of the best sleeps of your life. 

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