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Is there such a thing as safe vaping?

Kat Anderson
October 20, 2019

Is vaping safe?


The real question is: can you safely take up recreational vaping, even if you don’t already smoke? The evidence for this is much less clear. Most of what we’ve seen with vaping has included nicotine which by itself doesn’t cause cancer, and vape juice doesn’t contain any of the 70 known carcinogens that are present in tobacco. Depending on the brand though, it may contain other chemicals, such as propylene glycol (Birch + Fog products do not contain PG). When this is heated by the electric element in the vaporizer, it can create formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic. 

Simply put, the jury is still out as to whether there are long term negative effects to vaping any type liquid, whether they are terpenes or cannabinoids. That said, many researchers have come to a consensus of vaping being less harmful than smoking. This is largely due to the fact that vaping contains less harmful toxins than smoking. To get mildly scientific, smoking releases carcinogens which are the nasty chemicals that cause cancer and lung infections.  When cannabis terpene oil is vaporized, 95% of what you are putting in your body is irritant-free cannabinoid. Compare this to only 12% of smoking is irritant-free.

Birch + Fog is committed to keeping you safe and well.


This commitment to your health extends beyond providing you with safe, effective products. It is personal. We personally have dealt with the ailments that we serve with our CBD products, including social anxiety, stress, chronic pain and insomnia. In fact, three years ago, we founded Birch + Fog on that principle and with the desire to transition from helping just one individual at a time to bringing wellness to many with the powers of the cannabis plant.

Recently, the media has featured stories about the potential dangers of vaping, and, in particular, the emergence of a severe lung condition that may be caused by lung inhalation vaping. So far, more than 380 cases of the illness have been confirmed.

Birch + Fog extends our sympathies to all whom this illness has touched. As we try to make sense of this illness together, we want to ensure you that Birch + Fog users are not at risk, based on the findings to date.

Potential causes of the current illnesses.
In investigating the various reports and researching the findings from health investigators, we are led to believe that these recent dangers associated with vaping are due to a change in the liquids being vaped.

While the possibilities are numerous, we believe that the most likely causes are tainted liquids released by unregulated dealers and/or the inclusion of toxic chemicals, such as synthetic cannabinoids. We now understand that many of the patients inhaled vapor containing Vitamin E acetate. Some brands involved in the epidemic contain chemicals including formaldehyde -- often used in building materials -- and other ingredients that can cause cancer - PG = Propylene glycol, PEG = Polyethylene glycol; VG = Vegetable glycerin.

This makes us believe that in many of the recent cases, the association with vaping is merely that vaping is the delivery mechanism for these chemicals. Research on vaping continues to grow, and so far it suggests that vaping cannabis is lower risk than smoking them.  

At Birch + Fog, we stand committed to a high standard of product sourcing, storing, and hold our vendors to the same for liquid manufacturing. All of our vendors use blends with the highest quality ingredients, and we worked with the various brands to provide details on the ingredients so you can make educated decisions on what you put into your bodies. Most importantly, none of the products we carry have Vitamin E, Propylene glycol, Polyethylene glycol or Vegetable glycerin.

Because the active ingredients in the products we carry are terpenes (aromatic compounds found in nature) and cannabinoids. They do not require absorption by the lungs. In fact, inhaling cannabinoid to the lungs simply lessens the beneficial effects of the blends. So the proper way to use our products is to breathe in your mouth and out your nose. You do not need to inhale into your lungs. 



It’s not just what’s in the products — it’s what our vendors choose to leave out.
The brands we carry does not contain nicotine, artificial ingredients, tobacco, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, Vitamin E acetate, or synthetic cannabinoids. Further, its method of use, which doesn’t require lung inhalation, makes their use incompatible with the recent vaping-associated illnesses.
Birch + Fog remains committed to providing you with safe and healthy products, and we remain committed to your wellness. We recommend in all cases to consult your healthcare professional before embarking on a wellness regiment and use discretion and education when choosing your preferred products.

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A note from our team

We at B+F recognize that the cannabis industry is still young. To make sure it survives its infancy, and for all of us to continue to reap the reward of this plant-based medication, we need to make sure all of its participants pay attention to the needs and well-being of its people. It takes a village, after all.
Our team is committed to your health, wellness, beauty, and overall well-being. If you have any information that conflicts with the above, notify us by replying to this email or through the live chat on our website.
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