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6 Perfect Reasons We're All Watching Sex/Life on Netflix

Are Sex & Life outside of Netflix better with a little CBD? It seems as though everyone has been talking about this since Sex/life dropped on Netflix on June 25. The response on TikTok was inevitable, the memes, the tweets. And I decided to check out it like anybody with chronic FOMO. I'm a total […]

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Can CBD Release You From the Clutches of Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety typically begins around the age of 13, a crucial time in the development of lifelong social patterns. People with social anxiety tend to feel quite nervous or uncomfortable in social situations. They are very concerned that they will do something embarrassing or humiliating, or that others will think badly of them.

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Why Luxury CBD Self-Care Products Are The Next Big Thing?

Why Luxury CBD Self-Care Products Are The Next Big Thing? There are a few different types of CBD oils and they vary in price: premium, super premium, and top end luxury CBD oils. April 6, 2021 One of the current trends in self-care is CBD products. It's no surprise that these products are becoming more […]

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Opulence Shatter Bars - Canada's Number 1 Shatter Bar Destination

OPULENCE SHATTER BARS: THE TRUE DOSE DIFFERENCE Welcome to Opulence; the creators of luxurious, sensory elevated experiences for the modern cannabis consumer. We may be biased, but we’d have to say they take the cake on that job.

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What Should I Expect When Using A CBD Bath Bomb?

What Should I Expect When Using A CBD Bath Bomb? It felt so soothing to hold in my hands and then after I tossed it into the water, it was like a gentle wave of relaxation from head to toe washed over me – relax! April 10, 2021 Since starting at Birch + Fog a […]

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Elevate Your Public Speaking Confidence With CBD

Elevate Your Public Speaking Confidence With CBD Whether you are someone who has had experience with this or not, it is impossible not to be weary of the feeling that you're going to fall flat on your face in front of an audience. April 8, 2021 Public speaking and public events can be a terrifying […]

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