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Looking for Inspiration? Let CBD Spark Your Creativity!

Jane Francis
March 6, 2020

If you regularly exercise your artistic expression, then you have probably hit a mental roadblock at some point in your life. Don't sweat it, It happens to everyone! Luckily for you, there might just be a way to remedy the lack of creative motivation that is stopping you from finishing the next masterpiece.

When the ideas are not flowing, many innovators rely on the psychedelic qualities of cannabis to gain inspiration and make the magic happen. Musicians, visual artists, writers, and other creative geniuses often look to cannabis to find beauty in the mundane and turn a lot of nothing into something great. Certain cannabis strains are intentionally bred to help your mind see things differently so you can complete thought provoking tasks. When it comes to medicating, here's what you should know about using cannabis to spark creative thought processes.

Be Careful Which Full Spectrum Profile You Choose

When people use cannabis for pain, insomnia or anxiety, the type of cannabis spectrum profile that they choose are likely different than the strains chosen for sparking creativity and exercising innovation. When you are looking to get a good mental buzz without being overwhelmed by feelings of sleepiness, then you might benefit from Sativa or Hybrid strains.

Sativas and Hybrids can be used to stay energized and get the mind racing with new ideas. When you have music to write, canvases to fill and novels that still need the perfect ending, turning to these cannabis strains might just be the ticket to finding inspiration.

Many Artists Already Know What's Up

If your job requires you to think outside the box, come up with new and exciting ideas or set the bar for creative expression, then using cannabis can definitely get your juices flowing. In an article on the use of cannabis at work, the creative director of a Nanaimo-based branding company states that using cannabis at work helps him focus, get in the zone and look at things from different angles. The director uses cannabis as a “tool to get a creative edge” in his life and in his work. Similarly, we have all heard stories about bands as popular as The Beatles using cannabis to write their best music. Pablo Picasso, one of the most celebrated visual artists of all time, is said to have gotten his inspiration for cubism from the altered consciousness brought on by his use of both cannabis and hashish.

Maybe you aren’t the next Picasso or anywhere close to joining Paul and Ringo for a last-ditch world tour, but if these influential creative thinkers looked to cannabis for focus, creativity and producing quality products (and if emulation is the sincerest form of flattery) then maybe introducing cannabis to your creative process is the kind of progressive move you have been looking for. So long as you enjoy the benefits responsibly, cannabis can drive you to complete artistic tasks when you are feeling otherwise unmotivated.

Wait! There’s more...

Birch + Fog has an experience profile designed specifically for your creative needs. Enjoy a variety of stimulating products and get 'er done with a little help from nature’s coolest Rockstar.

The way our bodies respond to cannabinoids is unique so the effects of individual strains are different across the board. Research on what contributes to the effects of each strain is still being conducted, so we will do our best to bring the latest scientific updates and advancements right to your fingertips. As with everything, please use good judgement when consuming cannabis products and exercise moderation. If you are unsure of whether or not cannabis is right for you, we recommend consulting a licensed medical doctor with experience in cannabis. Always obtain products from a vendor licensed to sell medical grade cannabis.


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