I Tried This Lube and Oh My God, Yes

Kat Anderson
February 5, 2020

Sex can be a beautiful thing. Whether you’re experimenting with your sexuality, embracing your committed partner(s), exploring the depths of your own body or just letting your freak flag fly, there are few passions that excite the human mind more than getting laid.


But what happens when everyone around you is gushing over how amazing their sex life is and you simply cannot relate? What do you do when that “incomparable passion” doesn’t send chills up and down your spine? How do you join in on a conversation about sex when, honestly, you’ve never really enjoyed it?


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If you are one of the 43% of women or 31% of men who have experienced some form of sexual dysfunction, then that statistic alone lets you know you aren’t the only one. Comforting, right? Probably not. If you are sick of feeling left out of the sex-versation then you might benefit from introducing CBD into your sex life. Strap in… this is going to get graphic.


What causes our sex drives to deflate?

You have probably heard a thousand jokes about married couples with 13 kids who never have sex because their lives are so crazy. You’ve probably thought to yourself “that will never be me” and brushed it off before moving on with your life. But what if you’re 21 and you don’t have the same urges as your peers? What if you’re 30 and you’re still experiencing penetrative pain in your hoo-ha? What if you’re 50 and you’ve never experienced the elusive orgasm?

The sex drive is not a one-size-fits-all concept, and a large number of people live their lives feeling like that “drive” is firmly in “park”. There are many reasons why our libidos can be low, some of which are:


  • Taking birth control pills
  • Aging + Menopause
  • Stress + Family Problems
  • Depression + Anxiety
  • Trauma + PTSD


It’s possible you haven’t experienced any of the aforementioned setbacks, and that makes you feel even weirder about the situation. Maybe you’ve tried everything; maybe you’ve tried nothing. One thing I can say from my own personal experience is that CBD is the most effective libido booster on the market (pictures of Idris Elba, aside).


Everyone’s having fun but me...

One thing that’s important to note is that when it comes to sex, people outside your closest group of friends are only ever talking about the good times. Some people talk about sex like every experience was the best one ever, and that is total BS, honey! Not everyone is having amazing sex 100% of the time with 100% of their partners.


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If you have experimented with multiple partners and never enjoyed yourself, you might think that you are the problem, or that your chemical makeup is somehow wrong. This is not necessarily true. Or, maybe it is, and so what?! Maybe a slew of bad partners gave you a sour taste about sex and caused some sexual PTSD. Maybe your chemical levels are low and the “want” just isn’t there. Whatever the problem is, CBD might be able to help.


How is CBD going to make a difference?

CBD is one of, if not THE most natural remedy on the market for stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, PTSD, depression and low libido.


For men:

If the natural aging process is causing sexual dysfunction, CBD can be an effective method of flushing dioxin-- a toxin that causes erectile dysfunction-- from the body. This is because CBD helps you to increase blood flow in your nether regions so you can get back to feeling firm in your sexuality...wink, wink.


For women:

CBD can be useful for combating the pain, sleep disruption and mood imbalances associated with menopause. Introducing CBD to your diet and lifestyle through means such as oils, edibles and vapour can be effective in relieving inflammation and balancing your emotions so you can feel like a sexy, strong, badass woman again.



For all of us:

If a woman feels unaroused, she might experience extreme tightness in her vagina and feel like penetrative sex is forceful / painful. If a man feels like there is too much pressure to perform, he might get all up in his head and find it hard to get it up. CBD has powerful anti-anxiety properties that help us to feel less gun-shy when it comes to sex. It is normal to feel nervous when engaging in the most intimate of acts, and CBD can definitely reduce the awkward tension-- be it mental or physical.

CBD also helps to increase our serotonin levels, making our climaxes more exciting and...explosive. Certain studies have found that CBD can function as an aphrodisiac. This is because it decreases pain, increases happiness, reduces stress + anxiety and allows people to open up more with their sexual partners.


Get in on the conversation

Before you engage in your next sexcapade, here are some tips to help you get hot and heavy the way you have always wanted to:

  1. When engaging in penetrative sex, rub a few drops of CBD oil on your genitalia. It feels amazing, increases blood flow for the male erection and helps stimulate natural lubrication in the vagina for smoother, more comfortable sex.
  2. Before you jump into the sack, practice some self-loving using CBD oil as lubricant and see if it makes a difference in your performance. The great thing about experimenting with CBD is that there are no known side effects and the natural plant base makes it safe to apply topically (*Be sure you are testing out pure CBD products)
  3. Maintain an open dialogue with your partner about how you are feeling and where your head is at. If you feel like you cannot perform the way you want to with your sexual partner, work together to find your happy place. If they care about you, you’ll be better for it. If they make you feel bad or weird, kick ‘em to the curb because who needs that drama?!






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