Netflix Unwell: The Ying To The Goop Lab’s Yang, On Essential Oils

Eliana Grace
August 22, 2020

Netflix Unwell: The Ying To The Goop Lab’s Yang, On Essential Oils

Netflix Unwell

AUGUST,22 2020



WFH life can take a serious toll on the soul. Especially at this stage. Is it week 10, or 12? We’ve lost count. Regardless, to keep spirits high–and the workload running smoothly across our laptops, this week we took to binging the new series Netflix Unwell. 

Haven’t seen the show yet? The premise consists of the exploration and debunking of certain wellness trends. It’s a whole lot like a ying to Goop Lab’s yang, airing more on the side of caution rather than claims. One episode in particular really stuck with us; Essential Oils. As a wellness brand who carries heaps of products that contain this natural ingredient, we do indulge in a little lavender oil to ease our sleep restlessness, or tea tree oil for that stubborn blemish. We’d like to note that we rarely use them on their own as products for pure consumption or application, however.


Essential oils can be effective for easing your stress, and absolutely add a little je ne sais quoi to your regular self-care routine. They can also seriously spruce up the vibe in your home when dropped in a diffuser. The trouble is in people using them to treat serious medical conditions; the disease claims. And that’s exactly what this episode of Unwell debunks. That, and the whirlwind of Gary Young’s Young Living, Doterra, and multi-level marketing wellness scandals *sigh*.


What are essential oils made of? 

What exactly are essential oils? Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts of plant material — such as seeds, flowers, stems or roots. When inhaled via aromatherapy, compounds are absorbed through receptors in the nose, which send messages to the olfactory system, the part of the brain responsible for our sense of smell. Eventually, these messages reach other areas of the brain, such as the limbic system, which actually play a role in our emotions. That sense of zen you feel post aromatherapy? It’s no joke! 

As some of the main ingredients in the products we carry, we can’t help but love what essential oils bring to the table. However, when used in excess, like most things, there can be a downside. When pure essential oils are applied topically to treat aches and pains, the compounds are actually absorbed into the skin, entering the bloodstream before they’re metabolized by the liver.


Post debunking of essential oil myths (thank you, Netflix), we’ve decided to highlight a few truths that make this wellness ingredient one of our faves for self-care practices, when used properly. We still cannot confirm they have any power to aid serious illnesses. 


Truth #1: Essential oils can help you sleep. 

Certain essential oil scents have been known to actually help you with your sleep struggles. One study showed that ICU patients who sniffed lavender, chamomile, and neroli saw a positive difference in their quality of sleep, as a result. Getting a sniff of a sleep inducing oil can help relax you before bed, if anything. Spritz of lavender pillow spray, anyone? 


Truth #2: Essential oils can ease anxiety 

Subjectively, your favourite essential oil scent(s) can have an easing effect on anxiety. Some say sandalwood or chamomile have anti-anxiety effects. Some say it’s placebo. Does it really matter if it works for you? Massage your favourite oil into your temples, take a deep breath, and let it all out!


Truth #3: Essential oils can help with acne

Tea tree oil is one of the only essential oils that is safe to apply directly to skin. That stubborn pimple? Dab a few drops to the blemish directly and the oil’s natural anti-inflammatory properties should get to work. It can ease redness, as well! 


Our favourite essential oils, and how we take ‘em: 

Lavender oil: In a Yoni Soak – PMS and Menstrual Relief

Sink into this royally relaxing CBD Bath Soak designed to offer relief from the aches, pains, and cramping associated with the menstrual cycle. How does it work so well, you ask? A powerful combination of cannabinoids, skin nourishing oils, and therapeutic grade essential oils (like lavender).


Image from iOS 77


Tea tree oil: In a LOA Hemp Oil All Purpose Moisturizer

This luscious vegan oil product is a powerful combination of 12 botanicals that work synergistically together to effectively soothe dry, problematic issues while promoting clear skin–thanks to natural, active ingredients like tea tree oil!

Use it as a light-weight moisturizer that makes a great base layer for makeup, or a deep conditioning treatment for hair and nails.


Image 2020 08 22 at 11.28 AM 1Photo_credit : @skinnaddict


Bergamot Oil: In feelCBD Full Spectrum Revive Drops

Gain a spring in your step on lethargic days with these full spectrum CBD drops specially formulated to awaken your senses and boost your energy thanks to wild orange and bergamot essential oils that are known to naturally help improve fatigue, mood and vitality. 


Image 2020 08 22 at 11.29 AMPhoto_credit : @danilynayee


At the end of the day, essential oils certainly aren’t the end all be all–but there are benefits. And we know this to be true. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little lavender aromatherapy in their Sunday afternoon bath? But when it comes to replacing doctor’s orders with essential oils? Not so much. 


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