Nothing Calmed My Anxieties Until I Tried This

October 15, 2019

I believe it was Edwin Starr who once said “Anxiety: What is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING”. Or maybe it was “War”, but was I really so far off? Afterall, experiencing constant feelings of anxiousness is akin to being at war with yourself on a daily basis. Your breath control is battling your heart rate; your blood flow is rushing your brain like Arya Stark rushed the Night King (and we all know how that ended).  

I remember thinking, as a teen, that adulthood was going to be a cake walk. LOL. In reality, my adult life was off to a rocky start. From the age of 20-24, I suffered from nightly panic attacks brought on by a combination of school stress, financial turmoil and changing relationships. It was an awkward time in my life where I was unsure of my future and unsure whether some people in my life deserved to be in my life. 

anxious girl on couch 

When I started using CBD, I didn’t notice any changes in my mental state. I was kind of annoyed because of how hyped up CBD was becoming. Seriously, you could throw a stone on the internet and hit 10 articles on how CBD was the best thing since sliced bread. Why wasn’t it working for me?

After some time, I realized what my problem was. I was using a CBD lotion designed to decrease muscle pain and not necessarily to relieve anxiety. That was when I learned my first CBD lesson:

Not all CBD products work the same way.

I switched to vaping not long after and, lemme tell ya, the changes I felt were immediate. They also came when I needed them most. Between finishing my university studies and pre-stressing about paying back student loans, my anxiety was through the roof. 


16Kick Anxiety in the Butt With CBD the Newest Superhero

The first products I tried were the Sleep Pen and FeelCBD Calm Pen. I would hit the Sleep Pen before bed and my nightly panic attacks became a far less regular occurrence (not to mention my sleeping patterns went from borderline insomniac to a solid 6-8 hours a night). For daytime anxieties, the Calm Pen kept my heart rate balanced and my head clear of fog.

I use FeelCBD products religiously because they are the best anxiety relief I’ve found thus far. They come in pen form or oil form depending on how you enjoy consuming your CBD, and there is a flavour for each desired effect, from minty Sleep and lavender Calm to citrusy Focus and Revive. 

If you’re hesitant about CBD, you should know that it is generally non-psychoactive and low-risk to experiment with. If you are looking for calming plant-based effects without CBD or THC, check out our Anxiety + Stress products.

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