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Period Hacks for the Holidays, with VIITA Protection

Sophia Cartel
December 9, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time….of the month. Well, maybe not today, but soon. Feeling trapped in a cycle? Don’t fret. Birch + Fog together with Viita have you and your winter whites covered. Combine our natural remedies for pain management with a leak-proof pair of Viita period panties, for a boost in confidence and sex appeal that will carry you right through to the new year. Read on as we fact check the all too common misconceptions of our dear Aunt Flow.

1. Periods have to be painful. FALSE

There may not be one single antidote, natural or synthetic, that guarantees freedom from the grips of monthly cramps and erratic moods, but there are certainly products designed to help loosen the reigns. Enter Yoni. On one or several of the 12 days of Crampmas, turn to either the Yoni Relief Balm, or the Daily Remedy PMS Relief CBD roller. You can quickly and effectively target the source of pain by applying these transdermal balms and rollers directly to the affected areas. These relief focused topicals are made with a carefully selected combination of healing herbs that are easily absorbed by the skin's CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Apply these topicals liberally to the lower abdomen and back, or to your inner wrists or bottoms of your feet, to alleviate cramping, back and joint pain. Already found the perfect sparkly clutch for your holiday attire? Added bonus- the Daily Remedy PMS Relief CBD Roller is size comparable to a tube of lipstick, so you don’t have to compromise relief for your holiday look book. Infused with a powerful blend of ingredients, the convenient roller ball applicator makes melting away stress a breeze. It is sure to bring a little bounce back to your step.

Slip into a pair of Viita leakproof high waist panties for superior comfort and protection, so you can carry on with your mistletoe fueled shenanigans, while reducing waste and the added discomfort caused by tampons or bulky pads. How considerate. The high waist detailing of these period gems adds a little fit and tuck, sure to keep those bloat villains on lockdown. Breathe easy and step out with a confident swagger instead of that period-piece waddle.

waist high panties

2. There is nothing sexy about being on your period. INCORRECT

Bring your vibe back up to top shelf, with a CBD suppository. Our top pick is the Me First Moontime CBD Suppositories which yes, you have to insert. For those of us accustomed to working each month with fuzzy, bullet shaped sponges, decorated with the tiniest of tiny strings and delivered through scratchy cardboard or plastics, (aka tampons), it’s refreshing, and easy to put these suppositories their place. Not only that, but they are incredibly fast acting, and target the pain from the inside out. Garnish your suppository with a sexy, period-proof thong, in a barely there fit that will hug your curves and stay hidden behind your clothing. The Viita period thong is perfect for the ‘about to start’ and the ‘it’s almost over’ days or to spark a little flirt on those low to mid flow evenings. These thongs can also be worn on heavier flow days for added protection when paired with diva cups or tampons. Do it up. Deck the halls this holiday season with a sneaky something sexy under your LBD.


3. Menstruating will never be tolerable. FAKE NEWS

The design team at Viita is dedicated to helping us embrace rather than fear that time of the month, by offering practical, accident proof panties so you can look and feel your best any time, any place. If you are new to exploring moon cycle panties we would recommend ordering one of each style so you have options in your period artillery. Yes there will be bloodshed, but no, it doesn’t have to get messy. In no way should your period rob another day from your precious sense of livelihood. For every day wear, try the Viita classic bikini, a no fuss, daily, do-it-all option. This seamless, remarkably flattering brief will camouflage your moon-state, and keep you free from panty lines, even when worn under your ‘I thought these were stretchy’ vegan leathers. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.


Take your mind off of the pain, off of what’s really going on below the belt. Those of us at Birch + Fog, who too bleed on the regular, have explored the gamut of CBD products, in our commitment to offering you only the best of the best, the tried, tested and true of CBD products for period pains. For those who lean towards a more ritualistic healing approach at that time of the month, consider easing into a relaxing CBD infused soak and literally let your pains wash away.

It’s time to take take a deep breath. When submerged in hot water, our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are brought into balance. As blood flow increases, the contraction of the pelvic muscles decreases, resulting in less pain and less cramping during the menstrual cycle.

There are a plethora of bath salts and oils to choose from, and finding them all in one place is a blessing. Low effort and high reward practices are ideal during these times of the month. The Kootenay Labs Sacred Bath Salts are frontrunners for tub-based period pain management. These therapeutic bath salts are made by hand in beautiful British Columbia from a relaxing blend of dried flowers, calming essential oils and anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe your aches and pains and guide you into la-la-land. For consistent daily use, opt for a 10:1 tincture, such as the latest by Now + Then . The angels are singing praise. Now + Then has enduringly crafted a tincture that significantly tames your period pains on a month to month basis. Less fast-acting than the aforementioned topicals, CBD tinctures are more sloth-like, with results that take time. Be patient. They are best to add in to your self-care and wellness routines on the daily. Consider these more like a consistent-use supplement. Consume them faithfully, as you would your daily vitamins. Never tried CBD tinctures before? Start by taking them an hour or so before bed, or go wild and add the recommended drop count to your nighttime cuppa. This will help to ensure you obtain the maximum benefits, while still having access to a fresh start the following morning. Now + Then high ratio tinctures are ideal for those needing extra help with sleep, period pain relief, anxiety management, or an overall uplift in mood. Available in three distinct ratios, these tinctures are specifically formulated to
address your unique pain relief needs.

The holidays often inspire updates to bedroom gear - a new duvet, a snuggly throw, a silk pajama set. Don’t restrict your access to these out of antiquated fears of leakage. After your soothing CBD soak, put on a pair of the Viita Organic Cotton Overnight undies with eight, yes eight tampons worth of absorption. Their most absorbent underwear yet- these dream warriors offer full-coverage fit with an ultra-comfortable lace waistband that won't dig in. Built with a super absorbency gusset they will keep you protected overnight and on your heaviest flow days. No more bulky overnight pads or broken wings. Sleep comfortably and worry free on your new, snow-white flannel sheets.



It’s time to look forward to that time of the month. No, seriously, it is. Between the growing range of CBD products and the collection of Viita period panties, there are less and less things to dread during your moon cycle. With CBD baths that will make you feel like a goddess, high ratio tinctures that will tell your flow where to go, and overnight undergarments that will keep you more safe than Fort Knox, it is time for us to feel empowered rather than disadvantaged by the inevitable. Choose today to take control of your month. Period. End of discussion.

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