Pregnancy and CBD: What’s the Deal?

Kat Anderson
October 13, 2019

For a long, long (long) time, cannabis has been used to relieve a variety of ailments including stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation. Many individuals who have experienced these conditions (or live with them on a regular basis) often turn to CBD from cannabis for management. This is because of the lower risks involved in taking natural plant-based remedies, over synthetic drugs which feature chemicals with adverse effects that can cause anything from a skin rash to abdominal bleeding to, in some cases, overdose. 

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Pregnant women experience anxiety, stress, pain and inflammation more than the average person, and yet hearing about a pregnant woman using CBD from cannabis or hemp as a coping mechanism is often met with disdain.

More often than not when hearing that a pregnant woman is using cannabis, the mind usually creates the image of an irresponsible mother-- one who puts her own desires above the safety of her unborn child. Part of the reason why this image comes up is because it is assumed by many people that A. Cannabis is a hard drug and B. Cannabis is smoked just like cigarettes therefore the effects must be the same. 

It is true that women should not smoke tobacco while pregnant, nor should they consume alcoholic beverages as these substances have been studied for decades and are proven to affect the health of unborn fetuses. The problem with cannabis and pregnancy is that because it has only recently been legalized, there is a lack of research on its effects. The general consensus is that you should avoid cannabis altogether because the potential risk is probably not worth the reward. 

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Now that cannabis is legal, more research is sure to be flooding the blog-o-sphere in no time. In fact, many soon-to-be-mothers are already using CBD oils and edibles to aid in their achy muscles and morning sickness. If you are curious about consuming cannabis while pregnant, proceed with the utmost amount of caution. There is a good chance that no negative effects will occur if you massage non-psychoactive, pure CBD oil on your aching joints and inflamed muscles, however there is not enough information on the topic to take an educated stance or offer official advice. Always check with your OB-GYN and popular mommy blogs if you feel as though you might want to experiment for yourself. 

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