Protect Your Dog Against Fireworks Anxiety With CBD

Kat Anderson
June 30, 2020

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Protect your dog against fireworks anxiety with CBD

We have been noticing a lot of fireworks lately. Maybe it’s due to the fact that most of our time is being spent bored indoors, that cities are quieter than usual or that people just don’t care anymore.

According to the New York Times, there are a lot of conspiracy theories floating around regarding the origins of these nightly airshows: “The flood of illegal fireworks, heard in nightly booms, bangs and fizzles across the city and the country, has intensified to such a degree that some people are desperately seeking explanations for the chaos, with many suggesting government complicity.”

One thing is certain: Dogs don’t care about your junk theories. Here’s where CBD might come in handy.



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A lot of pets go missing or start acting out of character when there’s an increase in fireworks. These loud sounds cause dogs’ adrenaline to spike. Fireworks, unlike thunder and other loud sounds, come from the ground, triggering dogs senses and leaving them overstimulated. While a lot of people protect their dogs by giving them medication or keeping them indoors with the TV on, sometimes these options aren’t enough to keep your dog relaxed. Is there any science to support these claims of CBD treating canine anxiety?



The Huffington Post spoke with Dr. Adam Christman, an award-winning veterinarian from New Jersey, who says most of the evidence out there on CBD is anecdotal. Dr. Christman mentions the first scientific study on CBD oil conducted on dogs, which found that those who suffered from osteoarthritis lived more comfortably if they were given two doses of the compound a day. “However, we are truly unsure of its true safety and potential drug interactions with traditional medications. Therefore, there’s a very grey zone on this,” he said.














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While most experts agree that more research needs to be conducted on the topic of CBD, it appears that there are no risks in dogs consuming it, especially if buying products from a trusted source and following dosage instructions.

If a dog is very nervous and has a complicated history with fireworks, it might be best to avoid experimentation, at least for now. Stick with medicines that have provided scientifically sound results, such as tranquilizers.

When the stakes are lower and your dog is experiencing some anxiety, give CBD a try. Just make sure to purchase your product from a reputable source.


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