Sex and CBD

Hailey Patterson
October 8, 2021

Gettin’ down in the time of CBD

We’d be hard pressed to find someone yet to be introduced to the broad subject of CBD, let alone CBD and sex, as products from candles, to edibles and lubes continue to penetrate the market from all angles. Yes, you are correct. CBD for getting it on. This is where we’re at. Sexperts have shared their juicy anecdotes, and cannabis lubricants are ready positioned as the sensual amplifiers you’re next to fall in love with.

Achieving orgasm is all about being caught up in the right combination- mind-body-soul. Here we’re talking about self-love, self-pleasure, and the blessed world of CBD products designed for those of us drawn to wet-coast living. The preliminary findings are below, but truth is, this is an area we’d be happy to continue exploring on the regular.

The Top 5 benefits of cannabis lubricants

5) Increased arousal and receptivity to touch are linked to higher levels of endocannabinoids in the system. Topicals with direct delivery through the skin, cannabis lubes offer a slippery, touch reliant way to get you and your parts en route to a liberating release.

4) Increased sensitivity in the areas where applied- more specifically to the clitoris and vagina. Powerful climax and intense sensations when transitioning from manual to oral stimulation or across various positions and depths, have been reported with toe curling reviews.

3) The Vasodilatory Effect. Vasodilation widens blood vessels, occurring when smooth muscles in the walls of arteries or large veins relax, allowing for blood vessels to expand. The result is higher blood flow and lower blood pressure, when CBD lubricant is applied to areas such as the labia and clitoris. Males report hearing their balls sing, when CBD is sensually massaged into the scrotum.

2) Calming, modulatory effects. CBD is believed to reduce inflammation and help with muscle relaxation. This is particularly important for individuals who experience discomfort with sex and for those who have trouble relaxing, or for pillow biters who may be experimenting with anal stimulation for the first time.

1) AOI. Augmented Orgasmic Intelligence. What the? Sure. You read it here first. Orgasms driven by an added curiosity, a higher engagement with self or partner, and a deeper, less interrupted commitment to achieving a state of sexual bliss. Stroke time. Triple-Os here we come.

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What is a cannabis lubricant? 

The advantages of cannabis topicals are numerous, with research in the cosmetics industry specifically, leading to fiery new developments in lubes. Currently available in several forms, cannabis lubes are typically either oil-  or water-based, offered in textures and liquidities comparable to massage oils and lubes you’d more commonly find at your corner drug store than your local dispensary. Birch + Fog delivers these pleasure packages right to your door- (hanger on the handle or not).

Cannalubes contain some of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in other forms of cannabis such as beverages and tinctures. They are said to play a role on the endocannabinoid system - a complex web of enzymes, receptors and chemicals designed to control biochemical processes including our appetite for seduction, sexual reproduction and regulation, and in turn, on general female sexual function.

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Score. Cannabis- 40, me- Love.

Cannalubes are praised by women looking to add a little something to their personal touch, though they are equally enjoyed in group settings. In fact, though the medicinal, restorative powers of cannabis have been promoted for generations, we are sexually active in the process of discovering a brave new world of benefits.

CBD lube has the bell and saliva effect, where even thinking about applying it, ignites my libido and leads me to a heightened, more intense orgasm. -Amelia Gerard

When it comes to cannabis lube, you’ll come across varieties that are exclusively CBD rich, or that are a harmonious blend of CBD and THC, plus other active ingredients. Coconut-based lubes are a non-option when using latex protection as they may shatter condoms and dams, making you and your partner(s) vulnerable to STDs and pregnancy. Instead, reach for a polyurethane condom if you opt for an oil based product. Water-based lubes will add just the right amount of slide to an otherwise sticky situation. Be sure to read through the product ingredients list or manufacturer descriptions for use, prior to purchase, to determine if the lubricant you're considering is oil- or water-based, and which would be the most suitable addition to your bedside tickle trunk.


Unlike THC-infused lubes, CBD lube is derived from hemp and as such includes negligible, if any, psychoactive ingredients. Not to fret, unless you lick more of it off than you apply to the skin, the chances of you or your vagina feeling high are, well, not high. It may be tough to keep our hands off ourselves, tougher now that we’ve discovered the Sensitiva Slide 1500mg Lube, which promises maximum pleasure and smooth glides. The only apparent negative is that it is currently not sold in bulk.

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What is the difference between CBD and THC lubricants?

For some lovers, CBD lubricants may have more noticeable physiological effects such as increased arousal, sensitivity, and blood flow than comparable THC lubricants. CBD boosts your mood by intensifying the neurotransmitter anandamide, known more commonly as the bliss or delight neurotransmitter, one that leads to a heightened sexual experience. Despite the fact that cannabis itself contains both CBD and THC, the two compounds are definitely distinct and have divergent effects on the body. As a cautionary reminder, the psychoactive element- the one that gives you that buzzy headspace feeling, is the THC. As CBD is regularly sought after for its anti-anxiety effects, it comes as no surprise that it helps to calm you down in the minutes before you get fired up.


With either choice, when it comes to enhancing your practice of self-love, you can rest assured that phytocannabinoids will help. Choosing between a CBD THC blend, or a straight CBD lube may come down to touch-heavy trial and error- but why not put both your playlist and your orgasm on repeat? Topically applied THC may not result in the same experience as gained through inhalation, but reports of increased sensitivity are supported by details of prolonged foreplay and added sensual caressing as a result. So… Are we to understand, THC for foreplay? Fine. Then THC for Mayor.

Fortunately with lubes, you won’t need to worry about your vagina showing red eyes. No, your labia don’t operate like stoner eyelids. Your vulva will not get baked. While the benefits are experienced locally, they are dependent on factors such as your menstrual cycle, levels of anxiety, thickness of skin, clitoral sensitivity, current mood and your commitment to pleasure mapping. Exhilarating CBD or CBD THC blends can be massaged directly into erogenous zones, deepening the process of self-love and exploration. When it comes to an ‘X-chrome’ rose, cannabinoids will do more than just stimulate the clitoris, they’ll hit up all six of the senses combined.

My, what leaders they are. Cannabinoid heroes will escort any make, shape, size or pleasure palate into unchartered, tingle territories. Lucky ladies though- their genitalia have more exposed mucous membranes than do mens, and thus they report more intense sensations from manual stimulation. CBD lubes will help to improve blood flow and reduce sex based pain and inflammation, helping you to relax for any of the front and back door visitors you’ve invited in.

Women are once again being given the opportunity to employ pure cannabinoid extracts and topical therapies in gynaecology, reclaiming a long-lost plant-based legacy. Topical CBD is hugely beneficial, particularly for women who prefer to avoid the euphoric high linked to products containing THC. If however, you are more into the mind effects, then it may be high time for a few puffs. Reach for new heights between the papers and between the sheets.


Bedroom ready cannabinoids - Flower strains unrestrained

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THC and CBD whether applied topically or smoked, do more than improve your blood flow, reduce pain and ignite the senses. Cannabis is oft-described as a relaxing, euphoric agent, stirring women to help them to get in the mood. This sacred plant is arousing and with strong aphrodisiac effect. Many women are applying CBD and THC lubricants straight to their petals to boost sexual pleasure, with few contradictory effects on their mental state. Breathe deeply as you enjoy a rush of blood to your clitoris and vagina when phytocannabinoids are applied topically to the vulva, providing you with a wetness and sensitivity that will set your ride off in the right direction.

Before touchdown, and if you favour other delivery mechanisms such as inhalation or edibles, take some time to set the scene. If you are into joints- the kind you burn- find your sure fire way into erotic bliss with the aptly named Reefer Kings Pink Kush pre-rolls. Described as having ‘strong body effects with a sweet and delicate taste with a little bit of a coy attitude’, they sound like a profile match for who I’d look for in a lover in today’s sexual landscape. A puffer friend explained that nothing pink is off the table, post-puff of a Pink Kush pre-roll. He warned that the love session that followed could lead to endless hours passed with us lost in a stimulation vortex. Sounds enticing.

Sativas are reputable for their euphoric and psychedelic effects. Undoubtedly, having ample energy to devote to pleasuring yourself or others will only enhance the experience for you and any beneficiaries in the mix. It is safe to say that the best intercourse is a combination of activities taking place both in the brain and all over the body. If you overdo it on the mind trip however, you may risk losing touch with your physical body completely. Puff slowly, and intermittently, let the process of deep inhalation and slow breathing guide the attention to detail you place on yourself and your partner(s).

When using pre-rolls as a precursor to foreplay, dosing is critical, and the strength of the flower will influence the impact. Remember- the ‘indacouch’ alias for indica strains is in the lexicon for a reason. While the goal may include being horizontal in the encounters to follow, maintaining a connection to yourself and your partner is a priority. Avoiding anything that will suck you into the sofa or distract you from the incoming indulgence, is probably a good idea. We don't recommend taking any more than three puffs of flower before heading in to a sex-sion. You can always light up again at intermission if desired- please think marathons, not sprints, unless of course, you intended for a ‘quick dash’.

Edibles for oral. Just the tips.

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Yes. It’s a thing. As mentioned above, and shared by many readers, you’ll get by with a little help from your friends- your gummy friends that is. CBD, when taken 1/2 hour to 45 mins pre- show time, will help your mind and body to relax, perhaps putting you in a better state for romance, more in tune to give and to receive oral pleasure. CBD gummies are typically not fast acting, and they won’t be just because you want them to be, such as in the moments when you only have time for a quickie. Using CBD gummies to amplify oral sex or other rub based rituals, will require a little pre-planning, at least with enough advance notice so they can kick in before it’s time for dermal contact.The Yummy Yummy CBD Gummies are available in a variety of vegan, gluten-free options, to feed on before you feed on you partner.

“There are so many cannabinoid receptors in reproductive organs and sexual tissue. CBD increases blood flow to tissues, which increases sensitivity and promotes the body’s own natural lubrications” - Alex Capano, medical director at the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis.

Believe it or not, CBD may actually help to turn you on. Researchers at Stanford University studied male and female weekly cannabis users. Men had 22% more sex, women 34% more, as compared to non-consumers. If you are new to sampling cannabis products of any type, we recommend starting slow and low. If you are concerned with getting so high that you’ll undermine rather than augment the moment, consider taking a 1:1 blend or a CBD isolate product- sure to lead to a more relaxed and gratifying experience. Be aware that allergic reactions to CBD, to carrier oils or to other added ingredients used to deliver the product have been reported, but symptoms, if any, will likely be mild.

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Elevate your sheet smarts.

Do yourself a favour. Prepare your cannabis based pleasure pals before you enter the bedroom. Here’s where we also advise giving a little extra attention to the environment. Try adding the scents of a Cannabis Sunburnt Candle, or a French Lavender Candle to the room. Stage a piece of rose quartz bedside, or even spoil yourself with love stimulating products like silk sheets, beads or buzzers, new lingerie in hues of pink and red. Have the lubes, pre-rolls, gummies and candles at arms reach, where they are more convenient for intensifying, not interrupting the moment. Keep in mind that edibles must pass through the digestive system and will take time to kick in- but here, if not obvious, is a great place to insert gentle petting, necking, kissing or whatever other foreplay you’re into. The good news is that there are cannabis products in the here-and-now formulated specifically for taking you to another world, another place in time. Make room for self-love, make room for partner-love. Sit back, relax and take time out to put a little something in.

Ready to get down? We’ve made it easy for you with these sets designed uniquely for both the CBD and the THC lover.

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