Skincare Essentials to Guide You Into Spring

Hailey Patterson
April 2, 2020

From edibles and concentrates to treats for your fur babies, it seems like cannabinoids are popping up in all of our favourite products. Fortunately, our everyday skincare is no exception. I have been using CBD and hemp infused skincare products to relieve my skin problems for some time now and, lemme tell ya, my life has been immensely improved. The health benefits of CBD are plentiful, and more and more healing powers are being discovered each day. If you’re interested in keeping your inner goddess confident and your outer glow poppin’, check out these plant-powered skincare products and upgrade your Spring routine from head to toe:



When it comes to facial cleansers it can be hard to find the right product for your skin type. This foaming face wash from I Can Naturally gets right into your pores and can help remove excess oil and makeup through gentle cleansing and CBD trichomes.



LOA Oil is another wonder product that hones in on your problem areas and leaves you feeling moisturized, revitalized and dynamized. This hemp-based oil is a-m-a-z-i-n-g at clearing up acne and triples as a moisturizer for your skin and deep conditioner for your hair and nails. That’s a whole lotta uses for one bottle of hemp-based magic.



Chapped lips can be a total bummer. Many lip balms provide temporary relief, but require constant re-applying. Whether your mouth gets dry in the cold winter air or you suffer from year-round chappiness, these hemp-based lip balms from Apothecary Naturals provide instant and lasting relief for a dry kisser.


*Pro tip: The Natural flavour can double as an eye balm to help manage the dark circles and puffiness caused by a lack of beauty sleep.



Whoever decided to infuse CBD in body lotion deserves the highest of fives for improving not only my life, but hopefully yours as well! Whether you’re looking for a crème to help combat aging, itchiness, soreness, redness, scarring, acne, eczema, or literally anything else, we have got you covered.

This TONE Body Moisturizer from Sensitiva not only keeps dry skin smooth and moisturized, this mild-scented lotion targets fat cells to minimize the appearance of cellulite - leaving skin visibly firmer and smoother to the touch.


To see more, check out our curated collection of natural skincare products and find the right fit for your plant-powered skin regimen. You won’t be disappointed, and your body will thank you forever. ??

*Birch + Fog is dedicated to providing information only and not medical advice. Birch + Fog is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always enquire with a health care professional concerning any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment options.

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