Top 3 Ways You Can Hack Period Cramps With Relaxation Rituals

Eliana Grace
March 24, 2021

Part 3 of a 4 part series on a period main relief | Relaxation Rituals
Oooooh yes! The best part of period pain relief + relaxation rituals. We have been surprisingly committed to following our daily dose of CBD capsules and we championed our way through as the world truly seemed to be coming to an end by reaching diligently to those 3:1 pain sticks.

We’re still here. We made it. Now to hack period cramps.

Somehow, another night has passed, another day, and almost, yes - almost- another cycle. Hallelujah! Just a few more days. What better time then to carve out a little me-space - run a nice bath, pour a hot cup of tea, and soak those residual tears and pains away. Here in part 3 of 4, we discuss another key to finding period pain relief - Relaxation Rituals.

This hand-selected, B+F cannabinoid period program is truly leading us to salvation.

Do warm baths help relieve period cramps?

H*ll yes they do! Baths tend to be most relaxing when warm enough for one to remain in soak- mode for an extended period of time. But don’t shy away from them if you can only find a few quick minutes from your day in which to settle in. There is also something to be said about the ritual, the preparation that is almost as soothing as the soak itself.

Apparently setting the temperature to around or slightly above body temperature or 37 degrees, is a good rule of thumb. Too hot and your skin may no be so happy with you, too cold and well, it’s safe to say that shivers don’t equal relaxation. 

We do love the idea of a Scandinavian cold plunge after a calming soak, but many of us are neither equipped with a plunge pool nor a glacier lake right outside the door, plus for period pains specifically, it is important to warm our bodies gradually and from the inside out and to avoid anything too shocking to the system.

When we are in hot water (literally submerged), a balance is achieved between our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Warm baths also increase blood flow, and so may contribute to less contractions of the pelvic muscles and thereby to a reduction in the pain associated with period cramps.

Consider this a time to pause, to meditate, to zen out. Don’t put a timeline on, just ease in, relax and set your mind and uterus at ease. This is the time to call on your favourite products - pamper yourself, treat yourself like the goddess you are. There really is no overkill when it comes to including healing elements into the mix, ones that will catapult you in to la-la land.

Think of adding candles, your favourite spa radio playlist, they love me they love me not petals, even sliced cucumbers for your eyes. All things wellness and self-care can be summoned here. This is your time to…breathe.

How do I choose a CBD bath salt?

There are many combinations of salts and oils available, but there is something blessed (and convenient) about finding them in one carefully curated product. Who needs the added brain damage from trying to find the right balance or ratios of one ingredient to the next, or from the time spent collecting Epsom or Himalayan salts at one place, essential oil droppers at another.

For these times of the month specifically, it seems optimum to gravitate towards low effort and high reward practices. gif maker 15

We can’t sing enough praise for the Kootenay Labs Sacred Bath Salts. Hand made in beautiful British Columbia, these therapeutic bath salts are made from a relaxing blend of dried flowers and calming essential oils selected to soothe your aches and pains and to calm your mind.

There are two different blends currently available, both of which are a must try - Sacred Salts CBD and Sacred Salts 1:1 THC:CBD. Each bag begins with a base of holistic, hand-picked ingredients which include dried grasses, flowers, essential oils, and therapeutic salts.

Blue magik spirulina found in the 1:1 Sacred Salts, has been known to have high levels of protein, anti-inflammatory properties and an innate talent for quelling any cramping and pain.

The addition of CBD and THC adds an invaluable boost by helping your muscles and mind to completely de-stress, allowing you to truly focus inwards, because you are worth the time.

Blue Cypress oil is added in to the Sacred Salts CBD as it is known to relieve muscle pain and help with cramping and tension. Lavender, another purpose-driven ingredient found in these salts, has been widely studied for use in treating menstrual cramps and many women suggest that regular use has led to less pain and reduced bleeding over time.

Soak for as long as you’d like. It has been recommended to stay in the tub until all of the water has drained out. Visualize the toxins, and stresses being literally sucked away, forever out of sight and mind, right down the drain, in effect a crowning moment for this latest edition of healing

hack period cramps

What are the benefits of drinking CBD tea?

Wait - how did we jump from CBD bath salts to CBD tea, and do the two even go together? Absolutely, and if you recall from above, we really are talking relaxation here, and certainly do not want to wear blinders on the matter. There may be nothing more pacifying than a hot soak, or a comparably calming cup of tea, unless of course, that something is a combination of the both. Who doesn’t love a hug-in-a-mug when reclined in the warm healing waters of a salt-filled tub?

Oh yes, and back to the ritual. Why not start the process of winding down while the bath is still on the way to being half-full. 

Relaxation aficionados be warned - you are well en route to achieving tranquility. Steeping yourself a botanical blend with added CBD is the perfect precursor to the sheer sense of decompression you’ll achieve when even that first toe makes contact with the tub water. There is something magically cathartic when relaxation rituals are underway. 

CBD tea has been used to treat ailments beyond those related to period pains, but the overlap in areas of relief is illustrious. Given CBD’s role in pain control and as a new class of anti-inflammatory, it is no surprise that ingesting it as a tea has been increasingly shown to support a healthy body, mind and soul. 

Look for a blend that includes other natural remedies such as lemongrass, which contains citral- an anti-inflammatory compound, and ginger, known to temper bloating, nausea and severe cramping.

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One of the high-performing contenders for our period relief program is the Temple CBD Infused Tea offered in a 12 serving pouch- a more than sufficient leaf count to help you through the month. When you need a break from aches and stresses, this soothing tea has got you covered.

Notes of peppermint and lemongrass provide a fresh taste and fragrance while the infusion of ginger and carefully measured CBD combat discomfort. Whether you are nauseous, restless or anxious, this organic blend will give you the euphoric vibes you need to alleviate distress and support even the most ambitious of your relaxation rituals.



Even if you aren’t suffering with period pains, carving out time for yourself is so beneficial for your overall wellbeing. Getting into a routine of adding self care or a relaxation ritual to your schedule is worth every trade off. Try to get past the fears of missing out - you will come back stronger, more recharged, more grounded.

By using CBD tinctures or capsules as a part of our daily routine and as a preventative, the positive effects are increased over time, reducing the severity of the discomforts associated with period pains. 

We can’t expect lasting results from one trip to the gym. The use of CBD teas and CBD bath salts, or moreover relaxation rituals in general, should be approached similarly, and in a preventative, somewhat consistent manner. Incorporate these rituals into your lifestyle- the more frequently, the better. If you need an excuse to get started, then use your #$(*@&*^^ period for good, for change.

Consider one of those cramp-fuelled evenings for a date night with yourself.  Let’s face it - if these pains have their way, you aren’t going anywhere anyway - so why not drift away into a little piece of heaven, for you, dear beautiful being, matter after all.

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