Top 5 Benefits of CBD for your Pet

September 2, 2021

Is it safe to use CBD for pets?

Yes. Your dog or cat can suffer from pain, anxiety, emotional distress; from indigestion, loneliness, fear. We share similarities in systems after all- in particular, the endocannabinoid system - the one primarily responsible for homeostasis. It only makes sense that CBD in it’s many available forms, has benefits for both humans and pets alike. Be safe, be kind - we are reminded - we are all in this together….yes, we are, and ‘we all’ includes our pets.

From topical balms for aching paw pads to sublingual tinctures for anxiety, there is a growing number of CBD pet products designed specifically with your four legged friends in mind. We have taken some of the snooping around out of it, shallowed the potential research rabbit-hole, and have compiled a list of our top pick CBD products for pets and the many benefits associated with using them.


The top 5 benefits of CBD for your pet.


5) Anti-anxiety 

Anxiety in pets is akin to anxiety in humans. You may notice them suffering from a shortage of breath or excessive panting. In the case of Felix, her anxiety leads her to hide under the bed. In social environments, such as at the dog park, you may find a shift in the behaviour of your pet, indicated by moves such as howling, barking, or worse, unprovoked biting. In cats, heavy scratching, scurrying around the house, hissing or clawing may be uncharacteristic indications of an unstable state of mind.

CBD for pets is formulated to help to soothe them. CBD is non-habit forming, and though they won’t become addicted, they may nonetheless crave the taste of the Natuur Pet Tinctures, routinely begging you for more. Post-quarantine, and as the world begins to open up, your pets may be uncomfortable with sounds and encounters that were once a part of their every day. Daily use tinctures are a superb sublingual addition to their diet and will help to ensure they take unforeseen circumstances in stride.

Sublingual CBD tinctures can take effect as quickly as 15-30 minutes after consumption, unlike biscuits or other edibles, which may take longer, due to having to pass through the digestive system. CBD dosing schedules for your pets are often listed by the manufacturer, and on dropper bottle packaging. Dosage is calculated based on CBD concentration and on the weight of your pet. The severity of their symptoms, previous experience with, or tolerance to CBD, as well as physiology and pre-existing conditions will all influence the efficacy of the products, and will help you to determine when or whether to increase the dose. Start slow and low, you can always increase the quantity and frequency of use over time and as needed. If the symptoms of anxiety are rare, keep the tinctures on hand for emergency use. If the symptoms are more prolonged, such as in generalized anxiety, then adding a few drops to meal or snack time daily is both safe, and recommended.


4)  Digestion and Appetite

As a human, if you have ever tried cannabis products, you are aware that the "munchies" may follow shortly after initial consumption. Although the THC in marijuana is usually thought to cause this effect, CBD products, such as CBD isolate (the most popular variety for dogs and cats), has been proven to restore the appetite and improve digestion, even when there is little to no THC present.

In many veterinary studies, CBD is known to aid with nausea and hunger, even when toxins or other medicines are to blame. Both acute and chronic digestive problems may exist for your pet(s). Consult with a veterinarian to diagnose and to treat, according to the various factors that have given rise to their symptoms.

Your furry companion may suffer from a number of digestive-related concerns including stomach pain, bloating, shock, diarrhea, vomiting, or regurgitation. Actually, one of the most common reasons people go to the vet is to address such digestive issues. CBD is increasingly being recommended both as an antidote, and as a regular-use, food supplement to improve any ongoing or longer-term symptoms.

There are numerous delicious CBD products to choose from, each one designed exclusively for pets, yet mouthwatering enough for their owners to eat themselves. Warning: Our carefully selected CBD pet treats may become high in demand at your place, both for Fluffy and potentially for other two- or four-legged guests.

We love the fishies for felines, found in the CBD Goodies Cat Treats. These may be the all-natural CBD treats your kitty has been longing for. Each dried sardine contains 5 mg of CBD to help ease their anxiety and digestive problems, as well as to reduce inflammation and joint pain caused by arthritis and old age. Pure goodness for your purring pals. Check! Dog lovers - be sure to check out the comparable canine confectionery, on a limited time offer.

3) Pain management

The ECS, or endocannabinoid system, plays an important function in the treatment of pain. Due to its pain-relieving properties, CBD is now quite well-known to assist your pet with pain management, in a variety of ways and applications. If you suspect your pet is suffering from chronic or acute pain, CBD is a wonderful choice for treatment.

CBD for pets has little to no negative side effects, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed its usage in both people and animals alike. Preliminary studies have shown that CBD can hinder the assimilation of anandamide, a chemical that helps reduce the brain's ability to interpret pain signals. An increase in anandamide may result in a decrease in pain sensation. Thank gosh. What good news.

Daily use CBD-based tinctures such as the Natuur Salmon Oil  can be used to significantly lessen the discomfort associated with inflammation and chronic illness. Within weeks of regular use, your hound may resume looking forward to an evening stroll, or even relish in a nostalgic sprint after the paperboy.

Alternatively, you can use one of the various CBD topicals on the market, that will help your pet should their pain be limited to a confined area, much like how you would apply a heating or cooling balm to yourself in the case of muscle, joint or arthritic pain. Our first choice CBD topical for pets is the Mota Anamalitos Nose and Paw Balm. This balm has been crafted with solvent-free CBD oil to heal rough, chapped and dry noses and paws. It is also perfect for treating paw pad hyperkeratosis (aka hairy paw).

2) Homeostasis 

Homeostasis is the term used to describe the proper functioning of the body. It happens when our vessels are in a condition of balance, and it ensures that all of our biological systems are functioning properly. This is true for both pets and humans. This homeostasis, however, can be disrupted at any time, such as when disease and illness strike. The endocannabinoid system, a system we share with our four legged friends, is engaged in a wide range of physiological functions and appears to play a critical role in maintaining this homeostasis. As a result, experts believe that cannabinoids like CBD can help pets to achieve homeostasis by activating their ECS.

A sophisticated system of receptors and chemical signalling molecules, the ECS affects neural and immunological systems as well as other organ systems to reduce pain and inflammation, modulate metabolism and neurological function and encourage healthier digestion and reproduction. Sounds like a lot to swallow. It is, but consuming a few drops of a daily-use CBD pet tincture, formulated to promote such homeostasis - not so.

Pet owners, as such, choose CBD isolates not only as a short term treatment for a specific illness, but also as a daily use supplement to improve their pet's overall quality of life. I have yet to come across anyone who like-likes the taste of vitamins or supplements. Our pets are no exception. But, save the aged cheddar slices for yourself. There is no need to hide the taste of the Natuur Bacon Oil from your dog. Tinctures so delicious, that these CBD supplements may soon become their favourite treat. Consider this the human equivalency of cheesecake being good for us; a recommended part of our daily diet, for example. Finally- flavour a factor considered in the pursuit of pet wellness and what better ‘taste place’ to start than bacon.

1) Quality of Life

Plain and simple- When used regularly as a preventative, as a supplement, CBD can and will improve the quality of life of your pet, and will help to reduce suffering and pain related to aging and deterioration. Dogs with degenerative myelopathy and other nerve and spinal problems, for example, have been shown to benefit from using CBD daily. This cannabidiol protects brain cells against death from toxins and free radicals as they age.

CBD has an amazing effect on animal cardiovascular systems. It has been found to be effective in limiting the damage that a blood vessel injury produces, as well as in preserving the blood vessel walls from further harm. CBD can also help to improve your pet's blood pressure and heart rate over time as it grows, particularly in the later years of their life. The overall benefits of CBD on the cardiovascular system continue to be researched in veterinary studies the world around and the results are promising.

CBD is like a protective armour for the brain, making it useful for the treatment of feline neurological conditions including seizures and epilepsy. Seizures are a response to increased electrical activity in the brain, and are common in cats that have been diagnosed as epileptic. CBD is often regarded as an effective anticonvulsant for cats, one that has been shown to reduce the intensity and frequency of seizures by nearly half. Remarkable.

CBD tinctures are clearly one of the best suited delivery mechanisms for pets, as they can be used sublingually for fast acting relief, can be added easily into food or water bowls, or dropped atop of their other favourite biscuits or jerkies. Pre-made treats such as CBD fish bites, beverages and other edibles are also worth keeping on hand as back ups for when their daily use tinctures are running low.



From wellness workshops to yoga retreats, acupuncture sessions to juice cleanses, we have so many options at our fingertips, when pursuing a better quality of life for ourselves. We follow the latest trends, recommendations from friends. We book trips months in advance with the goal of finding a little peace and quiet, a little r and r. We install the latest in health-apps, gizmos for monitoring this, tools for shedding that.

And what about our friends? Our best friends at that. Surely there is room to act a little more on their behalf. Are they trying to tell us something? Are we listening? While CBD products for pets may be too-often pushed as cure-alls for ailments from A-Z, the list of benefits associated with their use is impressive nonetheless.

As always, we recommend consulting with a veterinarian before determining whether CBD may be right for your pet, and for now, keep an open mind to the growing number of benefits.

Natuur CBD for pets- efficacious products that taste so delicious you’ll feel good about bringing them home- though you may just end up keeping them for yourself.

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