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What does CBD Chocolate do?

Olivia St James
December 21, 2021

When you think of a chocolate bar, you might find yourself picturing a delicious, creamy, sweet piece melting in your mouth. It's amazing how chocolate can be so addictive, and versatile, that it is almost present in all important events in your life, have you noticed?

But there's a reason why chocolate appeals to so many people, and why you and others may find themselves yearning for more every time you bite into a piece of this delicious treat.

Similar to CBD, chocolate also has its benefits and can influence your body's brain system. A cannabinoid similar to the one that your body produces can also be found in chocolate, but what exactly does CBD chocolate can do for you?, it's a question we can answer in our following post.

What exactly is Chocolate?

Chocolate as we know it is the result of a lengthy process that cacao beans or seeds go through in order to produce the variation of chocolate that we know and love.

The beans (or seeds) come from the Theobroma cacao tree. The Cacao Tree produces huge fruits that inside hold 20ā€“60 beans encased in a white pulp.This beans still don't have that delicious flavor that is very distinctive of chocolate, but in order to get to that, the cacao beans go through the following process:

- First the beans are covered and let sit with the pulp for fermentation.

-After fermentation, the fermented beans are dried for several days.

-Dry beans are then roasted. Roasting intensifies the chocolate taste and adds a touch of sweetness.

-The beans then are crushed and separated from their outer hulls, giving nibs (broken cacao pieces).

-Finally, traditional chocolate is now prepared by blending the liquor with other ingredients such as vanilla, sugar, more cocoa butter, and milk.

Now you know the process that cacao beans go through in order to become chocolate. Let's find out what makes chocolate and CBD oil a very unique blend.

CBD Chocolate and its Benefits

An interesting fact about chocolate, is that still up today despite technical developments in many areas, cocoa cultivation remains similar to our ancestors' practice. And even after going through all the process to become chocolate, you can find, specially in dark chocolate, substances that can potentially affect your mood in the best way.

Is in chocolate that you can find a special cannabinoid called anandamide, that is also produced by our brain. Anandamide, was discovered trying to understand how the effects of THC work, and its been also called the ā€œbliss moleculeā€, for its effects on peoples mood, giving them a feeling of joy and when chocolate is blended with CBD oil, things just get better.

In some research it was found that CBD inhibits the breakdown of anandamide in our body, thus producing a longer period of feeling of calm, joy, and happiness. Thad said, it's understood that the anandamide found in Chocolate, along with the body naturally produced, can be extended for a longer period, because of CBD oil. The relief of pain, stress, and other health related symptoms that CBD can help with are also more long lasting.

So basically CBD Chocolate is an infused CBD oil edible, that can provide not only the good anandamide found in chocolate but also the benefits of CBD oil, and because there are also good fats in chocolate the process of digestion is done a bit faster, providing a good boost of energy.

CBD Chocolate when infused does provide also a wide range of benefits. Examples of CBD chocolate effects:

- Decreased inflammation

- Contains antioxidants

- Provides relief to anxiety

- Anti aging properties

- Alleviates stress

Another good thing about this great combination is the flavor that it has. Due to CBD oilĀ“s earthy flavor some people find it difficult to apply it sublingually or swallow it, they find it very appealing to choose an edible, so knowing this, you can make CBD chocolate one of your favorite treat to indulge while receiving the benefits of CBD oil.

Types of CBD Chocolate

As with CBD oil tinctures and capsules, you can find different types of CBD oil infused in chocolate; isolate, broad and full spectrum, and different products of CBD Chocolate to buy from, making it very convenient, especially if you are looking for a more specific relief or need.

CBD Vegan Chocolate, Organic CBD Chocolate, or Chocolate with THC and CBD, this last one recommended for people with an ok tolerance of THC, are examples of Chocolate edibles that are easy to buy and enjoy.

Many users find the benefit of the synergy of all the plant's cannabinoids working together, very helpful when taking a full spectrum CBD oil. THC can be found in a full spectrum CBD oil in a low percentage (0.3%), along with other cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp plant.

Chocolate infused with THC is another product that has been shown to really be beneficial. Anandamide is said to be the THC of the body, because they share similar benefits, but unlike THC, anandamide is broken down much faster.When you've developed a tolerance for THC (remember, this is the cannabinoid that gets you high), purchasing chocolate with THC might be a terrific alternative, generally offering longer alleviation of chronic pain.

There is also the option for medical cannabis; hybrid, sativa and indica infused in chocolate. The naturally occurring phytocannabinoids in cannabis will be present in this. In addition to cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, all of these components have an impact on the body and mind, and the concentration of THC is higher than CBD.

Do keep in mind that the overall effect of a CBD oil will be due to the type and the plant choosen to be extracted from.

Our Top 10 Canada CBD and THC Infused Chocolates

Is important to note every person is unique, and even though CBD chocolate is without doubt a very enjoyable edible, it's always recommended to visit your doctor, and ask if CBD oil is right for you, and if under prescription, it is important to know about any possible side effects.

With so many options, we've compiled a list of our top 10 CBD and THC chocolates that you can choose from and bring both comfort, relief and delight into your life.

1 Opulence | Pink Champagne Chocolate Bar

This color pink Chocolate Bar by Opulence is truly a luxury,Ā  with a tone of fresh strawberries, pink champagne, and with full spectrum THC oil, is without a doubt the first choice of many people.

Furthermore, all Opulence chocolate bars are created with ethically sourced chocolate by Cocoa Horizons Chocolate, ensuring environmental preservation, sustainable entrepreneurial farming, and a better standard of living for cocoa farmers and their communities.

Opulence is a cannabis company from Canada, dedicated to providing high quality chocolate and high grade extractions. Opulence makes sure that each square of all of its Chocolate bars has the exact quantity of THC required for precision dosage while you receive relief, and an enjoyable experience.


-Contains full spectrum THC

-Unsweetened chocolate

-Natural strawberry flavor

-Champagne essence

-Variety of strengths to choose from: 125mg/250mg/500mg THC

-Ethically sourced


-Not suitable for people sensitive to THC

-Non Vegan


-This Pink Champagne Chocolate Bar has no alcohol, only champagne essence and natural strawberry flavor, along with real freeze-dried strawberries.

-Offers a great blend of flavors, not too sweet, no to milky, just smooth perfect chocolate bar, that makes THC oil flavor undetectable.

-This silk Pink Champagne Chocolate bar, delivers a precise dosage, in a chocolate bar divided in 24 pieces, with a variety of strengths 125mg/250mg/500mg THC.

2 Chocolit | THC Chocolate Bar

Straight from BC, this THC Chocolate brought by Chocolit, offers to their customers, four very popular flavors that you would want to try them all; birthday cake, milk chocolate, cookies and cream and s'mores. All with concentrations of 500mg of THC per bar.

Made with classic milk chocolate, these are treats that are easy to have while receiving the benefits of THC.


-500mg of THC per chocolate bar

-Four different chocolate bars to choose from:

Smores and Classic Milk Bar made with THC infused chocolate milk

Cookies & Cream and Birthday Cake made with white chocolate THC infused


-Not suitable for people lactose intolerant

-Non vegan


- Easy to enjoy, each bar contains 500mg of THC, 24 pieces per bar, 20mg of THC per piece.

-Four classic chocolate bars to choose from : cookies and cream, birthday cake, smores and classic milk bar.

-Chocolit, THC chocolate bars, make THC dosage simple, with a wide range of tasty flavors to pick from. You'll want to try them all!

3 Chocolit | Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Oreos

Made from unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter and natural vanilla flavor,Ā  Chocolit brought to us a vegan version of the Dark Chocolate covered Oreos, that are very popular between our clients.

In a nice packed box, you can find 4 delicious dark chocolate covered oreo cookies, in a convenient dosage (400mg or 200mg per box) and easy to share with friends.

Ā Pros

-THC content(400mg or 200mg per box)

-Nice box package of 4 cookies

-Dark chocolate covered



-Allergen warning: These products are processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, soy, and dairy.


- Four exquisite oreo cookies coated in dark chocolate This makes them even more tempting to those looking for a healthy alternative. Dark chocolate is regarded as the healthiest of all chocolates.

4 Faded Edibles | THC Chocolate Brownie

A chocolate brownie from refined concentrates of THC by Faded Cannabis Co. This company was founded in Vancouver BC, and has developed a range of edibles that are wonderful to have on hand when alleviation is required.

The extracts used in this chocolate brownie are of great quality. Each package has 1 brownie with a 400mg THC concentration.


-Dark chocolate

-400mg THC concentration per brownie

-High quality extracts and ingredients


-Non vegan


-A classic and delicious brownie, infused with THC oil, known to help with chronic pain.

-Is recommended to divide the THC chocolate brownie into 4 to 6 pieces, and start with one piece, and see how you feel and if more is needed after 2 hours, you can take another piece.

5 Opulence | Caramel Gold Chocolate Bar

Infused with full spectrum THC oils , this caramel gold chocolate bar has great notes of toffee butter and cream and a hint of salt.

Made with cacao butter and caramelized milk and sugar, and with a variety of THC strengths: 125mg, 250mg and 500mg per bar.

If you enjoyed sweet and milky treats this THC chocolate bar is a great option.


-Full spectrumĀ  THC

-Variety of strengths to choose from: 125mg, 250mg and 500mg full spectrum THC per bar.


-Might not be suitable for people avoiding high content of sugar


-Easy to enjoy, with a range of concentrations of full spectrum THC, it's ideal for those who dislike the earthy flavor of cannabis oils.

6 Euphoria Extractions | Milk Chocolate Shatters Bars

Infused with Sativa or Indica cannabis and unsweetened chocolate, Euphoria Extractions offers in this creamy milk chocolate shatter bars, two concentration options to choose from: 250mg or 500mg per chocolate bar.

Sativa cannabis is known for its energizing effects, and Indica more for its sedating effects. Whatever the reasons you choose this chocolate bar, for sure you will have a pleasent and enjoyable time.


-Lab tested full spectrum: Sativa or Indica

-Two strengths to choose from:250mg or 500mg

-Made from unsweetened chocolate


-Not recommend for individuals highly sensitive to THC


-From lab tested full spectrum sativa or indica, this chocolate is of great choice from medical cannabis dose, and specific needs. Sativa is known for its boost of appetite, increase of appetite, focus and creativity. While Indica and the other hand seems to offer more significant pain relief effects, due to its high relaxation feeling.

7 Faded Edibles | CBD Hot Chocolate

For all chocolate lovers, Faded Edibles provides a CBD Marshmallow Hot Chocolate product that softly dissolves in hot milk or water. This little marshmallow coated in chocolate is a delicious way to get your THC-free 50mg CBD fix while also providing a calming feeling. Each container offers two servings, which is great because we all know chocolate is a favorite and can be shared with a friend, or if the effects aren't what you expected, after two hours you can have an additional cup if needed.


-CBD Isolate

- Is rich in cocoa, which naturally contains dopamine, antioxidants and other rich nutrients.

-Contains Guar Gum, known to assist in digestion, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

-THC free


-Not suitable for vegetarians or vegan

-Not suitable for people avoiding sugars

-As a beverage, it takes between 40 and 2 hours to feel the effects; however, this varies from person to person.


- A simple hot chocolate to make and enjoy while reaping the advantages of CBD.

-When you need a warm beverage to relieve your anxiety, discomfort, or tension, a chocolate covered marshmallow is also a perfect option.

8 Mota | CBD Chocolate Milk Bar

A traditional chocolate milk bar filled with only CBD, this is fantastic for anyone wishing to reap the benefits only of CBD oil, with no THC involved.

Mota is a Vancouver based company that specializes in cannabis edibles. At first only focused on THC products, but more recently and for this we are very happy, they added a variety of CBD edibles.


-CBD Isolate

-THC free



-Might not be suitable for people intolerant to lactose


-Includes two chocolate milk bars that are easy to cut and dose, 85mg per bar.

-This CBD chocolate milk bar is perfect for individuals who find themselves sensitive to THC.

9 Sweet Jane | Vegan THC Hemp Trail Mix Bar

Hemp trail mix bar loaded with high quality THC that is vegan and healthy. Sweet Jane Edibles is a well-known Canadian firm that thoroughly decarboxylates their oil, which is devoid of any solvents or chemicals. Their procedure assures that 98 percent of all cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial phytocompounds present remain active.


-High grade THC oil

-Dark chocolate

-Load with nutrients like: granola, hemp seeds, raisins and more.



- Allergen warning: these products are processed in a facility that also processes wheat, milk, peanuts or other tree nuts.


-This hemp trail mix bar with high grade THC is vegan and created with dark chocolate, which delivers the finest nutrientsĀ  of all chocolates, and is great for pain relief and energy boost.

10 Mota | THC Hot Cocoa

Mota company presents this very delicious THC infused hot cocoa that simply dissolves in warm milk or water, coupled with delightful marshmallow, much like a classic hot cocoa, for those chilly nights or mornings.

With a package containing 150mg of THC, it can provide great relief from pain or stress related symptoms.



-Easy to prepare

-A enjoyable way to provide relief from pain, stress, or even anxiety.


-Not suitable for people sensitive to THC


-Like the classic hot cocoa, this is a really delightful hot beverage that includes a small marshmallow. It includes THC, which may be used to relieve pain, stress, or anxiety symptoms.


Every individual has unique requirements and objectives. Chocolate laced with CBD or THC has shown to be both effective and enjoyable.

Consuming CBD chocolate, Hybrid cannabis, Sativa, or Indica infused chocolates, are also good choices. Please keep in mind that milk chocolate has low anandamide levels as well as a high fat and sugar content. Instead, use high-quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content.

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