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Where To Find Mary's Medibles?!

SEPT,24 2020

Mary's Medibles

We know a good thing when we see one, and for all of you that know about Mary’s Medibles, you do too. Their tinctures, edibles, and gummies have been our bestsellers for years, helping numerous customers with a variety of needs. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mary’s Medibles has decided to limit production for the time being. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we’ve seen this time and time again with all different types of brands and services, from wellness essentials to everyday goods.

Take Ragu for example, the classic pasta sauce that you can find in almost any grocery store (well not anymore) - Ragu, pasta sauce brand, says it is no longer selling in Canada. 

In a mad rush from customers to get a hold of Mary’s products, all stock across our site (and others) has been depleted. During this buying frenzy, we came to understand just how many of you rely on these products day in and day out. We’ve gone ahead and done you the favour of identifying all the equivalent products we carry to provide you with well-equipped alternatives. 


Browse away, we've done the work for you!


Mary's Medibles


ScienceLab 4:1 Tincture

B+F Daytime Full Spectrum Tincture

CBD Goodies Dog Tincture

Kandy Kandy 150mg Indica Mixed Fruit

Kandy Kandy Strawberry 150mg

Kandy Kandy Orange Sativa 150mg

Dose Caramels

Dose Chocolate Fudge

Chocolit Oreo Cookies

Chocolit Nugz/Chocolit Bars

Kandy Kandy Green Apple Indica 50mg

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